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Florida Grange, Leonard S Drop Dead Gorgeous Lawyer And Hap S Former Lover, Has Vanished In Klan Infested Grovetown While In Pursuit Of The Real Story Behind The Jailhouse Death Of A Legendary Bluesman S Blackguard Son Fearing The Worst, Hap And Leonard Set Out To Do The Kind Of Investigating The Good Ole Boy Cops Can T Or Won T Do In Grovetown They Encounter A Redneck Police Chief, A Sadistic Christmas Tree Grower, And Townsfolk Itchin For A Lynchin Add To This A Dark Night Exhumation In A Voodoo Graveyard, A Thunderstorm Of Biblical Proportions, And Flat Out Sudden Murder Hap And Leonard Vow To Face The Hate And Find Florida, Even If Leonard Has To Put A Hole In Anyone Who Gets In The Way Besides, They Ve Packed A Lunch

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    Hap s ex girlfirend Florida disappears while investigating the murder of blues musician s son Hap and Leonard, on behalf of Marvin Hanson, go to Grovetown, a racist hive of scum and villainy, to investigate Will they find Florida and bring her back 2016 Reread My quest to reread all of the Hap and Leonard books before the TV series drops so I can lord it over everyone else continues In this, the third Hap and Leonard book, the boys go looking for Florida, Hap s ex and the current girlfriend of Marvin Hanson, their detective friend Florida went to the most racist town in Texas investigating a jailhouse suicide that may have been murder and wound up missing.The boys don t actually do a whole lot of detective work in this one They mostly crack wise and get their asses handed to them I d forgotten the beatings Hap and Leonard take in earlier books.Grovetown seems like a horrible place, backward and racist, but all too plausible Lansdale peoples it with interesting characters, most of them with hidden depths Since it s been at least a decade since I read this the first time, I d forgotten most of the wrinkles of the plot and was pretty surprised by the ending.The Lansdale wit is in full effect in this one Even after reading mostly Lansdale in recent days, I still find myself surprised at his skill with colorful similes, like Raymond Chandler drenched in Miller High Life.While it wasn t my favorite Lansdale book, The Two Bear Mambo was still a very solid read, even the second time Four out of five stars.

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    Another great adventure with my buddies Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Leonard has a new boyfriend but is still surly, having just burnt down the neighborhood crack house for the third Christmas Eve in a row But to stay out of jail this time, Leonard and Hap agree to help their friend Marvin locate his girlfriend Florida Grange, who happens to be Leonard s old lawyer and Hap s former sweet thang The stakes are pretty high though this go round because Florida, an attractive black woman, was last seen in Grovetown, which is not only being threatened by heavy rains and flooding, but which also happens to be the most scummy hotbucket of racism this side of Texas, which doesn t bode well for an ex hippie and his black, gay best friend with a hot temper Hell, I can t figure Raul He s all mopey and shit Today is the anniversary of when we met, and he wanted us to go out to dinner, go to a movie, do some serious fucking I wanted us to do that too, but I didn t want it getting in the way of me killing somebody Lansdale does it once again, creating a thoroughly entertaining country romp, that s well balanced with great dialogue, action, laugh out loud comedy, surprising insight and depth, and even a somber bleakness this time as our heroes realize that they may have stepped into some serious shit that they might not be able to handle Again, there s a great cast of colorful characters that really stand out Charlie really flew off the page this time and in three books I ve developed a real fondness for Hap and Leonard, I don t want them hurt, and I m invested in their adventures Mr Lansdale created something special with this series and these characters so far No one is anything better than human Just some humans are better humans than others, but the best humans are still just human

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    When Hap goes to spend Christmas Eve with his friend Leonard, he finds that Leonard s idea of a Yule log is burning down the neighborhood crack house Since this is the third time Leonard has torched it, the cops are a little miffed even though he always pulls the drug dealers out of the fire Police lieutenant Hanson offers to help get Leonard off the hook for his pyromania if the guys will look for his girlfriend, Florida, who has gone missing while poking around the story of the relative of a legendary bluesman who allegedly committed suicide while in jail.There s a couple of problems with this request Florida disappeared in Grovetown, a racist hotbed of Klan like activity that probably didn t like a black female lawyer looking into what seems to be a classic civil rights violation Grovetown surely won t appreciate a guy like Leonard, who is black and gay and than willing to fight anyone who has a problem with it Plus, Florida dated Hap before breaking his heart to take up with Hanson so he isn t thrilled about potentially getting killed while looking for her.But Hap and Leonard never saw a bucket of crap they wouldn t willingly step into so they re off to Grovetown, which turns out to be the biggest cracker hellhole imaginable Hap and Leonard are tough, but can they take on an entire town Another great entry in the Hap Leonard series, Lansdale started to really explore the guys complex relationship to violence Hap and Leonard aren t scared of a fight and can usually hold their own, but their adventures are starting to take a serious toll on their bodies and their psyches Lansdale has a knack for making violence and its aftermath seem genuine and horrifying while not getting bogged down in faux angst about it.

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    Our intrepid misanthrope heroes are asked by local cop Hanson to travel to mostly racist Grovetown, TX Job to look into the whereabouts of Florida, lawyer and lover of both Hap and the cop She s researching a story about a black man killed while in police custody.I find myself alternately shaking my head in their antics, then chuckling over the dialogue and action.Hap talking to Chief of Police Cantuck We re looking for a friend of ours, I said, and we thought you might know something about her Her name is Florida Grange Colored gal Cantuck said Could be her, Leonard said Depends on what color she was.

