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Sean Sparrow has one job to pull break into the bank steal what he was hired to take and get out He plans everything to the very last detail sure of success until he sees Tessa Tessa Martin lives a humdrum life With a boring job and a crappy roommate she's sure there must be to life than this She's not prepared for the muscle bound bearded man who walks into her life offering her everything she's ever wanted When Sean breaks down all of Tessa's walls she has no choice but to fall hard and fast But when the truth comes out and Sean is fully revealed to her will their instalove be enough to hold them together? Warning This book hero is over the top obsessed totally head over heels in love and desperate to make babies with the heroine ASAP If you want a fun read with SUPER hot steam Kindle melting love and a beard to rub between thighs then this book is for you

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    I think this is just me But this was one of my least favorite Alsxa Riley's to date It's a full on one star for me Even on my smut scale Now maybe it's because I read this closely on the heels of The Score which I loved but regardlesshomie was straight up bored yo Now keep in mind I never expect War Peace when picking up an Alexa Riley And that's not what I WANT But I'm at least usually able to buy into the OTT insta love cum fest to some degree; however it just didn't happen for me with this one Not even the non stop sexual fluids could save this bad boy And I DO MEAN non fucking stopto the point that I was worried about Tessa's hydration levels and wanted to offer her some Pedialite you know to keep those electrolytes upFind me at

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    35 StarsThis book was a little better then the last book but I still found myself getting bored at times

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    Thief is book three in the Breeding series by Alexa Riley I haven’t read all that many of AR’s books but every one that I have read so far I have loved I see a new obsession to add to my already long listSean Sparrow is a thief He started out that way in order to survive and after that he just couldn’t get out of it He needs one job to set himself up for the rest of his life and get out He has everything planned But you know how plans are His life and all his plans changed the day he saw Tessa Martin Sean knew he had to have her in his life that she had to be his “I will let her know that I want her and I’m not taking no for an answer One way or another she will be mine; she’ll know how much I want her” Tessa Martin has no one Her beloved grandmother passed away a few years before and that was the only family she had A co worker moved in with her as a roommate But she treats her horribly keeping her already struggling self confidence low The day Sean came in to her bank where she works she is instantly smitten She can’t believe this man is even talking to her And he says he wants to take her out on a date? These two fall into instant loveand lust and have a weekend full of lots and lots of well you get it But Sean knows that when Monday rolls around Tessa will feel differently about him when she figures out what he has done But he won’t be letting her go She is his future and she will be his whether willingly or notThis book was different somehow than the other two Sean even though it was out of a need for survival was a criminal But he has this final caper all planned out I loved seeing Tessa transform from a shy woman to believing herself to be the beautiful woman she is And of course in true Alexa Riley form there is one thing and one thing only on Sean’s mind a way to make sure that Tessa will stay with him How does he plan to do that? You can probably figure it out see name of series but if not you’ll just have to read the book to see “You’ve been mine before you ever knew I existed”

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    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog Facebook Google Twitter and Pinterest★Book Basics★ Genre Cont Romance Series 3rd in the series Can be read as a stand alone Love triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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    SHE'S LIVETeasers

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    4 Little fox StarsAs I said in my previous review on Riley's Mechanic I was in the mood for some smut and Alexa is defenitely a good option for thatNow is the time for Thief the third installment in the Breeding series and it is about Sean Sparrow a misterious hot man who happens to be a thief preparing his last hit and Tessa Martin a shy curvy woman who works in 'the' bank and puts Sean's plans upside down when he falls in love with her My Tessa There’s no fighting this pull she seems to have on me How could someone own me and not even know I exist? I uite enjoyed Thief and even though I loved Mechanic this was goooooood haha It has suspense in it because we're dealing with a thief and a bank robbery We see how Sean is always between his job and his feelings for Tessa but obviously his feelings are much much stronger She fell right into my path and there’s no turning around now The goal is still the same there are just a few added parts to it now And the end goal is bigger and better than I could have ever dreamed of No I didn't think perfection and sweet innocence like her even existed Of course the best part of this is the smut LOL The sex and sexual tension filled scenes are smokin' hot and these two have amazing chemistry Again Sean Sparrow is good at the dirty taling ladies VERY good ; “Oh I came eating your sweet cunt” He leans in a little his mouth just a breath from mine “My woman is so fucking sexy and tastes so fucking good I came just from eating her pussy”“You love me little fox?” I never get tired of hearing her say how much I mean to her and I don’t suspect I will “I love you Sean” I sit up and kiss her neck needing my mouth on her “Stealing you was the best decision I ever made” So yeah this is it I don't have anything else to say My rating for Thief is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed the journey of this lovely couple but still not 5 stars because Mechanic really stole my heart Still if you want to read about a smutty super hot and misterious man falling in love and breeding his lady of course haha this one is for youCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    ORGASMIC There is no other word to describe this book Sexy doesn't begin to cut it Hot is way too tame So yes I'm sticking to orgasmic because holy hell the sex in this book is Alexa Riley's best so far And that says a lot given how fucktastic her books are Yes I just invented that word Work with me hereThat being said this is a 375 read for me I was so close to loving it but there's just something off about the whole premise I probably shouldn't mix morality with an Alexa Riley novel but the way the heist thing was executed was a miss I prefer simpler plots with the hero just obsessing over the heroine Plus the story could do with less attention on the heroine's weight problem There's at least one character bullshitting her about this in almost every chapter

