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There S No Bullshit In A Joe Lansdale Book There S Everything A Good Story Needs, And Nothing It Doesn T Joe Pulls Up The Truck, Says, Get In The Back, We Re Going For A Ride You Know It Might Get A Little Scary And It Might Get A Little Crazy, But You Get In, Because You Know In The End, It S Going To Be A Fun Ride Christopher Moore, New York Times Bestselling Author OfA Dirty Job AndFoolIn This Texas Sized Thriller, Hap Collins And Leonard Pine Best Friends, Freelance Troublemakers, And Tough Guys With Good Intentions Find Themselves In The Crosshairs Of The Dixie MafiaHap Is An East Texas Smart Mouth With A Weakness For Southern Women Leonard Is A Gay, Black Veteran Pining For A Lost Love They Re Not The Makings Of Your Typical Dynamic Duo, But Never Underestimate The Power Of A Shared Affinity For Stirring Up Trouble And Causing Mayhem When An Old Friend Asks Leonard To Rescue His Daughter From An Abusive, No Good Drug Dealer, He Gladly Agrees And, Of Course, Invites Hap Along For The Fun Even Though The Dealer May Be Lowly, He Is On The Bottom Rung Of The Dixie Mafia, And When Hap And Leonard Come Calling, The Mafia Feels A Little Payback Is In Order Cars Crash, Shotguns Blast, And People Die, But Hap And Leonard Come Out On Top Unfortunately For Them, Now They Re Facing Not Only Jail Time But Also The Legendary And Lethal Vanilla Ride, Who Is Still Out To Claim The Price On Their Heads Full Of Twists And Turns, Gunfire And Gaffes, This Hilarious, Rip Roaring Novel Will Have Readers Turning The Pages Faster Than A Texas Tornado

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    It s been close to a decade since Joe Lansdale gave us another Hap and Leonard tale Was it worth the wait HELL YES I gave it five stars, didn t I Hap and Leonard get talked into doing a favor for their friend Marvin Marvin s granddaughter has been hanging with drug dealers and Hap and Leonard go to bring her back Things go south for Hap and Leonard, as they always do, and soon the drug dealers are looking for payback One shootout later and our boys are in the clink The FBI offers them freedom in exchange for finding the son of a member of the Dixie Maffia and the three hundred thousand dollars he stole That s when things really get badMrs Lansdale s little boy hasn t lost a step Hap and Leonard s banter is as fresh and dark as ever The violence is stark and comes in heaping handfuls While most of the antagonists seem to be there to take bullet holes, Vanilla Ride, the hitwoman the book is named after, is quite a character, a killer with a moral code I wouldn t be surprised if Old Joe writes a solo adventure for her in the future The crooked cops from No Enterprise should top anyone s scumbag list Leonard Pine once again proves what a bad mother he is.To sum up, if you re a fan of Hap and Leonard, snap this one up It s the best one since the third or fourth book.

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    Hap and Leonard are back As usual, no good deed goes unpunished when the guys try to help an old friend by getting his graddaughter loose from her drug dealing boyfriend.This one starts with the best fight scene in a trailer since Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah went at it in Kill Bill 2 After that Hap and Leonard find themselve in yet another bad situation where they ll now have to deal with the Dixie Mafia, the FBI, and a huge thug nicknamed the Big Guy Oh, then there s the professional killer called Vanilla Ride that s dangerous than all the rest put together.It seemed like Lansdale had left Hap and Leonard behind with the depressing Captain s Outrageous, and then his movement towards books like The Bottoms and A Fine Dark Line, which were great but didn t have the same style I love in the HL series But the break seems to have inspired new highs in redneck obscenity, horrific violence and completely inappropriate humor And I couldn t be happier about it I m hoping we don t have to wait another 8 or 9 years for the next one.

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    Around here, they call you the Disaster Twins, and the way I look at it, you keep coming up with crap on your shoes it s because you keep steppin where you ought not to be steppin I first discovered the Twins, Hap and Leonard, way back in 2002, and burned through all their adventures in one summer Then there was that long, interminable wait for the next one Days stretched into weeks, and the weeks turned into years I realized that if it was gonna take Mr Lansdale that long to crank em out, I had better start rationing Now that it s been like seventeen years since I read Captains Outrageous, I suppose I have enough of a backlog built up that I can start readin the suckers again.Oh, how I ve missed these guys So, what do we do Brett asked First, I ll have Leonard move back in That means cookies and Dr Peppers and probably a box of shotgun shells The plot Well, it s not really important something about a showdown with the Dixie Mafia What really matters is the repartee, and the bromance How have you two lived this long she said Our sterling personalities, Leonard said We charm just about everyone Ain t that the truth It s great to have you back in my life, guys.

