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Tiene una gran cantidad de relatos, muchos de autores muy aclamados pero haciendo una media general no ha habido ning n relato memorable sino m s bien pasables Y la gran mayor a me resultaron aburridos y sin inter s Una pena porque le ten a muchas ganas. The Living Dead is a collection of mostly boring stories A lot of them are really bad A couple of them are good Some don t even feature any zombies at all I ll share with you the notes I made after each chapterSome Zombie Contingency Plans, by Kelly LinkI feel cheated, there are no zombies in this story, only a guy thinking about themDeath and Suffrage, by Dale BailyNot a zombie story, although zombies are present Interesting premiseBlossom, by David J SchowUmm OkThe Third Dead Body, by Nina Kiriki HoffmanCoolThe Dead, by Michael SwanwickAgain, not about zombies The symbolism wasn t exactly subtle hereThe Dead Kid, by Darrell SchweitzerDid Stephen fucking King write this I wish I could give it a negative amount of starsMalthusian s Zombie, by Jeffrey FordBoring and kind of ridiculousBeautiful Stuff, by Susan PalwickPretty okSex, Death And Starshine, by Clive BarkerBooooooringStockholm Syndrome, by David TallermanOkBobby Conroy Comes Back From the DeadDude, again, there weren t any zombies here Only a bunch of extras in a Romero movieThose Who Seek Forgiveness, by Laurell K HamiltonMehIn Beauty, Like the Night, by Norman PartridgeI am getting really tiredPrairie, by Brian EvensonI spaced out and didn t pay any attention to this story I just kept turning the pages all braindead like Haaa, get it I need another hobbyEverything is Better With Zombies, by Hannah Wolf BowenThat s cool and everything, but, again, no zombies whatsoeverHome Delivery, by Stephen KingWhen Stephen doesn t infuriate me, he bores me I don t know which is worseSparks Fly Upward, by Lisa MortonThis was really interestingMeathouse Man, by George R R MartinOh come on, fuck you, Martin, that s disgustingDeadman s Road, by Joe R LansdaleBoring Just BoringThe Skull Faced Boy, by David Barr KirtleyWas this supposed to be some kind of metaphor About, like, how all people are fundamentally the same and we should love each otherThe Age of Sorrow, by Nancy KilpatrickI spaced out againBitter Ground, by Neil GaimanI wish I liked you, Neil, but you really do bore me to deathShe s Taking Her Tits to the Grave, by Catherine CheekIs the title not enoughDead Like Me, by Adam Troy CastroI liked this one.That s it I skipped the rest of them because I love me too much. Ideal For Fans Of IZombie, Colin Morgan, The Walking Dead, IZombie Comics, Resident Evil Anthology, Evil Dead Anthology, And The Joe Hill Graphic Novel CollectionA Compilation Of The Best Zombie Literature Of The PastYearsHighlights Works By Today S Most Well Known And Respected Authors Of Speculative Fiction, Horror, And FantasyZombies Have Invaded Popular Culture, From White Zombie To Dawn Of The Dead And From Resident Evil To World War Z They Have Become The Monsters That Best Express The Anxieties And Fears Of The Modern West This Collection Gathers Together Zombie Works By Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, George R R Martin, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Poppy Z Brite, Laurell K Hamilton, And Joe R Lansdale These Brilliant Minds, And The Living Dead, Cover The Many Types Of Zombie Fiction Skyhorse Publishing, Under Our Night Shade And Talos Imprints, Is Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of Titles For Readers Interested In Science Fiction Space Opera, Time Travel, Hard SF, Alien Invasion, Near Future Dystopia , Fantasy Grimdark, Sword And Sorcery, Contemporary Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternative History , And Horror Zombies, Vampires, And The Occult And Supernatural , And Much While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller, A National Bestseller, Or A Hugo Or Nebula Award Winner, We Are Committed To Publishing Quality Books From A Diverse Group Of Authors Extremo en sus valores, de lo muy notable a lo intrascedente G nero Relatos.Lo que nos cuenta El libro Zombies publicaci n original The Living Dead, 2008 es una antolog a de relatos sobre zombis, seleccionados y comentados por el famoso John Joseph Adams que tambi n firma la introducci n y que nos mostrar n, entre otros, distintos tipos de fijaciones post mortem, el origen de una saga de rendimiento notable, la voluntad de una profesora por seguir ense ando aunque los ni os no sean los alumnos habituales, aplicaciones comerciales de los zombis en el capitalismo m s implacable, los muertos que desean votar y decirnos algo, por citar algunos ejemplos Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite a lot of short story collections, tons of junk and a few gems sprinkled in to keep you interested There were three or four that redeemed this and almost makes me want to give three or four stars, but really like most of the zombie genre too much bad writing Schoolteacher story was amazing though, so won t sell this back just because of that one. Dan Simmons s This Year s Class PictureAs the intro story to The Living Dead, I came into this read with high expectations Dan places the reader into the life of a remarkably interesting woman, on a particularly important day An elderly school teacher, and potentially the last teacher on Earth, impressed me with her resolve to survive They say you have to keep your mind working or you ll lose it Well, she does so by maintaining her teaching routine with a full class of children zombies The school bell rings and she begins writing the day s schedule on the chalkboard so used to the gum smacking behind her that she is no longer terrified or even threatened by their presence I m giving this story 5 stars because it accomplished exactly what I wanted from the set up I slipped easily into the setting with his precise detail and fascinating scenario This clever woman found a way to fortify a school using a man made moat dosed with gasoline, a bulldozer to clear out the kill zone, and a video monitor system complete with spotlights and alarms Dan makes this believable by including a janitor that helped her and the local library This is a zombie story about her love for her class that goes beyond their deformity and shows her excellent character willing to keep going despite the hardship set before her This story is