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Spiders I don t like them But by opening this book, I asked for it, and I got exactly what I deserved This is the story of Clive and his deliberate trip, by boat, through the biggest spider web he had ever seen Why he would destroy such a thing of beauty, I don t know, but he sure did pay for it Shortly after the web destroying boat ride, Clive feels something blocking up his ear Yeah you know what that was, don t you I liked the character of Clive with all of his juvenile humor and sarcasm I also liked the character of Reilly, a police detective investigating Clive and his roommate for murder This was quite a feat, because Reilly had been desensitized to violence and its results and I didn t like her at all at first The pacing of this story was excellent, however I did correctly predict the outcome and for that I did deduct one star The ending was fantastic, and I wouldn t mind seeing about the character featured in the last chapter of What Hides Within Overall I enjoyed this debut effort from Mr Parent and I look forward to reading whatever else he has to offer Recommended WHAT HIDES WITHIN, by Jason Parent, was originally released in 2012 It is now being re released by Bloodshot Books, with revised content and an all new cover design I enjoyed this book immensely the first time I read it my first novel by Jason Parent , but I must admit that this new edition is a much smoother, professional quality book overall I caught several key moments that really added to my understanding of the characters here.We begin with Clive, an unmotivated man without any real ambition, his reclusive roommate, Kyle, and hisfriend , MorganClive was complacent in his complacency, his life without wavesAfter a day of fishing when Clive accidentally paddles himself into a massive nest of spiderwebs he begins to notice some changes The one major change begin a voice that talks to him from inside his own headIf I was the devil, would I tell you that I wasThrough their everyday banter and sarcasm laced interludes, you begin to know and feel for these characters Aside from Clive, we have Chester think Charlotte s Web gone horribly wrong , the over protective friend , Morgan, and the young but so much mature than the adults around her, Victoria These characters come alive on the page through their actions, inactions, and dialogHe wasn t alone He was never aloneOnce Clive s head becomes a home to Chester, the novel takes off in all directions, making this a complex narrative that crosses over into several genres Besides having hisbest friendtalking to him from literally inside of his own head, Clive has to contend with a bomb weilding psychopath, an overly friendly boss, a no nonsense detective, and his neglected eight year old nieceIt wasn t that given up Rather, recognized that the fight was no longer winnableThere are enough twists in this book to keep you guessing up until and even after the very end The action is virtually non stop, and the scenes laced with dark humor give the story some comic relief, without letting up on the intensity of the overall novel This is one tale that will keep you on your toes all throughout particularly if you suffer from ArachnophobiaSome things should stay buriedHighly recommended I will never look at a little spider with the same nonchalance again and I mean ever I don t mind saying that while reading this book and since finishing it, if I get a little tickle up the nose or in my ear, no shame attached my finger is straight in there or up there Just in case because well, you never know do you And if I go through a strand of web, what quickly follows is almost a dance of epic craziness to make sure there s nothing on me, with full slaps, the lot.I loved this book, the characters were brilliant, the dark humour had me in stitches at times and just as I felt it was going a little flat after the half way mark, the direction changed and a fresh impetus reinvigorated the story for me Almost perfect, funny as fuck, I mean the humour was right up my street and I highlighted loads of paragraphs that made me laugh.There s a couple of stories running in parallel we ve got the murder of a child being investigated by the Police, there s a bomber going round blowing shit up and then there s Clive who attempts to paddle his canoe under a bridge and goes straight through a cobweb of seriously cringing proportions Then his ears blocked with, yep you guessed it, Jesus wept I wasn t scared of spiders before but I bloody well am now thanks Mr Parent.What follows, well he s hearing voices so a trip to the doctor is the order of the day and wait, still waiting, hours later the Doctor will see you now That s nice of him I was rather enjoying watching the wall Captivating stuff What happens then is a hilarious interchange with a true fucknut , Dr Allen and mostly