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When US Marine Logan Thibault Finds A Photograph Of A Smiling Young Woman Half Buried In The Dirt During His Third Tour Of Duty In Iraq, His First Instinct Is To Toss It Aside Instead, He Brings It Back To The Base For Someone To Claim, But When No One Does, He Finds Himself Always Carrying The Photo In His Pocket Soon Thibault Experiences A Sudden Streak Of Luck Winning Poker Games And Even Surviving Deadly Combat That Kills Two Of His Closest Buddies Only His Best Friend, Victor, Seems To Have An Explanation For His Good Fortune The Photograph His Lucky CharmBack Home In Colorado, Thibault Can T Seem To Get The Photo And The Woman In It Out Of His Mind Believing That She Somehow Holds The Key To His Destiny, He Sets Out On A Journey Across The Country To Find Her, Never Expecting The Strong But Vulnerable Woman He Encounters In Hampton, North Carolina Elizabeth, A Divorced Mother With A Young Son To Be The Girl He S Been Waiting His Whole Life To Meet Caught Off Guard By The Attraction He Feels, Thibault Keeps The Story Of The Photo, And His Luck, A Secret As He And Elizabeth Embark Upon A Passionate And All Consuming Love Affair, The Secret He Is Keeping Will Soon Threaten To Tear Them Apart Destroying Not Only Their Love, But Also Their LivesFilled With Tender Romance And Terrific Suspense, The Lucky One Is Nicholas Sparks At His Best An Unforgettable Story About The Surprising Paths Our Lives Often Take And The Power Of Fate To Guide Us To True And Everlasting Love

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    Damn, I really can t understand why I even started reading Sparks in the first place This book was so full of stereotypes, it was awful I mean, the guy was, of course, handsome, attractive, great with kids, a good craftsman, and surprise surprise, he even could play the piano The woman was beautiful, sensitive, a great mum, a talented cook, bla bla bla And Sparks doesn t even make the effort to change the setting Not once It s always near or in Wilmington, North Carolina yawn It had its rare nice moments, therefore it s 2 stars But what really sucks is that Sparks seems to have a very soft spot for soldiers since 9 11 So, talking of boring clich s, the protagonist was a brave soldier fighting for his country in Iraq doubleyawn I will never understand the American idealism about their soldiers And please, any people reading this, don t feel obliged to lecture me on that So, my conclusion, I will never ever read a Sparks again The book before that was already a disappointment, but I thought I should give him another chance Huge mistake, one I certainly won t repeat.

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    If you like Nicolas Sparks, this book is one of his best Personally, when it comes to one of his stories, I always read the ending first before buying his books Sure, it s a spoiler but he has stung me too many times by killing off a main character, turning a wonderful love story into a rediculous tragedy that leaves the reader grieving instead of rejoicing There is enough pain in real life without inflicting it needlessly in a sappy book I read to escape and find some joy in fantasy This one ended a bit over dramatically but it all in all, it ended well so I bought it.

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    I m not sure what I should put for an address Like I said, I just got to town and I m staying at the Holiday Motor Court I could also use my mom s mailing address in Colorado Which would you prefer Colorado Yeah, I know Kind of far from here What brought you to Hampton You, he thought I came to find you Nicholas Sparks has his reputation of writing the most popular and some quite beautiful original love stories Of course, The Lucky One was no exception There were some elements I was annoyed about because they seemed too similar to his other books but, in general, it was a very nice read For example, Beth s little 10 years old boy, Ben, reminded me A LOT of the other nice little boy in The Last Song and I m really not talking about in the movie but in the book which, if you haven t read it, is a wonderful book Also, the marines, army Dear John At least, Thibault doesn t have the same personality as John so it s wasn t like I saw him instead of Thibault while reading The pacing is very slow Beth and Thibault are actually meeting each other after about 65 pages only, but the fact is that those pages were kind of long There were many descriptions and psychological thinking when I wanted dialogs and well romance Although, as we all know, Nicholas Sparks likes to write about the characters background and really want to make us connect in a way to them so, yeah, many descriptions At first, it bored me but, after those 65 pages, it all goes well and the reading begins to feel nice and enjoyable.Beth is a good girl, someone I actually related to because she didn t date many guys or slept with many either She was married to a man that she divorced off because, let s face it, he was not the good, stable kind of man, especially as a husband and dad because they did have a kid together I ll say it and it s true, he s a pervert The type of pervert that takes pictures of naked woman whenever he gets the chance to, when he is in reality a police officer He s one of those persons that make you think, what is wrong with the world and how could some adult do that There is no need for me to say it obviously, but I hate that guy named Clayton Thibault is sweet And funny, easygoing, calm The perfect man The problem is he s just too nice He is perfect but perfect doesn t exist in reality for me and I couldn t believe in him as much as I wanted to He was likeable, yes, and a great character, yes, but this contemporary was just so unrealitic to me Like, how could this possibly happen How could someone, in the army, find a picture with a woman which becames his lucky charm and he decides to find and will find that woman in question Plus, that the woman in question is single It could, maybe, but I can t don t believe it I enjoyed reading it though and will keep reading other books by Nicholas Sparks because they re cute and bring different emotions out of me Though it is not my favourite Dear John is for now The romance is wonderful, as always I would recommend this book but, if you have the choice between let s say The Last Song, Dear John and The Lucky One, in your place, I would personally choose Dear John then, The Last Song, and then The Lucky One Happy reading

