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I finally had to buy me a copy online to read this early Lansdale tale He didn t hold back his punches in this story, of sex and murder He showed us the really dark side of the human soul, the twisted, revengeful side of even young souls This thing carries some raw power, as he was establishing himself with what has become his style in some of his novels East Texas noir. What a ride I ve been a Lansdale fan for years, mostly due to his weird western work This is a not a weird western, but I was blown away by it This is almost like a supernatural version of the book and movie Straw Dogs You have this group of teens, the leader possessed by an evil entity , terrorizing a couple in a remote cabin This is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it s quite graphic It s also very powerful It has one of the best climactic endings I ve ever read I was literally holding my breath as I was turning the pages Just a very well done novel on many levels.If you like suspenseful horror and don t mind some graphic material, you ll love this one. One of the most explicit and brutal books I ever came across It s about a group of evil rapists doing mischief in a small town The content of the book is disgusting, you really hope for the evildoers to find a hard and cruel ending Well written, fast paced, absolute plausible language for the characters depicted Be aware if you see a 66 Chevy at night cruising around Nothing good will come from that You will run through the pages of that book, not only by night, believe me Recommended Originally published in 1987, this is one of Joe R Lansdale s earlier works and it shows Filled with cheesy dialogue and cardboard cutout characters and scares that fall flat, this is a dated and torturous read that is perhaps best left in the past This is a chase novel Taking place over the span of three days, main characters Monty and Becky are staying at some friends cabin in an attempt at relaxing and getting over a recent rough patch in their marriage Becky was raped and almost murdered by a gang of teenage boys, and they are coming after her again The fight is on Luckily this novel is short and pretty compulsively readable it isn t good by any stretch of the imagination, but it s also not challenging and easy enough to finish As I loved Lansdale s story collection, By Bizarre Hands which features a chapter from this book , I was unpleasantly surprised to find I didn t much care for The Nightrunners It didn t scare me it only annoyed and disappointed This book is readable and maybe recommendable if you re looking for something quick, and perhaps a bit of cheesy fun But certainly buy it used and do not start reading Lansdale here. Lurid, ugly, brutal and badly written Possibly the worst book I ve ever read surely the worst book I ve ever finished Why did I finish it I guess it s similar to what Pauline Kael said about An Officer and a Gentleman, It s crap, but it s crap on a motorcycle Now I think I ll read Dante. This is an earlier Lansdale novel It has a bit of a reputation since it sets the stage for many of Lansdale s later themes and it was probably ahead of its time in its depiction of sex, violence and gore The Nightrunners is often cited as a pioneer of the splatter punk sub genre.All this may be true but it is still an early work and it shows Lansdale s style seems to be on unsteady ground and the dialogue does not show the razor wit of his later books Yet this is still a very tense and riveting horror tale It tends to waver on whether it is supernatural or psychological, another weakness of the story, but Lansdale s pack of villains is one of his best portrayal of psychopathic horror All in all, a successful novel that paves the way for some of Lansdale s best in the later years Three and a half stars. Early Lansdale novel that doesn t hold back on the brutality Hasof a 1970 s vibe to it because of references to Vietnam, Raquel Welch along with the sociological themes Worth looking for I first read itthan 20 years ago but had forgotten the story Best read on the front porch with an 8 track copy of FUNHOUSE rattling your old stereo speakers. Great book, i couldn t stop reading,is a fast paced story. This book did not disappoint.I m not sure exactly where The Nightrunners lies in Lansdale s chronology, but that it is one of his earlier works is a frequently mentioned fact Although somewhat uneven in style and tone especially through the middle section , this book is written with such a hunger and raw passion that I can t imagine any fan of Lansdale s horror not loving this one.The language drips with creativity, and even though the end wasn t as wildly inventive as I expected it would be coming from Lansdale, it still certainly satisfied Overall a nice mix of vivid imagery, violence and the supernatural.A 5 star must read for any true horror fan. Clyde Is Dead, And Brian Is Now Leader Of The Nightrunners It Was All Becky S Fault, And With The Claws Of The God Of The Razor Gleaming In The Blackness Of Brian S Mind, He Sets Out To Find Her And Finally Set Things Right Will You Get Your Money S Worth More Than Dean R Koontz