Clive s sarcastic humour is relegated to his own mind but damn is he funny Another one was when his brain surgeon took part of his skull off, gets something in his eye, turns to wash it out and steps back to the sound of porcelain being pulverized underfoot Where s the skull piece he managed after a hard swallow Oh fucking dear.What Hides Within is a quite brilliant story that mostly kept me entertained all the way through, the sarcastically dark humour was wicked and the ending left the door ajar for a follow up This is my second read from this author after the short story in the Bad Apples anthology and I m now looking forward to.http post As assured a debut novel as any I ve read, What Hides Within defies both expectations and classification with cleverness and style Is it horror Comedy Crime thriller Supernatural mystery The answer is difficult to pin down, but that didn t keep me from enjoying evey second of this book.When I first started reading, I was expecting a light horror comedy somewhere in the vicinity of JOHN DIES AT THE END or THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SPIDERS, maybe even shades of DIRK GENTLY S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY But even though it is full of wit and humor, as the story progresses it subtley shifts to a different place and in the end, Joe Hill s book Horns comes to mind as the closest analogue, though thankfully WHAT HIDES WITHIN stays enjoyable throughout the duration and never slumps into pathos, not even for an instant I m not sure I d completely categorize this book as horror, either even though there are enough lurid shocks to turn the stomachs of squeamish readers, certainly.To me, in the end, this book is just the kind I keep searching for something new The story is fresh, the writing inventive and accessible, and the ending leaves the door cracked open for spiders to enter our lives again someday if they so choose I will be eagerly awaiting the next literary adventure from Jason Parent, and am so glad to have stumbled upon this amazing new talent. An Award Winning Horror Mystery With Loads Of Dark Comedy Inside All Of Us, There Is Darkness Inside Clive, It S Tangible, And It S Aching To Get OutWhat Hides Within Tells The Story Of A Man Held Captive By An Unknown Evil Clive Menard Is A Spineless Slacker Leading An Ordinary Existence But When Chester Enters His Life, It Becomes Far From OrdinaryA Disheveled Clive Stands Alone In A Hospital Waiting Room A Series Of Incidences Have Led Him To Undergo Unnecessary Neurosurgery A Voice Inside Clive S Head Nags Him To Kill The DoctorWeeks Prior, A Murder Investigation And An Unrelated Kayaking Excursion Set The Story S Interlocking Events In Motion When A Remorseful Killer, A Bomb Happy Psychopath And A Mysterious Widow Spider Converge Upon Clive, They Bring With Them Destruction And Death Clive Must Discover Who Or What Is Steering His Very Existence Before He, Too, Is Consumed By The Carnage Around HimWith A Driven Detective Following His Every Step And A Vicious Killer Hiding Within His Circle Of Friends, Clive Must Walk A Narrow And Dangerous Path, Teetering Between Salvation And Damnation He Must Confront Chester And His Own Demons But Is He Powerless To Overcome Them An EPIC Finalist, Best Horror Of Read And EFestival EBook Award Runner Up For Best Horror What started out as an innocent trip on the river, paddling around with your girlfriend, ended up headfirst into a huge spider s web The next thing Clive knows, he s hearing a voice from within, and it s telling him to do things Clive, the poor bastard, doesn t know if he s losing his mind or if he really has a talking spider communicating with him deep inside his head Jason Parent s latest tale is one of the most unique offerings I ve ever read He s created such great characters in this one You can t help to sympathize with Clive and his plight Is he going insane or is there really a talking arachnid behind it all However, my favorite part of the story is in the voice in which it s told Parent uses a fresh, snarky humor that almost pushes the story into satire Almost It does, however, provide the story with a breath of fresh air and a few chuckles that you can t help along the way I can t help but draw comparisons with the ball busting dialogue that my friends and I unleash on each other What Hides Within is a well crafted tale of psychological terror with shades of a Lovecraftian hard boiled crime story Great stuff.4 1 2 Pipe Bombs out of 5You can also follow my reviews at the following links The itsy bitsy spider crawled into Clive s brainIt made him hear voices and drove him quite insane.Nothing could save him, not even John Goodman.And the itsy bitsy spider wreaked havoc everywhereWe all know in most books, there always is a twist Go ahead and read this one just for the kicks.I know you won t be disappointed simply