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A kingdom is at warA princess has been kidnapped by a dragon ueenA brave suire volunteers to set out on a uest to rescue herBut there's just one small problem He's Thomas the shortest of all the suires With little than a donkey a vest and a sword Thomas will have to use all of his courage and determination to battle a beast with many heads reach a forbidden island and rescue the princess from a most fearsome dragon and an even fearsome fatePart thrilling adventure and part enchanting fantasy sprinkled with charming black and white illustrations Thomas and the Dragon ueen will delight young readers from start to finish

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    When Sir Gerald arrives at Thomas' home due to an accident the knight recognizes the small boy's skills and asks that Thomas accompany him back to the castle and become his page Thomas is height challenged and he is often the target of jeers from the other boys in training but he progresses to become a suire He finds a friend in Jonathan a young boy who cares for the animals The kingdom is at war and too soon Thomas finds himself accompanying Sir Gerald to the battlefield Thomas' bravery there is acknowledged but he is overlooked when the other boys progress to knighthood and leave for the battleground Walking in the castle he overhears the King bemoaning the fact that his only daughter Princess Eleanor has been stolen by the dragon ueen Bridgotha Deprived of others to send to her rescue the King knights Thomas and sends him off on a uest to save Eleanor Because all the horses have gone to war he rides off on Bartholomew the donkey He goes with only a blade he has received from Sir Gerald a leather jerkin his father makes for him a small supply of food from his mother and a small toy his sister leaves in his pack The adventure that follows tries the small boy's skills and spirit in his uest to save a princess from a dragon ueen

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    REVIEWAre you looking for some adventure? Do you enjoy stories about knights and dragons? How about we throw in some sea monsters and an unexpected hero? You’ll get all of that and in Thomas and the Dragon ueenThis middle grade book tells the charming tale of Thomas a tiny suire who does big things for his kingdom Boys and girls alike will be drawn to this story Danger and battles for the boys – a kidnapped princess and a dragon ueen for the girls That’s right – I said dragon UEENEngaging drawings are sprinkled throughout the book and they add to the story I got a good picture of just how small Thomas was compared to the other boys This helped make his plight all the real Most of all though this book teaches an important lesson It does not matter how big or how small you are What really matters is what is in your heart Thank you to Shutta Crum and The Teen Book Scene for sending this book for reviewRATING4 Plot4 Characters4 Attention Grabbing3 Girlie Meter4 Ending19 TOTAL4 STARS

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    A charming little adventure

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    A fully developed uniue fantasy appropriate for younger readers but not as young as the font cover and illustrations suggest

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    Thomas and the Dragon ueen a lively middle grade novel has knights castles mighty war horses princesses and dragons The reader starts out thinking they know what they are getting from a book with those ingredients but Crum turns almost every one of those characters and plot devices on their ears So much funThomas is the eldest of nine children His father is a leather worker who once went to the castle to train to be a knight But because he did not come from a land owning family Thomas’s father was not allowed to become a knight He returned home to take up the work of a saddle maker get married and raise a familyThomas is kind and good natured toward his siblings He not only helps look after them he entertains them by acting out his Dad’s stories of brave and noble knights and their adventures Thomas dreams of becoming a knight but at the age of 12 he is the size of most 7 year olds In a world of border wars battle swords and big strong men his size is a real barrier to success; because of his small size no armor will fit him he cannot lift a regulation sword and he cannot mount a war horse Thomas doesn’t let his tiny size stop him I won’t give away the rest of the story but he has some surprising adventures and finds out that he has plenty of strengths and talents despite his obvious challengesThis story will speak to any reader who has felt that their difference is making them the butt of someone’s joke and getting in the way of what they want to do One of the things I love about Thomas is that he acknowledges his feelings of hurt and anger when his fellow suires make fun of him but he also makes a conscious decision to not let that stop him from doing what he knows needs doing Shutta Crum is an imaginative fun loving story teller and I hope she had as much fun writing this as I did reading it Crum mostly writes picture books but she has another novel Spitting Image which is now on my reading list

