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An enjoyable read, refreshingly free of the cod psychology we get from so many celebs It s a simple story he wanted to be in band, and set about making it happen For a few years he was then part of something huge, before Wham died a natural death and he retired to enjoy his millions He is clearly not wallowing in self pity about having to live in George Michael s shadow Good luck to him. For The First Time, Andrew Ridgeley One Half Of One Of The Most Famous Bands In The World Tells The Inside Story Of Wham , His Lifelong Friendship With George Michael And The Formation Of A Band That Changed The Shape Of The Music Scene In The Early S InAndrew Took A Shy New Boy At School Under His Wing They Instantly Hit It Off, And Their Boyhood Escapades At Bushy Meads School Built A Bond That Was Never Broken The Duo Found Themselves Riding An Astonishing Roller Coaster Of Success, Taking Them All Over The World They Made And Broke Iconic Records, They Were Treated Like Gods But They Stayed True To Their Friendship And Ultimately To Themselves It Was A Party That Seemed As If It Would Never End And Then It Did, In Front Of Tens Of Thousands Of Tearful Fans At Wembley Stadium InAndrew S Memoir Covers In Wonderful Detail Those Years, Up Until That Last Iconic Concert The Scrapes, The Laughs, The Relationships, The Good And The Bad It S A Unique And One And Only Time To Remember That Era, That Band And Those Boys Lovely to read A nice, concise story of their friendship A tribute to his best friend, as it should be.It arrived at 12.04 pm and I didn t put it down Finished it at 2.50pm Mostly because my daughter wants to read it next I was looking forward to this book but what i found between the covers was sadly lacking in any depth or real feeling I ve no doubt Andrew Ridgley gave a very comprehensive account to his writing team but what was produced came across as being very repetitive and of a very basic standard of writing It was almost like reading a 15 year old s account of their weekend as a piece of homework, you could imagine red pen in the margins with question marks and expand comments Andrew seems like a very nice guy but the reader isn t drawn into the book, i can usually read something like this in an evening but i found it hard work and even boring at times, thanks to the poor descriptive narrative It could have been a gripping piece but, as with the poor interpretation of Careless Whisper for the boys in the studio, this has been approached in the wrong way with the wrong production team. Books OkTo much Andrew not enough YOG Inevitable I suppose. Then to top it off like Kenny before him revealing details of private moments during his families tragedy when it was clearly not what they wanted Team YOG Arrived on 3rd Oct, finished reading by the 4th Unputdownable Witty, honest, moving I laughed, I cried.Whilst remaining respectful to George, it was necessary and long overdue to put the record straight once and for all Andrew instigated what eventually became Wham And co wrote and co sang initially a fact that was not unknown but largely ignored That said, his love for his old mate, Yog, is evident throughout Their friendship the focus of this book How two boys dared to dream, one encouraging the other to make it a reality The rest as they say, is history.It goes without saying that it s compulsive reading for all Wham Bammers out there But also for those interested in the 80s music scene in general. I am grateful that Andrew decided to write this book, and was very interested in his story He is not pretending to speak for George, just telling the story of his childhood friendship and Wham I am the same age as he is so all the musical background is totally familiar I was in the audience at Wham The Final too, so it is really interesting to know how it came about.Importantly, I feel that this is a truthful book It was always suggested that Andrew had no involvement in writing Careless Whisper, so it is very interesting to read the muchnuanced explanation here of how he was involved..The appearance by Andrew, Shirlie and Pepsi at the Brits to pay tribute to their friend after his shocking death was one of the event s best ever moments It was a demonstration of uncomplicated love And it was so clearly genuine that I cried George was a pop genius but also loved by his friends of many years I was pleased to read Andrew s take on that appearance.Unsurprisingly the book focuses on Andrew s experiences But everyone who loves Wham or George s music should find it interesting. Can t put the book down