because,it has a cutesy little spider who s totally adorbs 3.5 ninja bunnehs weaving webs 4.5 stars.Well, that was a thoroughly engrossing have to give credit to a novel which features child murder, a brain chomping arachnid, and terrorism and then manages to deliver with an array of sharp, at times laugh out loud, one liners.What Hides Within is categorized as a horror novel, but, despite the subject matter, i m not sure I d entirely agree It starts out very much as black comedy Some of Clive s comments and observations, certainly during the first half of the book, are satirical gold.The dialogue and wit during the various character exchanges carry the story well, and these interactions serve to show the authors strength as a writer.Should Jason Parent ever consider branching out into screenplays, then I could imagine him gaining a degree of success Excellent dialogue.It s actually quite difficult to write an in depth review without littering the piece with spoilers Suffice to say, the second half of the book takes a much darker turn.In the beginning my favorite characters were the acid tongued, Uber cynic Clive, his friend with occasional benefits Morgan, and the hard boiled bitch Detective Reilly In particular I loved Clive s scornful observations on life, and those around him I also enjoyed Clive and Morgan s f buddy relationship, and the fact that they both craved from the other, but each failed to realize the true level of attraction between them.However, my sympathy for Clive and Morgan did not last the course.At one point in the story a degree of misfortune is visited upon Derek, an aftershave sodden, would be Lothario and a mutual friend of Clive and Morgan, although it was a case of Morgan tolerating him than any genuine friendship.The pairs total disregard for Derek s plight didn t sit well, and although their reaction served to drive the plot, it still seemed uneven.As I said, the second half of the story is much darker.Reilly remained a favorite character, and there may even be scope for her to appear in the future, should Mr Parent have further need of a hard nosed detective.To sum up These days, quite often I can quickly lose interest in a book I rarely have enough spare hours in my day, so unless its a decent read its unlikely to keep me gripped What Hides Within is a very decent read Pulling together strands than a spider s web you see what I did there, right , and fluctuating between black comedy, dark satire, and flesh crawling horror that ll keep you turning page after page.A thoroughly entertaining debut novel from Jason Parent Oh yeah, and I loved the ending While kayaking, Clive Menard and his friend Morgan paddle to a remote part of the pond they have never ventured to before They come across an old, dilapidated bridge overpass where Clive discovers a massive, ominous looking spider web It s clear that the area hasn t been disturbed in a very long time Morgan grows wary about continuing down such an isolated path, but Clive is determined to embark upon unchartered territoryIt s just a little spider web,he tells Morgan as he desecrates the web and continues forward.Clive s choice proves foolish, when just moments later, his head gets cocooned in thick webbing and in his panic, he plunges into the dirty stream Clive emerges unharmed or seemingly so Soon his right ear becomes maddeningly clogged waterlogged, he presumes But where there are spider webs, there are spiders And those creepy crawlers like seeking shelter in dark openingsnot unlike ear canals.And then Clive begins hearing a voice.No spoilers here You ll have to find out about Clive s fate on your own.I ve had this book within my Kindle library for a long time I m so glad that I finally read it after all these years Jason Parent is a talented author who skillfully weaves an engrossing story one full of suspense and humor It will surely keep you guessing to the very end. At first I thought this was a funny, dark, mindless thriller I was wrong It is smart Very smart, and amazingly crafted Several story lines weaved into one story, with characters that ll make you laugh and just hate Even the hateful characters will make you laugh.There s a lot to say, but I can t think of what to say It s a horror That s a given The horror aspect gives a feeling of paranoia, it really digs into your bones when shit gets going.There s a mystery involved as well This part really helps the story to keep you guessing as to what s going on and why It adds the needed depth to help push the story, to give it a plot instead of just making us paranoid about something living in our head.I actually thought I had it figured out at the beginning after the surgery Then when that went to hell, I thought I had it figured out again, then THAT went to hell and well you get what I mean Maybe a little predictable but it still keeps you guessing Very awesome story.