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A New Volume Which Includes The Original Screenplay, With Its Copious Director S Notes, And The Narrative This Has Followed On From A Previously Undiscovered Manuscript By Steinbeck Being Found In The UCLA Research Library The Narrative Treatment Of The Story On Which He Based His Screenplay

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    This book represents the first time that two certain pieces of work by John Steinbeck were published in one volume The first section contains what is called a screen narrative titled Zapata A Narrative, In Dramatic Form, of the Life Of Emiliano Zapata The second part of the book offers the original screenplay Steinbeck wrote for the 1952 movie Viva Zapata starring Marlon Brando as Zapata.The movie as filmed differs from the original screenplay as printed here many scenes were cut, or never filmed, dialogue was changed, and so forth And the original screenplay is very very different from the screen narrative Liberties were taken with the movie script that were not at all present in the narrative This is one of the issues that makes this book tricky for me to review and rate I ll start at the beginning The narrative is almost like reading Steinbeck s journal We see his plans for the film taking shape, we see his research and attention to small details, we sense his admiration for the people of Mexico, and especially we feel his respect for Emiliano Zapata This section has scenes for the movie with notes on backgrounds, cultural and historical details, and personal thoughts between the scenes.Some of his thoughts Zapata s life was devotion to an idea that never changed.The resolution in Zapata seemed to have been born into him.and if I make it anything else I will be lying about himEven the people who hated him agree that he was devoted, incorruptible, and fearless always There was no internal struggle in the man, no uncertainty, no barrier of fear to overcome.I am trying to take an Indian s eye view of himto them he could do no wrong And yet the man who had these thoughts about the actual Zapata allowed the film version of Zapata to be insecure, slow witted, and needing guidance by a completely fictional character who was never even mentioned in the Narrative And how does one go from near hero worship to lying Simple Hollywood I know that a script writer is not actually very high on the food chain in the movie business, even one of Steinbeck s caliber But I was thoroughly disappointed that Steinbeck veered so sharply from his original vision He should have fought for the ideas he first offered and refused to allow the film to be made in any other fashion Zapata would have stood firm it is really a shame that Steinbeck did not.I was intrigued at the creative process displayed in the Narrative I was touched by the respect shown to the people of Mexico in Steinbeck s awareness of the culture and insistence that it be respected on screen I was thankful for the chance to read about a man whose life is endlessly fascinating for me a man I wish I could sit down and talk with, if only to thank him for being who he was Emiliano Zapata, my husband sgreat grandfather.

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    Wow, viva zapataaaaaa

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    I didn t expect to like this screenplay at all and I liked it very much I d like to see the movie now, almost as much as I want to see East of Eden Maybe I need to have a Steinbeck movie night.

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    I enjoyed reading an interpretation of Zapata s life I believe that the point of view which Steinbeck gives to this books is important to understand the unique life of one of the greatest warriors of the Mexican Revolution.

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    If you are interested in Zapata or Steinbeck, then you ll find this interesting Otherwise, this is a narrative rough draft of what would become the screenplay for Viva Zapata and reads like such.

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    Not a fast read I am just facinated with John Steinbeck s writing It s a lost piece loaded with history.

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    Not historically accurate Good additional notes in beginning before scenes start.

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    The only reason to read this book is if you are a a film history student or b doing a total read of Steinbeck I am in the latter It was a struggle and didn t hold my interest, but I m OCD and finished it with my teeth gritted The book includes a screen narrative which describes the scenes and two scripts which became the film I was going to watch the film until my book buddy who also has been reading Steinbeck with me said the movie was lame LOL Moving on.I must say the history might have been a little askew But what do I know

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    Carino, perch lui scrive bene, ma niente a che vedere con i sui romanzi celebri Lettura interessante per chi ama questo scrittore e vuole vivere il clima del periodo rivoluzionario con Zapata Per il resto una sceneggiatura per un film, con scene proprie dei film.