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I liked this book quite a bit The journal style gives the story personality and feeling, as you go on this crazy adventure with Claidi Only book 1 and I m already wishing her a happy ending Very easy, enjoyable read Argul fo LIFE All Her Life, Claidi Has Endured Hardship In The House, Where She Must Obey A Spoiled Princess Then A Golden Stranger Arrives, Living Proof Of A World Beyond The House Walls Claidi Risks All To Free The Charming Prisoner And Accompanies Him Across The Waste Toward His Faraway Home It Is A Difficult Yet Marvelous Journey, And All The While Claidi Is At The Side Of A Man She Could Come To Love That Is, Until They Reach His Home And The Wolf Tower I cannot precisely recall when I first read this book I was probably around 13 or 14 years old I ve been going through my bookshelves lately and re reading old favorites I hadn t picked up the Claidi Journals in years, but reading it again was like snuggling up with a warm blanket The books are written in journal form from Claidi and you the reader are her trusted confidante A very fresh take on YA Fantasy, you run along with Claidi s adventures from her great escape from The House to her journey to Wolf Tower Claidi is very likeable and introspective, questioning the ideals and customs from the world she came from, and carving her own philosophies as she learns about the world without The writing style is definitely geared toward a younger audience, but Tanith Lee is still able to captivate her older readers as well The plot is a bit fast paced in parts, but overall this is a great easy read that leads you into a fantastical world very different from our own. I enjoyed this book immensely when I was younger, and for a while after but, as an adult, and not having read it for years I m not sure how much enjoyment I would get out of it these days I believe I would still enjoy it, but just not as much as when I was still young It was written for young adults, and therefore probably best enjoyed by them.That being said I liked the way it was told through diary entries I ve noticed that this doesn t always work in books, as sometimes the writing seems to jump and jump and jump through events that, sometimes, never get told However, the Claidi Journals addressed this well and I rarely found myself wondering what the heck was going on Though it was quite obvious it couldn t be a real journal though, of course, it is in the books for the fact that it was all to well written and remembered, that was easy to ignore.I enjoyed the writing and the plot None of the characters particularly annoyed me, and I found Claidi s naivety to be funny rather then bothersome I remember laughing a little when she didn t know what a skunk was.She was also a very believable character Having grown up in the House, she believes all the people s outside of it to be savages Therefore, when she meets people outside for the first time, that is how she reacts to them like they are savage, or at least not trustworthy Her character develops, and there are no real hops from her being distrustful of anyone to suddenly being welcoming to everyone We see her change from being afraid of the outside world, to beingaccepting of it and not just through this book.I liked the element of romance in the book, which wasn t so heavy that it made the book unbearable, and it wasn t so light that it was hard to catch onto The couple was perfect and the way that got together made me as a teen sigh happily.Even though back then I didn t really know what dystopia novels were and therefore don t know if I would have liked them , I have since realized that, though this whole book is not dystopia, it does have dystopian elements in this Mild ones, and only in small parts The Tower City, etc , but it s still there I ve also since realized that I quite like dystopia, even mild, fleeting ones As I said, not this whole book is centered on a dystopian society, or even world, but it s there strongly enough to be enjoyed perhaps by those who like dystopia.This series is also good for those who like bits and pieces of the entire story arc to be scattered through all four books The reader picks up bits and pieces of what the whole Master Plot Plan is, not just in one area or time in the book, but throughout all four books, until everything is tied together and shown to be related even if, sometimes, it seems they aren t shouldn t be.The ending of the book was great and I remember wanting to go out right away and buy the next book, just to seem how Claidi s journey would continue.All in all, I recommend this book to young adults who like very very mild dystopia, light LIGHT romance, a strong if na ve female lead, and a journey that you can t wait to continue. I m a trifle mixed on this book But on the whole, it was an enjoyable, unique fantasy adventure.It s the journal of the heroine, Claidi, and one of its high points is the conversational and often quite funny tone of the narrative I really loved that Because of the journal setup, we get a very limited outlook on what s going on, which makes for an interesting read Claidi herself was an odd combination of feisty daring and yet oddly naive about a lot of things She starts out as a servant at a very proper House, which seems reminiscent of somewhere in Asia or India, perhaps This whole story, which takes place in a variety of places all different than each other, has none of the usual pseudo English European fantasy setting about it which I love, incidentally, but this IS a change, I suppose It s very diverse in its settings lands and peoples and cultures, so for anyone looking for a different sort of fantasy, this is definitely that The general feeling is like a usual semi medieval fantasy tale, and yet it s at timesadvanced,like Victorian There are clocks and things, and a general touch of something almost steampunk, what with the hot air balloon near the start, and the city with clockwork soldiers later on, and some sort of surveillance thing mixed in, almost sci fi Near the end it even felt like a touch of dystopian o.o Anyways, it was definitely an intriguing mix I enjoyed the fresh, different feel of it Okay, so now we get to what I didn t like as much, which um I really can t talk about BECAUSE SPOILERS But let s just say that there was a character who I wanted to like and wished something had turned out differently and it DIDN T but it s probably all for the best there was a sort of almost love triangle involved cuesquirming and it turned out as well