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This one was okay It wrapped up the plotlines from the previous two novels in the second trilogy, but I ve already stated that I liked the first trilogy better In the first chronicles, Covenant was exploring and coming to an understanding of The Land In the second chronicles, Covenant totally understands The Land Donaldson seems to go out of his way to have his heroes wandering around discovering new creatures and landscapes Far too much of the second chronicles involves the party traveling with no clear goal, but White Gold Wielder is at least punctuated by some epic conflicts.There s very clear parallels to the third book in the first trilogy The first half of the book goes toward winning the war and accomplishing the thing that needs to be done, in this case ridding Revelstone of the accursed Raver Gibbon But even after the battle is won, Lord Foul s torment has been too extensive for The Land to recover on it s own It is necessary for Covenant to journey to Mount Thunder in a plotline ripped directly from Lord of the Ring s to confront Lord Foul directly In this case the ending makes sense, even if the author tries to build up some tension about whether Covenant is really in his right mind.But before the party gets to Revelstone they have to fight some ice giants or something, which kind of come out of nowhere And in between Revelstone and Mount Thunder, there s some angsty emotional conflict between Covenant and his friends that I find boring I d be interested in reading an abridged version if such a thing were possible. While I enjoyed the series, and thought it was a fascinating universe with interesting characters, I had two major problems 1 Both the first and second Chronicles are almost entirely composed of suffering and death I ve got no problem with dark stories, but spending days weeks reading nothing but horrible events can take its toll I often had to limit my reading to night time, because of I read early in the day I d spend all day depressed 2 Without going into any spoilers, I will say that the protagonist kicks off the series by committing a horrific act Much of the remainder of the series is spent trying to atone for that act, but as a reader I was never able to fully forgive him It s difficult to root for a character you dislike, and I m not sure I can ever fully wipe away my dislike for him, no matter how the stories may end That said, there are many things to love about these books I am not aware of any other fantasy books who could place a modern man in their world and keep both sides interesting and believable Nearly all the characters have a lot of depth and personality, and the protagonist, Thomas Covenant, is very lifelike and has a distinct personality Many authors write their main character to be a perfect flawless hero, but Covenant is quite the opposite He s bitter, dishonest and selfish, and has little in the way of redeeming qualities While that may not make him loveable, it does make him feel real. This is me doing a drive by review of this series Which I have read in full, once, and I bought all the books in hardcover, or trade paperback and then subsequently passed them on to 2nd hand book shops because I knew I d only ever read them once.It takes a special effort to get to the end of the 2nd series I blame boredom for prompting me to finish this book.It s marginally better than doing nothing at all. We are mortal, and the visage of failure is heinous to us But we are not required to succeed It is required of us only that we hold fast in every gale and let come what may That is the grace which has been given to you To bear what must be borne In this third and final installment of the second Thomas Covenant trilogy many secrets are revealed, much despair is wrought, love is rekindled, and hope begins to flourish onceCovenant, Linden, and their band of friends make their way to Mount Thunder to confront Lord Foul and put an end to his destruction once and for all.This book was a very, very emotional read The previous two books in the trilogy were just so hard to read due to all the terrible things that these characters were forced to endure It made me realize just how much I was starting to care for them, and how much I wanted them to succeed in their quest I won t give the ending away, but I will say that I never expected it to end the way that it did And I feel that all of the characters, particularly Covenant and Linden, grew with such spectacular leaps and bounds that I sincerely wanted and want the very best for them all.I really urge you to give this wonderful fantasy series a chance It truly is remarkableHope doesn t come from us It doesn t depend on us It comes from the worth and power of what we serve The Earth s crust was still cooling when I read this.So, we come again to the last book in the trilogy Things haven t gone well for the home team but no spoilers Our hero and the Doctor return again to fight for the Land.In this novel, Donaldson surpasses his previous ending Covenant takes actions that surprise not only his enemies, but friends as well In this book he has finally come to terms with much that he was told should understand, using that knowledge to force things to a victory.Some might say that it is a hollow or Phyrric for you classicists out there victory given the cost, but it does the job As before, the book wraps up many plot lines even if the reader does not like the end, they cannot complain that they were short