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    I LOVED IT My favourite among this series Each day my little obsession for her seems to grow Now I’m so deep there’s no turning back I have to have her and I will by any means necessary I feel like for the past few day I've become a real cyber stalker I simply couldn't wait to get my hands on this amazing work of art Alexa Riley has done it again From the cover to the plot I enjoyed it all I mean what's not to enjoy? You have an alpha man who worships his woman and would literally do anything for her and a sweet heroine who you can't help but to fall in love with That just screams for a match made in heaven And it truly is oneI swear if I ever find someone even a bit similar to Sean I'm marrying him on the spot That man is pure boyfriend perfection and one of my favourite book boyfriends He knew Tessa was the one for him even before he spoke the first word with her He only saw her from afar and that was all it took to make him her personal stalker And once he actually met her I'm telling you that poor fella Do you know a man not a fictional character who would literaly get down on his knees and all that so he could score a dinner with you? WellI don't but if you do then got for you If you think that makes him perfect then you won't believe what he thinks of strip clubs Finally someone who gets me YesI’m going to have to scrub my body with sandpaper when I leave this place I’ll need a scalding hot shower and might even burn my clothes God knows what’s happened in the very seat I’m sitting inI admit he did mess up big time when he didn't tell Tessa about the job he was planning I mean finding out that your boyfriend is robbing a bank while you're working at that said bank is I suppose a bit awkward Don't you think? But at the end he did redeem himself completely at least in my opinion And I will fight to keep her until I take my last breath I wish I could say I was unselfish enough to let her go but I just can’tAs for Tessa I liked her character At first she came across as this meek female who let her roommate constantly bring her down but at the end you could say she had the last laugh Ha Also the hot sexy scenes those two had just wow A foxy vixen meets a sex god YummyAll I can say is read the book you won't regret itSafety gang Safe view spoiler No real OW OM drama Definitely no cheating or doing anything sexually with others Also no condoms were used hide spoiler

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    Ok so you take utter ridiculousness uber sexy times of the dirty variety insta love and a faintly covered major crime and scramble it all together and you got Thief This is no literary masterpiece However if you don't overanalyze plenty of uestionable material to work with here you can enjoy it because you laugh at the silly stuff raise a brow at the sexy and kick back with this weird appreciation for bearded sexy alphas that are a lot a bit obsessive The plot is the most involved of the three and I'll even go as far as saying that the characters do develop in some unremarkable way All in all I'm glad I read the series Imperfections a plenty and all lolPS That cover though p

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    2 25 STARS “I’m too big You’re going to hurt yourself” LITTLE FOX This could be the summary of this entire book I meanI appreciate the fact that Ms Riley is trying to give the message that big girls are sexy in their own way and they could snatch rockin' hot boys with tattoos and long dcks too I do; but when I as a reader and a tad bit chubby one of that am reminded of the heroine's weight and thick thighs and sht every two sentences I TEND TO GET IRRITATED This one was one of the weakest works of Ms Alexa Riley and you guys know I must be honest when I say this because I am a HUGE fan of hers The plot had promises but in the endit couldn't even save this disaster of a “love” story OVERALL Waiting for Ms Riley's usual fantastic work