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Made me laugh out loud and I m a granny reading it to grand kids is a pleasure so funny the mans a genius It s not as funny as previous books Kids found it quite boring and patter repetitive. My eldest is happily ploughing her way through David Walliams latest collection of short stories and says the teachers theme makes a nice change from The World s Worst Children, which he has churned out time and time again over the past few summers.Let s face it, Walliams books are never going to be examples of well written children s literature but children, especially those in the 8 14 age bracket, absolutely love them so he s obviously doing something right. After 3 books of kids, it s the teachers turn for turning into such gloriously horrific and twisted stories that you really have to wonder where they come from My 8YO and 10YO girls both fought to read the book first when it arrived, and having read a couple of the stories I can see why It s not often you see that from a book for kids outside of a certain wizards world.One thing worth mentioning is the hardback Again, beautiful and generous illustrations on almost every page, all worked into the story in sometimes a comic book feel that brings the story telling vividly to life without taking over from the actual reading.The dust jackets on our books always get lost, but the hardback without dust jacket is equally attractive on David Walliams books I always take it off to look at the pictures.Setting a hugely high bar for creativity, tapping into what kids love, and longevity David Walliams might not be the Best kids author ever, but pretty much everything he writes is SO accessible to girls and boys of a wide range of ages Who else is guaranteed an annual Xmas dramatisation each year. Millions Of Young Readers Have Loved The World S Worst Children Tales Now They Will Revel In This Delightfully Dreadful Collection Of The Most Gruesome Grown Ups Ever The World S Worst Teachers From The Phenomenally Bestselling David Walliams And Illustrated In Glorious Colour By The Artistic Genius, Tony RossThink Your Teachers Are Bad Wait Till You Meet This Lot These Ten Tales Of The World S Most Splendidly Sinister Teachers Will Have You Running For The School Gates Dr Dread Teaches Science And Is Half Man, Half Monster Watch Out For The Ghastly Miss Seethe She Is ALWAYS Furious And She S On A Detention Rampage And As For Mr Phobe, He S A Teacher With A Real Difference He Is Bone Shakingly Terrified Of Children Millions Of Children Have Loved The World S Worst Children Now They Will Revel In This Delightfully Dreadful Collection Of The Most Gruesome Grown Ups Ever, The World S Worst Teachers Brought To You By Number One Bestselling Author, David Walliams, With Every Story Illustrated In Glorious Colour By Artistic Genius, Tony Ross What s to say Another brilliant and funny book Both granddaughters can t put it down and it inspires them to readGiggles and laughing out loud when they are reading I absolutely love David Walliams so when I knew this new book was coming out it just had to be pre ordered. Love love love him.. I got this for my daughter She loves this book.