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Break a crazy curse with the Werewolf Club in this hilariously fun adventureEveryone knows people turn into werewolves if they are bitten by a werewolf but did you know you can turn into a werewolf by 1Thinking about werewolves 2Reading a book like this one 3For no reason at all Norman Gnormal didn’t know this until someone signed him up for the Werewolf Club at school Raised as a puppy he’s pretty sure his parents wanted a dog but got him instead he never uite fit in with most kids at school who don’t growl at people or dig holes in the lawn But in the Werewolf Club he finds home with other kids who like running on all fours and howling at the moon When the club learns that their teacher has been cursed the only way to cure him is with Alexander the Great’s magic pretzel But will the club be able to find the pretzel? And can Norman the only non werewolf in the club keep up?

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    I have a list of people I would like to have lunch with and Daniel Pinkwater is near the top He is hilarious For exampleEveryone knows people turn into werewolves if they are bitten by a werewolf but you can turn into a werewolf by1 thinking about werewolves2 using a drinking fountain after a werewolf3 reading a book like this one4 for no reason at allWhat should you do if a werewolf bites you? Go home and waitThe whole book is like this The only clear moral message that I can find is that it is great to be a werewolf especially if you are a member of the werewolf clubIt's not going to win any prestigious literary awards but when I compare it to most Newbery winners I know which I and most kids would prefer

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    The magic pretzel is about werewolf's One specific werewolf who is unaware of what he can do This is an advents story to help band together and solve the mystery to help a teacher The group of werewolf's go all over town to help their teacher and strengthen their bonds In the end the pretzel is the only thing to help with the curse set upon the teacher can the students get the pretzel?

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    so funny cute

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    I go this book for Reece at the library since Daniel Pinkwater was one of my favorite authors as a child Reece read it in a day so it's probably a little below his level The premise is great though A boy is raised as a dog by his parents since they wanted a dog He joins the werewolf club at school They discover that their teacher is a werewolf and the only way to cure him is to find King Arthur's magic pretzel and feed it to him No wonder I grew up to be a weirdo when I was reading stuff like this when I was a kid I remember thinking that Lizard Music and The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death were my favorite Pinkwater books as a kid I'll have to revisit them

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    I am writing a paper for YA lit class on werewolves in the supernatural genre of YA fiction I am going to compare it to adult and children's literature and thus the kid's books However I adored these books They were funny and cute and I would give them to my kidsSee also The Werewolf Club #2 #3 and #5

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    The first in the Werewolf Club series about 3 kids who are werewolves and 1 boy who was raised to be a dog because his parents always wanted a dogweird I know that form a club at school headed by a very mysterious teacher that is so disguised you can't tell who or what he isOkay with some humor for open minded kids

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    You know that group of geeky kids who always sat off by themselves in the school cafeteria? Well what if they were werewolves but were still geeks?They'd probably go on a uest for a mystical artifact that looks remarkably like a pretzelNot Pinkwater's best series but still odd cute and entertaining

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    It is funny Im gonna bring it to class after Feb Vaca

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    I thought that this was okay My six year old son loved it Many of the words were difficult for him though I read most of the book to him instead of him reading most of the book to me

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    In usual Daniel Pinkwater fashion this uirky silly book made me laugh than the kids Though they loved it too