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    I haven t read a Hap and Leonard novel in a number of years, but have read all of the ones preceding Vanilla Ride, so I m pretty familiar with the terrain these two characters roam I m a huge fan of Joe Lansdale s novels and stories and wouldn t hesitate to recommend any one of them to other readers I would say with Vanilla Ride that newcomers to the series should start with the earlier novels before this one Hap and Leonard do a favor for a friend and wind up with the Dixie Mafia on their asses for their trouble There are a number of shootouts with violent results, all of which our heroes manage to make it out alive from A couple of times I was reminded of the scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules and Vincent survive a gunman bursting into that apartment shooting at them wildly and missing every time But whatever, they re the heroes at this carnival so you know they re going to come out alive at the end Ultimately the Dixie Mafia is forced to send the legendary Vanilla Ride after them to finish the job none of their own gunsels could manage It s something of a vengeance story, with some philosophical contemplation by Hap along the way I don t think it s the best one in the series, but that s purely a personal opinion But that said, it s better than a lot of other adventure thrillers out there It s nasty and impolite, and the banter between Hap and Leonard isn t suitable for polite company But no one reads these books in Sunday School anyway.

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    Don t let the cover of this book throw you I did a search at my public library for gay fiction and came across this title as an audio download I have not heard of the author before and because the library had than one book by him, I rented it, regardless of the picture on front which I didn t get until the book was almost over.For the first hour I laughed tears.I did not know that this was the 7th in a series and I have already bought book one BUT this can be read as a stand alone You don t need the back history between Hap and Leonard to follow the story I thought it was perfect.Hap and Leonard are tough guys, brothers Hap is a middle aged white hetero male who is living with the love of his life, Bret, in east Texas Leonard is a gay black man who is on the outs with his lover, John These two are definitely two peas in a pod Ex cop and friend, Martin, asks a favor of the two tough guys Gadget, Martin s grand daughter is mixed up with a small time drug dealer who is using her for a punching bag Would Hap and Leonard go get her and bring her home It s a favor for a friend It s simple enough, right Pissing off the Dixie Mafia, blackmailed by the FBI, hated by the Cops, car chases, gun fights, angry white woman with a shot gun, girl slap down, a dead alligator, an almost superman hit man, and then there is the assassin, Vanilla Ride.I loved this all the way through and look forward to start from the beginning.Note There is no sex or girly parts.

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    Rating 4.5Another good one in the Hap and Leonard series which introduces an interesting new character by the name of Vanilla Ride I have a strong feeling she will show up in their future adventures somehow even if it s a cameo.

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    Mhhh a mio avviso la storia pi sottotono di Hap e Leonard sgangherato e rocambolesco come tutti gli altri romanzi dedicati a questa strana coppia di detective, ma tutt altro che indimenticabile.

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    They get mixed up with the Dixie Mafia to rescue a friend s daughter Only to wind up in the ruthless path of hit men and Vanilla Ride who takes out one of the scariest of them all.

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    Gonna say it s my second favorite of the Hap Leonard adventures that I ve read thus far, behind Rumble Tumble although in after thought, I did rather enjoy the conclusion to Captains Outrageous, just felt the crude humor was a little forced than usual in that one Here, however, the opening tiffle between Hap and Leonard and Tanedrue, a low level drug dealer and his pals is one of the best choreographed fight sequences I ve ever read The additional shoot outs that dot the book later on aren t too shabby, either Mean, lean, and rapidly paced, it s a nice solid slab of red necked pulp fiction.

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    Rimpatriata.Cos anche la serie HapLeo sembra avere esaurito la sua parabola creativa, sebbene Lansdale abbia deciso di tirarla fuori dalla naftalina in questo settimo episodio, dopo otto anni di interruzione dal precedente ma non c nessun particolare rilevante, nessuna scena, nessun personaggio di spicco che distingua la storia di Sotto un cielo cremisi dalle altre e giustifichi la riesumazione della celebre e simpatica coppia Ce ne faremo una ragione lo stesso autore, tanto per non smentire la sua prolificit , si gi indirizzato verso molteplici direzioni narrative diverse, anche se non disdegna di tanto in tanto di tornare a fare un salto dagli amici per una doverosa rimpatriata come questa.