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Rascal Sage Karl Wiggins Has Done It Again, Only This Time Even BetterIn America They Re Called Advice Columnists, In England Agony Aunts Well Karl Wiggins Is An Agony Uncle Who Takes No CrapEveryone Has Read These Columns In The Dentist Waiting Room, And I Have To Agree With Karl In That The Majority Of Agony Aunts Or Advice Columnists Are Without Exception Patronising, Condescending And Pretentious, Providing The Same Type Of Namby Pamby, Wishy Washy Band Aid Solution For Just About Every Dilemma I M Sorry To Hear What You Re Going Through, But You Know Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs, I M Sure If You Give It Time In Short, They Are No Help Whatsoever Not So Wiggins, For He Has The Heaven Sent Ability Of Being Able To Get Right To The Nitty Gritty In Just A Few Sentences His Answers, However, Are Often Than Not Roll On The Floor Hilarious Karl Makes It Absolutely Clear That He S No Marriage Guidance Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Priest Or Vegetarian, But His Adequacy To Hand Out Solid Advice Is Confirmed As Soon As You Start Reading This Book His Advice Is Delivered In A Humorous, Occasionally Impassioned And Exasperated, Yet Always Intuitive Manner Karl Speaks From The Heart And Never, Ever Evades The Issue If You Re Looking To Read One Of Those Family Therapy Books Where The Advisor Hems And Haws, And Sits On The Fence And Tap Dances Around The Issue Then Stop Right Now This Is Not The Book For You But If You Re Searching For Straight Talking Guidance On Dating, Marriage, Cohabitation, Divorce, Sensuality, Lust, And Sexual Urges Then Look No Further This Is The Book You Re AfterKarl Wiggins Does Not Tread Warily Around Any Issue Whatsoever Racism, Under Age Sex, Religious Extremism, Sexual Violence And He Does Not Mince His Words Just The Opposite In Fact I Ve Known Karl For Several Years And I Ll Tell You He Dances Towards Trouble With A Huge Grin On His Face, Which Is Why I Call Him The Rascal Sage He Is In Truth A Laughing, Joking Shaman The Court Jester But With All The Respect Of A Sorcerer, For There S Always An Element Of Danger Lurking About Beneath The Surface Of His Smile, And When He S Angry He Is Truly A Site To Behold Maybe That S What Attracts The Reader Karl, Thank You For Being You, For Not Judging Me, For Seeing Me As I Truly Am And For Allowing Me The Honour Of Writing The Forward To This Book For You But Remember I Ve Read The Book And You Are So Naughty I M Going To Pray For You Yvette

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    Karl Wiggins is a very funny man When he goes off on a tangent, especially The thing about this book is, yes, he can go off on a tangent and say some pretty funny stuff, but then he gets meaningful and very serious when the subject warrants it He is brilliant and insightful, and obviously in his personal life, is a wonderful father In parts of this book, he writes about his son, and it s obvious that he is very proud of him By the way, the son sounds pretty awesome When you read this book, you will laugh at some things and you will be amazed at the insight in places Great job.Carole McKee, Author

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    I loved this book I laughed at Karl s comments and I wish he really were an advice columnist so I could read him everyday His common sense approach to the questions posed to advice columnists is refreshing He is not politically correct he is simply correct If you want a good laugh I highly recommend this book.

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    One of my favorite authors has done it again Karl Wiggins takes on the role of Agony Aunt, or Uncle in this case, to supply would be answers to the sados and sickos that seek help from advice columnists It is amazing what some people write in and ask for advice on, and Wiggins shoots back the kind of no nonsense advice that should be offered His insight is hilarious and is in keeping with the humor I ve come to love In his usual style, he doesn t pull any punches which is what I like about his writing It s not watered down to avoid upsetting the over sensitive He is genuine, forthright, and perceptive Whoever thought common sense could make you laugh so much Highly recommended for a good laugh.

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    Karl Wiggins is essentially an Agony Aunt or Uncle who takes no crap from anyone If you are looking for tears, sympathy and a nice cup of tea when you write to him with your issues and problems, then look elsewhere Karl is likely to give you a good dose of honesty served up with a drop of reality.This is one of those dip in, dip out books for me, I enjoyed it by reading a few tidbits and woes and answers from Karl at a time Some may enjoy reading it from cover to cover but that s how I liked to take on this book.I possibly didn t find it as funny as some, maybe it s that I lack some humour, certainly some bits made me smile but not a laugh out loud book for me Maybe I am just too nice, he can be pretty brutal, but that s the whole idea Could be fun to read out loud with a partner or friends also, a good gift book idea too.It s something different that will appeal to a lot who like this type of book, just remember this is no wishy washy self help book, it s like the slap in a face with the truth by brick 3 paw prints from Booklover Catlady for this one.For of my reviews, book talk and giveaways go to thanks to the author, Karl Wiggins for sharing a copy of his book with me in exchange for an honest review.

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    One thing I have noticed about books written by Karl Wiggins and I ve now read quite a few is that although he uses the same wit as a stand up comedian at very frequent intervals in all of them, each book is unique One book does not read like another one he has written He can write about any and every subject and make it as fresh and original as if he had never written anything else in his life He hits the funny bone every time with unnerving accuracy, pointing out the absurdities in life with intelligence and humour It s a lethal concoction adding up to books that are not easy to put down He is very successful at it As a fellow author, I hate the b d.Readers, on the other hand, will love another helping of irreverent humour, but they should be warned this book also contains poignancy, insights from someone who is far clever than he seems, and good writing It s not all about causing hoots of laughter on every page Wonderful.

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    Karl takes on the role of an agony Aunt with hilarious responses I found myself urging him to humiliate some of these sad people A superb read that cheered me up with his wit and humour I rarely read comedy, but I m happy I read this Excellent

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    Absolutely loved this very truthful account of what an Agony Aunt or uncle really thinks, and what we all probably think, but are too polite to say so Hilarious and I loved it

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    This book was responsible for me bursting into laughter inside a dentists waiting room It was a part of the book where someone was asking advice on cleaning certain items I won t go into detail, but it had me doubled over with laughter Although the book concentrates on the funnier angle of what people actually ask on Agony Aunt type pages, it also covers the darker side of human behaviour Karl s most righteous indignation shines through brilliantly at some of the questions being asked Some of them almost make you shout WHAT Again not something one should do in a waiting room Then there are the tender moments The damaged, lonely characters who genuinely cry out for help This is when you see the gentler side of Karl.Although you can read this book one section at a time, I found myself unable to put it down Don t let the title put you off in any way This certainly isn t lightweight Loved it.

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    What a refreshing change to read something different that elicits emotion and dares to look at things directly I find myself shouting out WTF I was cringing, laughing highly entertaining Karl is fast becoming one of my favourite authors in this genre He certainly has me reaching for his other books If you are interesting in intuitive, no nonsense advice from someone with a satirical sense of humour I recommend this read.

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    This is one of my new favorites from Karl He writes exactly they way you want to tell people all the time how full of shit they are You can really laugh out loud with this one One of the chapters tells of something that I actually was around for, I laughed and cried Love the book