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Brought To You By Penguin The CEO Of The Walt Disney Company Shares The Ideas And Values He Has Used To Reinvent One Of The Most Beloved Companies In The World, And Inspire The People Who Bring The Magic To Life In , Robert Iger Became CEO Of The Walt Disney Company During A Difficult Time Morale Had Deteriorated, Competition Was Intense, And Technology Was Changing Faster Than At Any Time In The Company S History I Knew There Was Nothing To Be Gained From Arguing Over The Past, Iger Writes The Only Thing That Mattered Was The Future, And I Believed I Had A Clear Idea Of The Direction Disney Needed To Go It Came Down To Three Clear Ideas Create The Highest Quality Content Disney Could Produce Embrace And Adopt Technology Instead Of Fighting It Think Bigger Think Global And Turn Disney Into A Stronger Brand In International Markets Twelve Years Later, Disney Is The Largest, Most Respected Media Company In The World Counting Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, And St Century Fox Among Its Properties Its Value Is Nearly Five Times What It Was When Iger Took Over, And Iger Is Recognised As One Of The Most Innovative And Successful CEOs Of Our Time Now, He S Sharing The Lessons He S Learned While Running Disney And Leading Its , Employees Taking Big Risks In The Face Of Historic Disruption Learning To Inspire The People Who Work For You Leading With Fairness And Communicating Principles Clearly This Book Is About The Relentless Curiosity That Has Driven Iger ForYears, Since The Day He Started As A Studio Supervisor At ABC It S Also About Thoughtfulness And Respect, And A Decency Over Dollars Approach That Has Become The Bedrock Of Every Project And Partnership Iger Pursues, From A Deep Friendship With Steve Jobs In His Final Years To An Abiding Love Of The Evolving Star Wars Myth Over The PastYears, I Think I Ve Learned So Much About What Real Leadership Is, Iger Writes But I Couldn T Have Articulated All Of This Until I Lived It You Can T Fake It And That S One Of The Key Lessons In This Book Just beginning the chapter on marvel and felt impelled to write a review, which is something I normally don t do onI have to say I m thoroughly enjoying this book, the lessons, the life of Bob and the honest insight into business at such a senior level This is turing into one of my favourite business reads and reminds me of a similar favourite read of mine Shoe Dogs by Nike founder Phill Knight I d highly recommend picking up this book if you are a business leader manager and want to understand the type of strategic thinking that is required at the top Not read the book yet, but not happy with the condition it was received in As per photos, cover sleeve is creases and corners bent This is a hardback book and was received in poor condition Not happy I was in Disney World and Disneyland Paris within the last 6 months on holiday and was very impressed as I m sure so many others are too It prompted me to seek this book and I m glad I did It is a real gem and had me on on the edge of anticipation many times Mr Iger and his team have transformed the company dramatically over the last 20 years and the process in which they did is described in this book It is a great account of Mr Iger s business life with lots of very valuable take aways for the reader I can only imagine that he will be sorely missed in 2021 when he retires but after reading the book and his style of management the company will be in great hands. Really enjoyed the insights into thoughts behind buying the companies that have taken Disney to movie domination, and the anecdotes around getting them over the line. Bob Iger has pulled off the impossible how to be entrepreneurial in the ultimate corporate environment His pre CEO years are particularly fascinating and little documented elsewhere A wonderful book on leadership principles, humanity, passion and all it takes to be a great leader Enriching and a must read. This is a must read for anyone interested in business and management Bob Iger has had a great career and been lucky enough to work in a very interesting industry even if the creative side of it really makes little sense.Four great moves, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel and 20th Century Fox all of which looked overpriced at the time and the first three proved to be bargains The jury is still out on the fourth And doubtless that will turn out to be a bargain He may regret however not going the extra mile to keep Sky But then again he may not I wouldn t bet against his judgement which has proved to be impeccable Most businessmen like him make one big mistake in their lives, they regret terribly, but he does not appear to have made one.There will never be another Hollywood executive as successful as him, mainly because the opportunities will not be available that has had had And he managed to get on with Steve jobs an achievement in itself.One flaw why is he calling the new Disney streaming business Disney , the same name as another competitor and not a very inspiring name at that Surely he can do better Also Disney may turn out to be his big mistake The gamble is not only in the start up costs and reputation loss if it goes wrong but also the licencing and royalty income lost on the Disney product Disney could be a colossal mistake Personally I would have rode the bandwagon and auctioned off the Disney material for the inevitable fortune it would attract from all the other streaming services And, surprisingly Iger has not recognized the one big streaming opportunity that seems open sports And Disney has a huge advantage owning ESPN.And as good as Bob Iger is I am afraid Jeff Bezos is better When Bob is gone one can seemaking a bid for Disney But having said all that he is one of the greats of American business Walt Disney would be very very proud.