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OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDEI Absolutely Loved This Book And Didn T Want It To End Liane Moriarty, Author Of Big Little Lies And Nine Perfect StrangersThe Man Who Didn T Call By Rosie Walsh Is The Perfect Novel For Anyone Who S Ever Waited For A Phone Call That Didn T Come Imagine You Meet A Man, Spend Seven Glorious Days Together, And Fall In Love And It S Mutual You Ve Never Been So Certain Of Anything So When He Leaves For A Long Booked Holiday And Promises To Call From The Airport, You Have No Cause To Doubt HimBut He Doesn T Call Your Friends Tell You To Forget Him, But You Know They Re Wrong Something Must Have Happened There Must Be A Reason For His SilenceWhat Do You Do When You Finally Discover You Re Right That There Is A Reason And That Reason Is The One Thing You Didn T Share With Each Other The TruthFor Fans Of Jojo Moyes And Liane Moriarty, This Is The Love Story Of The Year

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    Oh how I loved this book Definitely in my top five of the year because I loved the multi genre aspect of this book It had the banter of a chick lit, the gripping tense nature of a thriller and the realism of contemporary fiction It was utterly marvellous in every way and I m so glad I picked it up.Sarah has met the man of her dreams, it was instant love and she thinks Eddie is THE ONE Except Eddie went on holiday and never came back, doesn t answer his phone and his friends are being vague What s a girl to do, when she s desperately and madly in love Is Eddie being a total bastard and ignoring her because he hasn t the guts to tell Sarah its over, or is something bigger going on could he actually be gone forever Walsh has created an incredible plot that just kept on giving There are so many clues given along this story s path and yet I hadn t connected the dots, meaning the massive plot twist was a delicious surprise for me I just can t get over how adaptable this book is, it was like a chameleon constantly changing colour each chapter The pace of this story was perfectly balanced, it was fast enough to build suspense but it also allowed us to get to know the characters fully I loved the friendship Sarah has with Tommy, Jo and Jo s son Rudi, it felt very natural, chilled and just like chatting to your own friends.The hidden depth to this tale has meant the twists are even memorable and you re left with a tear in your eye, as you finish this book, blubbering away about how beautiful it was So if you re in the mood for a rollercoaster of highs and lows, a few twists and a large sprinkle of laughter This book is for you

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    Really disappointed with this novel It s a fantastic why has no one done this before concept but I knew from the first few pages that I d struggle to finish it The entire premise revolves around falling completely in love with someone and the agony of them not calling back but the writing was just too Mills and Boon and cliche to give it any heart or power Flimsy chick lit with an okay twist but I was too switched off by the time it came to even really care I wish someone as accomplished as JoJo Moyes, Jane Green or David Nicholls would have written this novel because the idea is great.

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    Too much inconsequential dialogue at the beginning, probably to show how the 2 main characters fell in love, which I found plain tedious, and didn t help me make a connection about their feelings I thought Douglas Kennedy s 5 days much emotionally shocking, without all the hoo ha of how how they felt about one another Another reviewer said they found Sarah to be bland, but I thought she was melodramatic, all those italics to a point where she became annoying.Eddie s mother was a nightmare What was that medical condition she had overwhelm I ve never actually heard of it, but it certainly kept everyone at her beck and call, treating her like a spoilt, cosseted child, instead of the nasty, bitter woman she really was.It was quite a good read and the characters were realistic and well developed and writing was descriptive, if a bit flowery, but not a book I would rush to read at every opportunity.

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    It took me a couple of shots to get through this based primarily on reviews I read in here that said to stick with it as the beginning can be slow The middle third of the book is good I audibly breathed a sigh of relief at the main reveal as I thought FINALLY, this is getting there Unfortunately for me the end third just fizzled away to nothing I found it all quite clunky to be honest I also found it incredibly hard to believe that Sarah and Eddie didn t recognise each other or that their massively intertwined past just never came up I feel like I should have known better when the main endorsement of the book comes from Heat Magazine..

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    I came across this book whilst I was searching for another I was intrigued and the reviews were good so I downloaded and I ve just read it Wow absolutely loved it It flowed effortlessly and the characters especially Sarah and Eddie were great If your into romance with a touching and brilliant story I urge you to read this book.

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    A beautifuly written love story i have only dropped one star as i thought the first half of the book was rather drawn out if you look at all the readers who gave it a poor rating most of them gave up during the first half Reviews should not be given unless one has completed the book i look forward to books by this author she shows deep understanding of relationships and is able to develop characters who feel real and the reader cares about A word of adviseyou may need a couple of tissues handy towards the end

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    I started this book at the end of one holiday only to get home and completely forget about it, 2 months later I picked it back up and devoured it in 2 days I m not sure if this means it had a slightly slow start but having now finished it, I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed it It was an easy read with loveable characters and a couple of twists, only one of which I sussed although this didn t take anything away from the book I would definitely recommend if you like romance, it s pulls on your heart strings and it was nice to have a grown up protagonist with a bit experience behind her than the usual chick lit.

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    I very rarely put a rating on after reading, but I had to for this book Well done Rosie Walsh, you should be very proud This amazing story will make you laugh and cry I got to 80% and had to stop and play solitaire, as I couldn t cope with what I thought had happened It was well worth the tears