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    It s difficult not to be enad with Joe R Lansdale s prose He has such a wonderfully engaging style.Hap and Leonard are two very different people, but who happen to be lifelong friends When they are asked to go in search of a missing woman with whom they have history, they feel obliged to find her But their travels lead them to the hate fueled, Klansmen infested streets of Grovetown On any given day, stopping off here would seem a really bad idea Leonard is gay, he is black, and he has serious anger issues.Hap Leonard s Two Bear Mambo is sure to end badly for someone.

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    When I say act like a man, Leonard said, I mean act honorably and with courage Macho has been turned into a bad word by turds who act like beasts, not men Another step up in the quality of entertainment provided by Joe Lansdale s Hap Leonard books as he juggles wisecracking, climbing up on his soapbox, brutality, psychological surveys and an interesting mystery with great dexterity Collins Pine are on fire throughout this one, hardly stopping to recover from threats and beatings before launching on another wiseass parade of side splitting quips as they accept the task of locating a missing black woman in redneck Klan central Texas.I ve hardly known a crime mystery novel where the protagonist s are so poor at detecting as these two are in this book, it s quite the refreshing change to read about how the protagonists are judgemental fools who do everything wrong and end up punished for it, perhaps even as much as the villains of the piece And it is Lansdale s skill at creating his characters with such care and consideration that the mystery can be so backgrounded as it is here in favour of putting bigoted behaviours and mental health issues front and centre and still be a compelling crime novel On top of that it still manages to be hilarious, clearly Joe Lansdale is a master of his craft.This is the first HL book I ve read since devouring the new TV adaptation and it s a testament to the work of Mickle, Williams and Purefoy that the men in this book feel like the men in that show so perfectly.

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    When I got over to Leonard s Christmas Eve night, he had the Kentucky Headhunters turned way up over at his place, and they were singing The Ballad of Davy Crockett, and Leonard, in a kind of Christmas celebration, was once again setting fire to the house next door The Two Bear Mambo named from a nature program where two bears get it on is the third book in the long running Hap and Leonard series I am seriously loving these two characters so goddamn much Their banter is chef s kiss This installment begins with Hap stopping by Leonard s house on Christmas Eve, only to discover that Leonard has set fire to the drug den next door Again For the third time Because of course Just another day in Texas Needless to say, the police are getting fed up with these calls. even if Leonard does help the drug dealers escape the fire in the end Police Lieutenant Hanson makes them a deal to avoid jail time all they have to do is track down his girlfriend who went missing The same girlfriend who happens to be Hap s ex, Florida She was investigating a case in Grovetown that involved a legendary blues musician, undiscovered recordings and a young black man supposedly committing suicide while in jail Grovetown is notoriously racist and unfortunately the Klan is a constant presence The locals don t take kindly to the duo sniffing around their town, asking questions They do not let Hap and Leonard off easily Far from it This is by far the darkest volume yet Often Lansdale makes the reader uncomfortable He isn t a safe writer He takes on bigotry and violent racism issues head on At times, the extreme language could overshadow the storytelling, but it doesn t Because it s JOE FUCKING LANSDALE With his brilliance at the helm, it never feels gratuitous There s an emotional depth to his work that lingers.Profanity laced, brutal and dark, yet so goddamn funny This series will have you cringing one minute and earnestly weeping the next Arson and ass whipping and cynical humor Since I m just getting started, there is still plenty Hap and Leonard for me to get caught up in and this delights me This has been my favorite installment in the saga, for sure I am completely invested.

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    Another sterling novel from Lansdale, opening with a burning crackhouse and closing with a flood of Biblical proportions I have to say that there was a lot less light hearted fun to be had in this one, due to the subject matter and the way things stand at the end of the book There s still plenty of funny banter and one liners, but things are a lot darker and severe in this one The story concerns Hap and Leonard traveling to the town that time forgot of Grovestown, a progressive s nightmare full of racist, violent hicks and depressing, shitty trailer parks.Lansdale has played around with the race issue quite a bit so far, but this one is definitely seems to be Hap and Leonard vs Racism of the series The n word is dropped here than in a Tarantino film and Grovetown s history of racial violence is profoundly disturbing Thankfully Hap and Leonard s presence in the town has the gratifying effect of being a kind of lance on the boil, as you know they re not gonna put up with any good ol boy bullshit Asses will be kicked and names will be taken Can t give this one any less than five stars, in fact it may be better than the awe inspiring Mucho Mojo Like I said, there s less goofy good natured fun but watching these two dudes drive into town and take no shit is hugely cathartic The characters leap off the page and there s two fisted action than in the previous books If you ve read the previous two books there s no reason at all to hesitate to pick this one up, but be warned that shit gets pretty fucking dark which is saying something considering the last book had to do with a series of horrifying child murders.

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    This is the third book in the Hap and Leonard series, and the strongest in both story and structure, so far The characters really come into their own here, functioning like living entities that exist outside of the novel s pages, instead of being merely plot and ideology delivery machines although what is a character besides that, really It s a great, gory, occasionally funny, and often action packed southern noir I really enjoyed reading this Be forewarned the n word drops about a 100x than it does in the n wordiest of Tarantino movies, though it is never used in an exploitative way.

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    Third book in the Hap and Leonard series is on an even par with book 2 for me I love that Florida Grange, who was introduced in book 2, is incorporated into the mystery in this one She s beautiful, Leonard s lawyer, and an ex girlfriend of Hap s Not only that, but she is also the current girlfriend of Marvin, a friend of theirs who is also a detective So when she goes missing they are on it and they are determined to find her, come hell or high water What I didn t like is how racist the people in Grovetown were The expression colored was used negatively With Hap and Leonard being so opposite yet strongly bonded, being in this town together was a challenging time for them The story at times is a bit dark but Lansdale is good to add humor much needed comic relief throughout.I was ready to read book 4 and added it to my TBR shelf, but when I went to get it I realized it is only in Spanish At least that s the only one I saw Now why would that be