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Why Is Every Film Or Tv Programme A Sequel Or A Remake Why Are People So F Ing Hung Up About Swearing Why Do The Asterisks In That Sentence Make It Okay Why Do So Many People Want To Stop Other People Doing Things, And How Can They Be Stopped From Stopping Them These And Many Other Questions Trouble David Mitchell Join Him On A Tour Of The Absurdities Of Modern Life From Ryanair To Richard III, Downton Abbey To Phone Etiquette, UKIP To Hot Dogs Made Of Cats Funny, Provocative And Shot Through With Refreshing Amounts Of Common Sense, Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse Celebrates And Commiserates On The State Of Things In Our Not Entirely Glorious Modern World Photo Credit Chris Floyd, Camera Press London

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    This book is weakened by the repetitious bad language and one whose views do not coincide with those of David Mitchell would be well advised to stay clear of it as it will be extremely irritating As it happens, what he claims to be his opinions chime exactly with my own views on life The bad language is offensive in one who is well educated, well brought up and intelligent enough to express himself eloquently enough not to need to resort to vulgarity It is neither funny nor clever and it has always been a mystery to me that adults laugh at swearing and lavatory humour What is referred to as adult material is nothing of the sort it seems to come from behind the bike sheds, indulged in by third formers when they think no one is listening To a grown up it is tedious and detracts from rather than emphasises any point being made Disappointing.

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    A book about the absurdities of modern life It s OK if you like laughing All a bit silly really That isn t a criticism, it is what the book is about It is taken from David Mitchell s column in the Observer and while it is worth a chuckle, I found that a whole book of this is a bit much The alternative is to read it a bit at a time rather than take it all in at once Some things change and some things stay the same and that s one of the things that stays the same.

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    Really gutted, I was so looking forward to this, but David Mitchell s writing style is such hard work His sentences are so long that I have forgotten what was at the beginning long before he has got to the point made it frustrating and dull I am an avid and intelligent reader, but gave up a few pages in.

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    I am a big fan of Mitchell he never fails to make me laugh on panel shows and I often find what he says insightful but this collection of his newspaper articles left me a little bored and disappointed Perhaps it is that they are all from a few years ago and a lot less relevant now than they were when he wrote them I much preferred his Back Story That all said I ll most definitely be reading his next one.

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    If you re a fan of Mitchell s comedy, or enjoy reading his newspaper columns, then this is the book for you.Witty, sardonic and absolutely hilarious The perfect book for those dreary commutes to work

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    I should probably look carefully at what I buy before I buy it This was not what I expected, but that said I m not sure what I expected really I like David Mitchell, I ve enjoyed all of his TV work so I was interested in reading something by him This is a collection of articles he has written for a newspaper over the past few years, David s wit shines through each article and they are grouped together by topic, but the very fact that they are newspaper articles means they end up feeling frustratingly curtailed just as David is warming to his subject That s not his fault, it s mine for not realising what I was buying in the first place If you enjoy David Mitchell s TV appearances, particularly on Would I lie to you then it s worth getting this.

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    I DO like David Mitchell a lot He s quick witted and intelligent and his banter with Lee Mack on Would I Lie to You is often pant wettingly funny However, it turns out that his faux grumpy rants can be a little too much when gathered together in a 300 odd page book I know they were originally magazine articles and maybe I shouldn t have tried to read so many of them together, but that is how most of us read books, after all not in one or two page chunks So this 3 star review is not for content which remains both funny and pertinent, but as a caution for potential readers not to overdose on it Sorry David

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    When I read a book by a comedian, I expect to be entertained and amused This book seems to be a gripe about almost everything in general and the Tories in particular Because you don t agree with peoples views doesn t mean they are a bunch of shysters.