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Pema Chodron reveals the vast potential for happinePema Chodron reveals the vast potential for happinePema Chodron reveals the vast potential for happine

8 thoughts on “When Things Fall Apart

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    I read this book six months after my wife passed away suddenly and unexpectedly It has helped me to see how I have been keeping her loss at arms length by keeping myself manically busy I found that by calming down as she suggests and stopping trying to achieve I have reconnected with my darling wife and accepted her loss It helped me to find peace and I can now move on with my life What a gift this book has given me Thank you

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    This is the first book I have read by Pema and found it easy to readunderstand and practical I was very relieved to read pain is Ok I have always avoided hurtangersadness and always felt like going round in circles with emotions This book has shown me it's not going to kill me to face true emotions and help me to stop running from myself Will be reading thank you

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    Pema Chodron is one of my heroes and this book has helped me through recovery from lymphoma Having lived in the busy world of family and children before she became a full time Buddhist nun she completely understands the stresses and strains of everyday life her writing is pure honest and straight from the heart and also really funny Highly recommend this and your life doesn't have to be falling apart to appreciate her wise words

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    Pema is a very good writer blending personal experience and insight with the wider key Buddhist principles deftly overall this is a great encouragement and a practical guide to for the challenge of discovering and maintaining basic sanity and compassion in an uncertain world

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    Although I am not one who has every really practised meditation and can't say for certain that I will make it a regular practice this book is still a great help I've had great emotional trauma and this book discusses having developing the thought process to accept life's uncertainties and also to accept your own thoughts and feelings without judgement I will definitely look into Pema Chodron's other books once have finished this oneDelivery was uick and the book arrived in pristine condition

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    I loved this book There are some bits in the middle which get a bit too abstract and theoretical for me which I kind of drifted though unconsciously the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars but coming out the other side I'd recommend this book to anyone who has or is experiencing experienced their lives turning to mush and meaninglessness a very therapeutic read

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    I can not rate pema Chondra highly enough she is a very wise lady and this is full of humour and ideas on a Buddhist way of working with what is challenging However you don't need to be a Buddhist for it to resonate because she is very human and humble in her explain atonesWould and have recommend this book or cd

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    Everyone ought to read this beautiful book Pema Chodron does not avoid by encouring us to merely recite affirmationsnor does she have unscientific versions of uantummechanics to describe why we suffer She teaches us to be present to stay with ourselves and eventually with others Simple presence brings acceptance and we are no longer at war with ourselves or defined by our 'stories' I bought this at a very hard time in my life and it was and is precious to me