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I ve only read a few pages , lm keeping it for Christmas What I read was very good Looking This is well written, entertaining and thought provoking.Flows well.Sensitive, honest, writing with real heart and soul.References made to various aspects of life in Britain s 1950s 80s will prompt pangs of recognition and nostalgia often with a smile for many readers of a certain age Very visual writing with carefully chosen photographs which have muchthan the usual caption and really support the narrative Lenny describes the people occasion and reflects on his feelings about about each situation.Cartoons I wasn t too sure about these at first but they are again placed thoughtfully and work surprisingly well.Performance tips too Very generous of Lenny to share these at the end of the book.I didn t expect these gems many of which could be transferred and applied to other types of stage performance.Sir Lenny is the charismatic and hard working chancellor of Birmingham City University I recently attended the excellent book signing event at BCU Well worth attending if there s a similar event near you In the book we glimpse the early signs of the development of qualities which help him to do such a good job in this serious and inspiring role Before patiently signing books and chatting to people he talked about the book and read extracts from it Listening to him read in that familiar and soothing voice made me think that the audio CD might be a good addition too.Like other reviewers, I m left impatient to read the next instalment so I hope that Sir Lenny will Keep on Truckin and writing for many years to come. This book turned out almost exactly like I thought it would in terms of enjoyment factor Much like Lenny himself It s alright Just alright. Product as advertised and expected Happy Purchaser. I choose this rating as the book hooked me and kept me reading and wantingI look forward to part 2 whenever time allows for you to write it. Enjoyable read, some interesting reflections from Lenny, wish he had added a fewyears and kept the final section for aspiring comics for a different publication. Great book HOW DO YOU BEAT THE BULLIES AND THE BIGOTS HERE S HOWThe Heart Breaking, Inspirationaland Very Funnystory Of The Man Who Overcame So Much, And Won A Very Special Place In A Nation S HeartA Proper Delight To Read Honest, Revealing, Human, And Always, At Its Heart, Funny NEIL GAIMAN In His Long Awaited Autobiography, Sir Lenny Henry Tells The Extraordinary Story Of His Early Years And Sudden Rise To Fame Born Soon After His Jamaican Parents Had Arrived In The Midlands, Lenny Was Raised As One Of Seven Siblings In A Boisterous Working Household, And Sent Out Into The World With His Mum S Mantra Of H Integration H Integration H Integration Echoing In His Ears But S Britain Was A Hard Place, And A Bewildering Experience For A Lone Black Teenager A Natural Ability To Make People Laugh Came In Handy At School It Helped Subdue The Daily Racist Bullying In The Park, It Led To Lifelong Friendships And Occasional Snogs Soon, It Would Put Him On Stage At Working Men S Clubs And Black Country Discotheques Before An Invitation To A TV Audition Changed His Life For Ever BBC RadioBook Of The Week