as could be expected I suppose BUT GAAHH I STILL WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT MAYBE I don t even know All of this made me drop it from a potential five star to 4 stars, because I really DID enjoy the book and liked it, but it just gaahh, the stress flails For those who are wondering, a certain person named Argul is fantastic, and the other person we don t talk about was sometimes and I wanted said person to be um something else, but then THAT HAPPENED pouts But I was suspecting it early on and worried about it and then it WAS and just sllsjkdflj Sorry, I m a mite bit incoherent about this whole thing BUT SPOILERS It might just be me, though Don t mind me all curled up in a corner rocking back and forth and babbling incoherent BUT ALKSDJLK WHAT EVEN JUST WHY sounds I ve heard that there are three books after this one, but I don t think I ll read them I really liked the ending of this one for the most part , and I don t really want to go through all of that againNot a ginormously fabulous book, but by no means a bad one, either Definitely fun and worth a read if it sounds interesting And I m very much looking forward to readingby the author since I happen to have Piratica on my shelf, watching me, waiting.All in all, Wolf Tower was an at times quite funny I LOVE HUMOR , unique fantasy read, which I enjoyed a good deal, except for that thing about said person we don t talk about AHEM. I read this years ago but this is what I remember.This book, while there was definitely nothing wrong with it, just never grabbed my interest.I was fairly bored with everyone and everything that went on.Even though it was set up as a diary, which usually annoys me, this one was well done so I didn t really mind.I liked Claidi to a point At times she would have a funny quip or a good moment but I never really cared.The romance was justthere They could end up together or they could not I didn t care whichever way they went.The main problem, as you could probably tell, is that I didn t care I never went on to finish the series I had no interest in doing so When I don t care, it means it was a flop At least when I hate something, I can rant and rage about why and what I didn t like but when you couldn t care lessthere s nothing to be done. I loved this book I first picked it up because of the beautiful cover and then I loved the idea of a girl in a poor position escaping from the horrible place to be free and travel But don t worry this is not a poor Cinderella who was rescued by a prince and lives happily ever after No this is story is filled with adventure, surprises, betrayal and true love In fact this isn t a Cinderella story at all but a world filled with wonder and magic. Reread 08 15 16 If I ever stop rereading this series, my soul has died I love my Claidi baa baa The Claidi Journals follows the life of Claidi, a servant living a harsh life in a house catering to the nobles She doesn t know what life lies beyond this House, other than a desert that the nobles say is filled with death But one day, Claidi gets a chance to find out for herself what really is out there And she takes it This is where her journal begins My absolute favorite thing about these books is the character of Claidi She is just so different from any heroine that I have encountered before in a book, and I love Tanith Lee for that While my favorite books include butt kicking won t stop for anything types of heroines that know exactly what they are doing and execute it amazingly, it s hard for me to connect with those types of girls People like that don t really exist in the world at least, no one I know Claidi could be me she could be my friends she could realistically be a part of our world Most of the time she has no idea what is happening to her She doesn t come out with amazing karate chops that stun her attackers instantly when people are kidnapping her She just goes along with it, panicking and trying and failing to find out what is happening to her She attempts to fight back, but fails because she has no experience in fighting The intricate plots of sinister people, even the people she loves who come up with plans to save her, baffle her She humorously records all that is happening but is the last one to figure out what is going on I love that because I am usually very slow on the uptake as well I can relate The Wolf books are filled with many twists and turns, which Claidi writes dutifully in her little journal but never fully understands until much later Because confusing things happen constantly but the narrator can t explain them very well, you as a reader have a hard time understanding what actually is happening Many times I didn t understand what has occured even after Claidi figures it out And she is supposed to be the slow one I had to go back and reread the passages to puzzle it out Tanith Lee creates her own world, with its own people, laws, and religions within these books, and some of these are very strange and hard to imagine Sometimes when someone gives an explaination to Claidi s questions, the explanation is too confusing for her to understand so she just gives up and writes a vague answer This can leave a lot of Why s left over in your head when you finish the books Claidi is bailed out by the strangest thing, and when she gets an answer as to why, it really doesn t make sense It just seems like the author made up something to save Claidi The Whys are always followed by a Because, but sometimes the Becauses need to be explained as well and they aren t The Claidi Journals might possibly be my favorite books to reread There are so many plot twists, that when I read them again I forget about so many little things Almost everything surprises me again, even though I have already read it I highly recommend these to fans of fantasy, who don t mind a crazy adventure in a made up land which may or may not make complete sense all the time Sometimes you just have to accept that something happened, and leave it at that. I grew up reading these books, so to me they re kinda like a comforting old stuffed animal I revisit when I need something warm and nostalgic Claidi, the main character, is fantastic my favorite thing about her is that she could be described as not like other girls, but she s never called that, and it never felt forced or superficial to me She just felt like a very real, scared, sarcastic, funny person trying to figure out the world Of course I m totally biased because, as I said, I grew up with Claidi, and have secret plans to name my first born after her.