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Whether Referred To As Web Gear, TE , TA, LBE Or LCE, The American Soldier S Individual Combat Equipment Was Seldom Praised Except By Its Developers Nevertheless, It Has Always Been, And Will Continue To Be An Essential Part Of The Fighting Man S Burden With The Aid Of Plenty Of Contemporary Photographs, Diagrams, And Eight Full Page Colour Plates By Osprey Veteran Ron Volstad, Gordon Rottman S Text Unearths A Wealth Of Information On The Changing Nature Of US Combat Equipments From

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    It was great

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    Liked overall, but some minor errors here and there.Plus slim book which limits details.Decent Book Pretty outdated now Still some applicability and of historical interest.Solid 3 star rating.I would like to provide textual content on that Rating as part of this Review, however am unable to do so The ACDLT has restricted ability to Comment or Reply without any prior warning, any specific notification, any identification of specific alleged problems or appeal.That being so, an inability to respond to Review comments by others positive, negative, indifferent would be unfair to myself and others.But it is a solid 3 star book in this genre.

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    I have had this book for many years Every paragraph is marked up with some error of interpretation or fact I see no evidence that the author consulted an article that I wrote thirty some years ago on the development of infantry equipment And he is careless with the proper nomenclature He uses jargon such as product improved, a modern term, which is not relevent to the period and was never used in the period 1910 to very recently.The author simply did not do enough research nor understand what he read The subject is simply too vast to cover in such a short format But the illustrations are excellent, it is just the text that I cannot recommend.

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    Another outstanding book by Mr Rottman, It brought back memories of some of the junk that I use to have to hump back about 100 pounds ago Good to go