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Box Sets Warriors Wiki FANDOM Powered By Wikia This Page Depicts The Various Box Sets Of Warriors Books And Audiobooks That Have Been Released Warriors Box Set VolumestoPaperback Epic Adventures Fierce Warrior Cats A Thrilling Fantasy World It All Begins Here Read The Books That Began A Phenomenon And Join The Legion Of Fans Who Have Made Erin Hunter S Warriors Series Anational Bestseller Warriors Box Set By Erin Hunter Goodreads Warriors Box Set Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers The First Story Arc In Thenationally Bestselling Epic Warrior Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For ReadersWarriors The New Prophecy Box Set Volumes Erin Hunter Snationally Bestselling Warriors Series Continues In Warriors The New Prophecy This Box Set Includes All Six Books In The Second Warriors Series, And Is Perfect For The Collections Of Longtime Erin Hunter Fans And Readers New To The Warriors World Warriors Box Set EBay Find Great Deals On EBay For Warriors Box Set Shop With Confidence Warriors Boxed Set Warriors, By Erin Hunter Warriors Boxed Set Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers For Generations, Four Clans Of Wild Cats Have Shared The Forestwarriors Box Set Hunter EBay Find Great Deals On EBay For Warriors Box Set Hunter Shop With Confidencewarriors Box Set Warriors Novella Box Set The Untold Stories, Tales From The Clans, Shadows Of The Clans, Legends Of The Clans Warriors Box Set VolumetoBIG W Epic Adventures Fierce Warrior Cats A Thrilling Fantasy World It All Begins Here Read The Books That Began A Phenomenon And Join The Legion Of Fans Who Have Made Erin Hunter S Warriors SeriesWarriors Box Set VolumestoThe Complete Enter Your Mobile Number Or Email Address Below And We Ll Send You A Link To Download The Free Kindle App Then You Can Start Reading Kindle Books On Your Smartphone, Tablet, Or Computer No Kindle Device Required

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    This is the set of six books that begins a long list of Warrior books I read Into The Wild with the Children s Books group here on Goodreads, enjoyed it, and gave it to my then 8 year old grandson who promptly fell in love with the series As he finished each book, he loaned it to me and I was captivated as well For me, these key to these books is that they are and are not about cats The characters in the books are cats and their behavior is that of cats in the way that they move, hunt for prey, etc These cats, however, are highly intelligent and make life changing ethical decisions, and for me, that was the heart of this series I read the books much in the way that I would read science fiction a different reality that tells us something about ourselves As the protagonist moves from his life as a kittypet named Rusty to life as a clan cat in the forest to his ultimate destiny as Firestar, leader of Thunderclan, he makes choices that humans must also make Loyalty to friends vs obedience to rules Protecting a loved one vs allowing that loved one to fulfill her own destiny The needs of the group vs one s own needs Love vs group allegiances Safety vs opposing tyranny, even at the risk of one s own life and the lives of loved ones While these themes are explored in many children s books, this multibook series is able to develop these themes very well using the clan structure of the cats to do so The books are short enough and exciting enough to be quickly read by middle grade readers, even reluctant readers I thought that the books gained depth as the series progressed My grandson, now 9, has moved on to books in the series I don t know how long he will follow the series, but I m very glad that we could share these first 6 books I now understand their popularity it is well deserved.

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    I might be a college graduate but the Warriors series are my all time favorite books There is just something about them that makes me keep coming back for .

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    Student review of Warriors Book 1 Looking for a good book to read You re in luck The greatest book of all times has chosen you Warrior Cats, the breathtakingly good series Its the greatest book about a good vs evil fight with heroes and villains battling for power Read about great characters like Fireheart, Tigerclaw, and White Storm and Frost fur Wait waithear thiscats killing each other, but also cats taken to the 100th level of awesomeness Awesome scenes like, Blinded by fury, he Firepaw prepared to sink his teeth into Clawface s neck Read the Warrior Cats Series if you want to read a great book A greatly awesome book for both genders and all ages has reached book stores and libraries D.

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    I can t put them down once I start More than one I read cover to cover Near the very end I couldn t get my next set of the Cat Warrior series soon enough I sent a set to a girlfriend who also was convalescing.

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    The Warrior Cats series is about four clans of cats Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Windclan, and Riverclan It was published by Harper Collins Though this book series is a very long one that will take up a lot of time, it s worth it Theres always a plot twist, or a sudden shocking moment One moment there s a peaceful gathering, the next there s a huge battle going on The first book of this huge series was published in 2003 Over 16 billion of them have been sold in a total, and no doubt the number is still rising.This series is no doubt one of my most favorite book series that I have read so far, and I have no doubts that it will continue to be This series has been nominated for several awards, but has yet to win any major ones, and even so, I still recommend you read these books Theres a lot of characters in this book series too Firestar, Brackenfur, Leafpool, and Ravenpaw, just to name a few Theres even an entirely forgotten fifth clan A little bit of the plot of this book is that it s about four clans of warrior cats who live in a forest They face many problems such as vicious winters, starvation, illnesses, and being forced to move to new places Theres even a little bit of forbidden love Personally, what I like about this book it s a very descriptive book, so you re never thinking, What the heck is a insert object here The author also didn t ever forget about anything that s going on so, nothing happens for example like one cat is heavily wounded and bleeding on the ground, and then two other cats are just talking and completely ignoring it Something I think that they could have done a little bit better in the series would be to have given it a little bit action Each book of the Warriors series costs 17 So if I had to give this book series a rating from one to a hundred, I d give it a one hundred.

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    The Warrior series is a Great series to read if you are a cat lover, although I m not really a cat lover I still fell in love with this series It is fun and amazing series to read once you read the prologue you are asorbed into it The series will pull you in and will just leave you wanting of it It is an adventurous series So I recommend you to read it and explore their world in your wonderful mind.

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    listen even if everyone read this series in their 6th grade scene phase and cringes whenever someone mentions it, they were pretty decent books.

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    This was seriously one of my favorite series The characters are really well developed, and the events in the plot make you want to stay in your seat and keep reading till the end.

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    epic and the last book is sad

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    The Original Series of Warriors I am now obsessed with Warriors Good job Erin Hunter