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    ROMANTIC, SUSPENSEFUL AND ULTIMATELY HARD TO PUT DOWN Opening Line Deputy Keith Clayton hadn t heard them approach, and up close, he didn t like the looks of them any then he had the first time he d seen them THE LUCKY ONE is another great read from Nicholas Sparks Here we are given a story with a slightly darker edge and far suspense then his usual soppy romance Dog lovers and fans of The Guardian in particular will appreciate this engaging romantic suspense.One of the great or not so great things about Nicholas Sparks is that he doesn t always give you a happy ending and it was with this in mind that about half way through just as the flood waters started to rise, secrets began boiling to the surface and I was completely invested in the characters and their budding love story, I began to get nervous for the ending I mean you just knew something bad was going to happen, the clues were all there but the real question that kept me turning pages at a frantic pace was to who Each chapter here has been written from a different characters POV incorporating Elizabeth a divorced mother with a young son who along with her no nonsense Nana run a dog kennel in their small North Carolina town, Clayton her ex husband and the town sheriff bully comes from a influential family yet harbours some nasty little secrets.Iraq war veteran, Logan Thibault is our hero and alongside his dog Zeus has walked yes walked from Colorado in an obsessive search for the unknown woman from a photograph he found during his three harrowing tours of duty in Iraq He believes the picture to be his good luck charm and directly responsible for keeping him alive In the end all the characters merge for a predictable yet ultimately nail biting ending.The last chapter is very, very sneaky with Sparks keeping you on pins for pages before finally giving up the ending of which I had no clue I fell in love with all of these well fleshed out characters, each coming with rich personalities and history including several flashbacks The love story is well done and as I said before not too soppy Thibault is a quiet, tortured hero and just so damn lovely with Beth perfect as his caring yet tough partner The antagonist is creepy and also well written yet because of who he is you can t really wish him dead Sheesh, I even fell for the boy and the dog So yeah, I highly recommend another Nicholas Sparks novel.

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    A typical NS book, which seems like a gender reversal of Message in a Bottle It was an easy escape read, and the characters are all well developed I actually hated reading the chapters on Clayton What a creep I love Zeus, who had a great handle on character reading Almost feel that NS is becoming a bit Danielle Steeleish in his writingformula, token sex, surprise of who died lived.All in allnot a bad book for a cold weekend

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    She was struck by the simple truth that sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right ppl I really liked this one, simply a lovable great story, not perfect there were a few things that irked me about the story but besides that it was a great read.

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    I picked up this book because I d seen the movie preview and thought that I should really read it before watching it Problem is, I have a real love hate relationship with Nicholas Sparks I m a happy ending kind of a girl I read books to escape the sadness, drama and sometimes craziness of life I swear, every other time I read a Sparks book I swear I ll never read another I don t like it when people find true love and then one of them dies or does something stupid so they re ripped apart forever Dear John anyone How much did that blow Plus, that s not even that realistic because I know very few people that has happened to Anyway, on with the review.SPOILER ALERT I did a little research and determined that this one might be a safe one to try I held my breath through a good portion of the book, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn t thrilled with the ending, but at least it wasn t sad As I was reading reviews I saw a lot of people complaining that this book was very stereotypical Pretty, perfect people, a villian you love to hate Well, that s probably true, but those are the books Sparks writes and most people like him for that Like I said, some like to escape the reality of life a little Overall, the book was a lot of fun I had a hard time putting it down I loved the love story of it One of Nicholas Spark s better stories.

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    this book not for me cuz i m not emotional person or search for romantic stories , i m tough girl D

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    Nicholas Sparks is not a good writer His dialogue is completely flat, and it doesn t help when he throws in comments such as he liked her wit when nothing at all witty had been said I can only imagine he is working toward a certain word count when he describes every step of making tacos and homemade ice cream I ve heard that he disdains the label of romance author for himself, but most romance authors I read can write circles around him.

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    Creo que Nicholas Sparks es mi autor favorito sin yo misma saberlo Mi relaci n con l es bastante tensa, porque lo odio con todo mi coraz n por esos finales tan crueles en sus libros, pero lo amo con toda mi alma por todas las historias de amor tan maravillosas que ha creado.Y tengo que decirlo o explotar Por fin un final feliz