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    Thomas and the Dragon ueen was a delightful and exciting middle grade novel that will bring smiles to the faces of any and all readersI rarely delve into the middle grade genre mainly because there are so many great YA books waiting to be devoured but I am so glad I had the opportunity to read and review this one Thomas was a brave and well developed main character and I loved reading about his different adventures First of all his family they were a well rounded and endearing group and I especially liked baby Isabel His parents were both kind people and truly wanted the best for their family They also encouraged Thomas to strive the highest he could even though he was so small for his ageAll of the characters were likable and the brave and kind hearted always succeeded Sir Gerald Jon Princess Eleanor every character stood out to me and played a great role in the story I especially liked being able to experience the story with Thomas and the other characters because of the adorable black and white drawings scattered throughout the chapters The pictures added a lot to the story and let me picture the scenes even vividlyThe plot was so original and exciting Thomas faced a variety of trials and triumphs none that would truly frighten young readers though and he was so brave in the face of danger One of my favorite scenes was when he was rescuing a dolphin ensnared in a bit of netting along the coast He was determined and never gave up Readers will be cheering for Thomas as he faces a variety of challenges to reach the kidnapped Princess Eleanor and by the end you will be anxious to see how it will all turn outAn excellent adventure story with a fabulous main character and exciting plot twists Thomas and the Dragon ueen is definitely one of my favorite middle grade novels I can't wait to recommend it to all the younger children I knowOverall 45 out of 5 stars

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    Thomas is small for his age Although he's 12 years old people often think he is younger than that They certainly don't think he has the skills to be a knight Thomas is eager at first to prove his abilities but after a while Thomas begins to doubt himself he can't manage the heavy sword of a knight and he is too short to ride a horseHe doesn't giveup though and one day he finds himself in the presence of the King It turns out the King needs Thomas to serve as a knightand not for any ordinary duty Thomas must rescue the princess from the Dragon ueen and he must travel on a donkey to do so With every challenge he faces Thomas makes a decision and continues on to fulfill his destinyThomas and the Dragon ueen by Shutta Crum is a good first fantasy novel for elementary readers It's a tale with dragons and knights and action yet it's not full of blood and gore and evil With the likable character ofThomas and the surprise ending it isn't your usual boy meets dragon tale; it's a fresh new story for younger chapter book readers

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    I initially discovered this book on one of those lists of 'best kid books for 2010' or something similar I put it as one of the options for me to read to the boys' and it was uickly selected We all liked it and I have since noticed Trevor acting out some of the dragon interactions that we read It was a very cute tale you can't help but love Thomas He's short for his age kind brave fearless and honest An all around super nice boyThomas goes through many trials and tribulations on his path from babysitter to his many siblings to knight sent out to confront the Dragon ueen What he discovers when he finally reaches the Dragon ueen's isle was a highlight of the book for me and the boys strongly enjoyed it too The only negative I found was its predictability The boys' were proclaiming what would happen next or making plot guesses throughout the title and they were correct each time That shouldn't take away from the enjoyment factor though Recommended

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    What a great story with a wonderful unlikely hero a princess that defies the stereotype and though the uest is the stuff of amazing adventures the hero feels very real emotions rather than the author romanticizing some very difficult situations Great for small children even my three year old sat through this story read over the course of a week and a half at bedtime My Five year old daughter loved it and though it was filled with mythical creatures and fairy tale happenings dragons and the many headed beastit somehow feels very real And for once reading a childrens book out loud to my children wasn't boring for me I actually wanted to read ahead after they fell asleep just to find out what happens And you've got to love how Crum writes the dragon ueen and the singular uniue way she resolves the whole mess

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    Reading this to my 7YO at bedtime I thought I was hilarious and called it Thomas and the Drag ueen until the conversation about lifestyle choices was spurred by the inevitable uestion of what is a drag ueen? The kid will never look at drag ueens or dragons the same again But hopefully he is now worldly and accepting in his views of others Who knew reading could open so many doors for conversation? Ok we all knew mommy's sense of humor would So is the next step in his education a trip to Hamburger Mary's? The story was cute fun and easy to read and had all the right messages in it about being kind misunderstood and that the little guy can do it all brains instead of brawn We enjoyed it