just the kind of vignette into survival that I like to see within the zombie genre.Kelly Link s Some Zombie Contingency PlansKelly writes an engaging story, with a guy people call Soap, who crashes a party, tells a girl about how he went to prison, has a flashback about crashing a museum party, and how he asks everyone what they would do if zombies came Interesting characters I m still trying to figure out what the deal is with the picture and if this is magical realism I did not get the ending I m curious what people think about the final action I felt like Kelly left me hanging without an explanation about what many of the elements of the story were there Stephen King s Home Delivery, I read a couplestories that were good, but not the five star quality I need for my Saturday Spotlight series Mr King s story came alive pun I guess intended through outstanding voice, dialogue, characterization, description, a setting that fits his standard Maine feel but also works for a unique zombie apocalypse scenario, and a character arc that I enjoyed Those are a lot of qualities to just list off, but it s what I need to really feel satisfied and not that I ve wasted my time reading Also, I like Horror, but I prefer happy endings At least this story offers some hope in such a bleak situation.The first thing that stood out about this story was the way Mr King uses dialogue to take you from reading a story to feeling like you can see and hear what they re saying Even though there is action and horror, there is still an emotional investment in the main character, who loves her husband and wants their baby to have some peace in a world turned upside down Her husband supported her by wanting her to feel she deserved the best kind of life I liked this line on page 240 More than a lobsterman is what I mean to be, andthan a lobsterman s wife is what I intend for you to be You re going to have a house on the mainland Yes, Jack And I m not going to have any friggin Chevrolet He drew in a deep breath and took her hands in his I m going to have an Oldsmobile Another way that Mr King made this story come alive was in his description of the zombies As a writer, I m constantly trying to grasp at straws to come up with descriptions that are not cliche, and which powerfully show what I imagine to be terrifying about zombies He has a lot of such descriptions, but one in particular was on page 244 women with their hair teased into dirt clogged beehives where worms and beetles still squirmed and crawled, their faces alternately vacuous and informed with a kind of calculating, idiotic intelligence Notice the movement in his description, of the beetles and worms squirming inside the women s hair, and how he aptly creates a living picture of them looking around you know the look like they re hungry, but they ll only know what for when they see it. Rather than write about all 34 stories in this collection, I ll write about my top five, in no particular order Followed by Will McIntosh is the best story in the collection It supposes a world in which the dead rise and instead of attacking the living, they follow them But the dead seek out and follow people who deserve it according to some sort of cosmic justice Theexorbitant your lifestyle, thezombies choose to follow you How the Day Runs Down by John Langan A zombie version of Our Town that tells, among other vignettes, the most harrowing tale in the book, of a suburban mom who isn t able to save her kids from the zombies Horrifying It reminds me a lot of the wealthy suburbanite section from World War Z, except that her story ended well Death and Suffrage by Dale Bailey A nice little political allegory along the lines of the Masters of Horror episode, Homecoming, in which veterans rise from the grave to vote out the incumbent government Closely related is Beautiful Stuff by Susan Palwick, but something about Bailey s story worked a bit better for me Dead Like Me by Adam Troy Castro tells a terrifying tale of pretending to be a zombie The Song the Zombie Sang by Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg weaves a futuristic tale in which a virtuoso musician is revived nightly in order to play his music for adoring fans A close second to this story, for me, is Malthusian s Zombie by Jeffrey Ford.Overall the collection is interesting, but an odd mix of a variety of different kinds of zombie stories There are several of the conventional Romero style tales There are several stories in the vein of Tales from the Crypt, where the zombies represent revenge or other limited actions Then there are a few that approach the issue of zombies from a philosophical or other angle A couple are zombie stories in the same way that Heat Death of the Universe is a science fiction story namely, tangentially. Spolier warning The subject matter of this collection of short stories is, of course, zombies Zombies of all flavors From Romero style hungry dead, to the classic Haitian voodoo , to metaphorical zombies such as couch potatoes and mindless consumers As far as anthologies go, I was pleasantly surprised Some of the writing was bad, most was good, and some was very, very good In particular, Some Zombie Contingency Plans by Kelly Link, Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead by Joe Hill, and Bitter Grounds by Neil Gaiman were three stand outs I truly enjoyed which don t feature actual zombies Never fear, there are plenty of stories with hordes of living dead trying to eat your genitals Yes, genitals It seems that eating brains isn t as fashionable as it used to be Probably because of the whole cholesterol thing.I m not an avid Clive Barker or Stephen King fan or a horror fan in general , but when you read their contributions you can see why they re so popular The polish and pacing on their stories is professional These guys are clearly good at what they do It s a pretty big collection, almost 500 pages, with some stories as short as 3 pages, and others upward of 30 There s bound to be a story in there for everyone. Some major duds in this collection but the few gems pushed this up to a 4 star read. Parts were very interesting, but it somehow didn t work for me Maybe it is the sheer volume of zombies in all their various formats, both as subject and as backdrop I made it through about a quarter of the book and gave it up No fault of the writers,an incompatibility between myself and zombies in short stories.