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Stephen Bungay S Magisterial History Is Acclaimed As The Account Of The Battle Of Britain Unrivalled For Its Synthesis Of All Previous Historical Accounts, For The Quality Of Its Strategic Analysis And Its Truly Compulsive Narrative, This Is A Book Ultimately Distinguished By Its Conclusions That It Was The British In The Battle Who Displayed All The Virtues Of Efficiency, Organisation And Even Ruthlessness We Habitually Attribute To The Germans, And They Who Fell Short In Their Amateurism, Ill Preparedness, Poor Engineering And Even In Their Old Fashioned Notions Of Gallantry An Engrossing Read For The Military Scholar And The General Reader Alike, This Is A Classic Of Military History That Looks Beyond The Mythology, To Explore All The Tragedy And Comedy The Brutality And Compassion Of War

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    Molt entretingut i agradable de llegir Realment val la pena per el recull de informacio sobre la ll guerra mundial.

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    Simply the best account of the Battle of Britain that I have read in the past forty years The level of detail on individual battles is comparable to the venerable Then and Now Series His analysis is original and convincing.Before reading THE MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY, I thought that Fighter Command was in much dire straits as a result of German attacks on their airfields, but Bungay points out that the actual damage was insignificant and that no station was rendered inoperable for than a day or so The most effective attacks were carried out at low level, but with such a prohibitive cost that the Germans soon abandoned those tactics.The only point that the author made that I took exception to was his characterization of the Bf 110 as a very poor air to air combat platform Swedish aviation historian Christer Bergstrom offers an effective counterargument to that view in his latest book THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN AN EPIC CONFLICT REVISTED.I also want to point out that the pagination of the paperback version 240 pp advertised on is in wildly inaccurate THE MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY is actually 492 pages long In addition to the narrative, there are three appendixes detailing the Order of Battle of both air forces, forty five illustrations and two useful maps at the end of the book though it might have been smarter to put them up front.Highly recommended to anyone not familiar with this seminal aerial campaign.

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    Excellent Had thought to give my son a copy of With Wings like Eagles Michael Korda also very good but this is far superior.Exceptionally well researched Technical details are very well covered Always had a problem with the mechanics of the ME109 firing a cannon through the propeller hub was missing info that V12 engine was inverted, so geometrically possible However, vibration was such a problem that the cannon was rarely installed Definitive research on fighter turning circles.Clarifies Goering s role in the vexed question of close fighter support for the bombers Not the complete buffoon that surviving Luftwaffe amnesiacs e.g Galland saw no need for radios, communicate by waggling wings as in Spain portray.Realistic analysis of in fighting within Fighter Command, ministerial interference and Churchill s support Unhappily, only hero was Keith Park.Many humorous incidents, including Richmond Golf Club Temporary rules on treatment of mis strokes due to nearby bomb explosions and, Goering s attempt unsuccessful to fit into the cockpit of a Me109.Interesting account of the successful role unknown to me of Luftwaffe fighter bombers Erprobungsgruppe 210 flying low level Fortunately there were no than 30 aircraft One of the worrying what ifs.What if Apropos of the European Union, reminded me of Monty Python s Life of Brian where the insurgent cell, reluctantly, accepts the positive Roman input on drains, water supply, roads, and law and order But then, poses the unanswerable question but what have they done for us to day A neglected result, to my mind, of a peace treaty with Germany in 1940 is the end of the trade embargo Germany would have been able to buy all the raw material needed to prosecute the war in the east No need for the disastrous 1942 summer campaign to secure oil supplies No Stalingrad.

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    Excellent book It is thorough and readable He is especially good at explaining the organization of the RAF to track and vector fighters to in coming attacks I also liked his stories of individual aviators This is part of my research for a Lifelong Learning class on the Battle of Britain I have found that the students enjoy these individual stories it helps to personalize history for them His evaluations of the various aircraft are excellent and especially his discussion about the location of the fuel tanks and the turning radius of the German and British aircraft I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the air war in WWII.

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    There are a lot of books about BoB out there, This has to be one of the best Things it does 1 A day by day account of the battle in some detail.2 Organization of the combatants air forces, and description of the main airplanes on both sides3 The major players at the command level on both sides3 What the LW did and did not know about the British air defense system The basic concept of the system was based on work done whenBritain was bombed in WW I.4 Recounts the activities of the other major war fighting commands in the RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command, primarily 5 Presents the international flavor of the fighter pilots most particularly the Poles Highly recommendedI saw a review of the book in the Wall Street Journal it was on my doorstep in a couple of days, started reading it and could not put it down.A Brit ex pat friend down the road has it now His wife lived a mile from RAF Hornchurch during the Battle and remembers the sound of the bombs.

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    This history is readable, revelatory and provides a counter narrative to much of what people believe they know about the Battle of Britain The chapter which reflects in the myths produced by the battle is worth the price of the book alone And its focus on Park s role is a needed corrective to the folk history surrounding this battle, which tends to focus on muddling through and ignores the level of work and preparation which went into creating the conditions for Fighter Command to have success.