changed Another fine novel view spoiler Okay, so I wrote that the book comes to a conclusion and so it does Covenant is dead You can t really get much firmer with the ending that that, can you Of course, the good Doctor is still alive and she gets his ring And there s a tiny bit of the Obi wan Kenobi messages from the beyond where Covenant communicates with her as she heads home to the real world I did not mind that the author chose such a final end to this book sure, he left the door open, but it seemed pretty final And for years it seemed that he and his publisher were content to let the series end here I now know that there are fourbooks written a long time later , but I have not read them Perhaps I will i know nothing about them, but if the writing is up to the level of this second series and the story is good, then I look forward to it hide spoiler Arguably the best epic fantasy since JRR Tolkein with apologies to Roger Zelazny and the Prices of Amber series , this is the last in the second trilogy of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever read the other trilogy first to appreciate this trilogy It is a terrific coda However, I must note that it starts off with a violent act and should only be read after your parents have signed off on the mature themes. Much like the first trilogy, this is also a dark read, but oh, so worth the journey Thomas Covenant has an equally flawed assistant, and it is evenfascinating to see their issues interact than it was just watching TC make it through the first trilogy.If you missed my review of the first series, you might want to read it, as I did a much better job with that one.Mr Donaldson remains extraordinary, and the Second Chronicles are just as worthy of all the praise heaped upon the First Chronicles Don t read this just for moments a day, and don t read it while you re multitasking with the kids, the TV, or the spousal or parental units you won t do it justice, and you ll miss out on some of the most gorgeously crafted prose existing in American fantasy.This review applies to the entire trilogy. Re read this and all the Covenant books in preparation for the anticipated 10th and final Covenant book publication in fall, 2013 A magnificent ending to the Second Chronicles Donaldson is even better in this trilogy than in the first Unlike other reviews I ve read, I liked the second trilogy as much as the first And I can understand why the author took almost two decades to tackle his third trilogy The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever I attempted to read the first trilogy when I was much younger than I am now, around 12, and just couldn t get into it And not because of the big awful that happened near the beginning of the first book just because I hadn t experienced enough life to scratch the surface of the meaning of the books The anti hero has becomepopular these days And in the first trilogy, Thomas Covenant WAS a very hard hero to like But his struggles are the same struggles that I have experienced in life The journey through guilt, dishonor and disbelief to redemption is one that I have lived Thomas Covenant was a real person, flawed, dealing with his life and the dream of the Land in the only way he knew how And in the end of the first trilogy, he found that balance within himself, redeemed himself In the second trilogy, we have TWO deeply flawed characters, but they are damaged in different ways Linden Avery was driven by her powerlessness in the face of despair and death Thomas Covenenant, in the second trilogy, was driven by similar demons, except that he had experienced redemption and was put to new challenges, the loss of what he had loved and saved Both Linden and Avery in the end were able to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and redeem themselves It was a vastly satisfying read It doesn t MATTER if the Land is real or not What matters is the journey of the main characters And what they conquer in themselves in infinitely satisfying I didn t know that there was a third trilogy until I was reading reviews of Thomas Covenant online which I always do after reading a series, because I m sad it s over and want to read other people s views on it But I m excited to start reading it it s a series of four books, but the fourth hasn t been released yet And Donaldson said he waited so long to start because he was afraid he wouldn t be able to bring the story to completion and due it full justice In the end, he decided to face his fears and make the attempt, because the greatest thing he risked was failure And in that, you can see that much of WHO his characters are is drawn from within himself Which makes for the best writing I would recommend these books to anyone And I ve seen them given horrible reviews But people giving these books horrible reviews usually haven t read the entire series, and I d wager my admittedly unimpressive bank account against the fact that they haven t struggled with some of the things that Covenant struggles with on a daily basis If you understand the why of a person, you find their journey fascinating, no matter how unappealing they may seem when you first are introduced to their character. Thomas Covenant Knew That Despite His Failure On The Isle Of The One Tree, He Had To Return To The Land And Fight After A Long And Arduous Journey, Fighting All The Way, He Readies Himself For The Final Showdown With Lord Foul, The Despiser, And Begins To Understand Things He Had Only Just Wondered About Before