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Wildside Is, In Short, A Beautiful Book From The Careful Curation Of The Pictures To The Layout Of Text To The Placement Of Quotes To The Use Of Negative Space, This Is A Book You Will Likely Flip Through In Its Entirety Simply Because Every Page Is Pleasant To BeholdThe Manual A Deep And Earthy Look At Surviving In The Woods, With Practical Information On Cabin Building, Honey Gathering From Wild Beehives, And Mountain Bike Trail Making FathomThe Woods Are Alive With Possibilities Retreat Into Nature, Meet Mushroom Pickers, Collectors, And Explorers Build Cabins And Scenic Trails, Create Crafts, Or Start Inspired Projects This Is The Way To The Forest Step Into The Woodsrefuge And Escape And Home Some Go There To Hike Or Fish The People And Projects Presented In This Book Do So MuchJoin Them As They Gather Honey From Wild Hives And Pick Mushrooms From Beneath Secretive Oaks Build A Cabin Of Your Own, Or A Lookout Up There In The Treetops Bike Trails, Walking Paths, Woodcrafts Anything And Everything To Experience The Forest, Both Architectural And Intangible With Profiles And Essays That Inspire Us To Step Off The Beaten Path And Photographs That Bring The Experience Home, Wildside Is The Guide To Modern Outdoor Activities