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Fifteen year old schoolboy Jake West and his best friend Ben Brooker have found an old chest in an attic Hidden inside is an intricately carved wooden box which houses a set of five mysterious stones When Jake passes his right hand over the crest on the top of the box it opens The stones suddenly erupt A bright beam of light shoots up to the sky and life will never be the same again The light is a portal to dangerous and mysterious worlds But in activating it when it was thought lost forever Jake has unwittingly revealed the continued existence and precise whereabouts of this secret weapon As well as that of it's new guardian Jake West is a ‘Keeper’ as were his ancestors before him Responsible for the stones’ ultimate protection and bestowed with the powers he needs to fulfil his destiny he will be hunted across worlds In desperate times against a seemingly invincible foe he will have to become than he ever thought possible for the future of our world and countless others is in his hands This is book one of a trilogy It is easy reading aimed at those who are 12

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you Mr Webb for offering up your storyJake West and his best friend Ben have all the enthusiasm and curiosity of any 15 year old boy One day while digging around in Jake’s grandfather’s attic Ben stumbles over a strange box buried in an old war trunk The opening of the box leads Jake to discover his destiny as the Keeper of the Stones As Keeper the box imbues Jake with powers beyond his imagination Powers that could help those in need or hurt them if it fell into the wrong hands Traveling via the box into an unfamiliar land Ben and Jake find themselves unwittingly thrust into a battle for the fate of a world Bound and determined to help the dethroned king rebuild his rebel army and rescue an impoverished land from an evil tyrants’ rule the two boys have a lot to discover about themselves and a world full of magicSounds like the great start to a wonderful story of magic and adventure Unfortunately the writing does not live up to the beauty of the pitch From the first page the writer’s style began to bug me Now while I may have adapted to the boys use of a strong British dialect over time if it had remained consistent it doesn’t As an American I’m not sure what dialect the author was originally going for but the phonetic misspellings of words just bothered me when shortly there after all traces of the dialect were gone Mr Webb does try to reintroduce it at times throughout the novel but there is no consistency to when or how it is used The boys themselves don’t always use it in their conversations even with each other I probably wouldn’t even have noticed this derivation if it wasn’t for the fact that Mr Webb introduces the idea the Rhuddan people have their own language He writes entire spells in an ancient version of this language that for all intents and purposes are gibberish to an English speaker reading them He introduces terminology specific to this world “They were all steadfastly loyal to their King and led brilliantly by their maverick Gerada the Ruddite word for General Knesh Corian” Which ignoring the strange use of a parenthetical when phrasing such as ‘The were all steadfastly loyal to their King and led brilliantly by their maverick Gerada Knesh Corian the Ruddite general’gives the same meaning continues the theme that there is another language in play here Yet upon Jake and Ben’s arrival both sides understand each other perfectly indicating a full understanding of the English language And while at times different characters from Rhuddan might uestion a collouialism used by either Jake or Ben neither of the boys are ever thrown by terminology used by their new friends in Rhuddan The author never gives us any explanation for how this is possible I’m fully accepting of the idea that this magic box gives Jake special powers and can imbue him with an understandinguse of this ancient language later in the book but that doesn’t explain how they all can understand each other to start off nor does it explain how Ben understands anything at all He has no connection to the box so even if it magically gave Jake the entirety of this new language to speak and understand Ben would have no such helpLanguage aside the author has done nothing to endear these characters to me Most of the book is told from what feels like a lecturing point of view Take for example Harry’s explanation to his grandson and Ben about the box’s history and Jake’s new role In seven pages we have maybe ten minor responses from the boys At one point during his rant Harry lights into the boys saying “I know you like to laugh at things when you can and that’s greatBut with these stones comes great responsibility Promise me you’ll take this seriously Jake?” Yet nowhere in the previous four paragraphs have we seen any reaction from the boys other than one brief line claiming Harry could see the fear growing in their eyes If that’s the case than why bring up the laughing? Either the boys are currently laughing and need to be brought back to the gravity of the situation or they’re the scared boys of the previous description Everything I’ve read from the few times I’m told the boys’ perspective has them taking things seriously Mr Webb manages to go on for paragraphs at times about seemingly inconseuential things I get page long treaties on the different types of warriors in King Vantrax’s army full of details about the strengths and weakness’ of each one all of which could be condensed to one or two lines each and I’d have gotten the key point that ultimately mattered Of all of it the only part I remember is that the serpent type warrior while having a very tough skin has a susceptible underbelly All of this extra information ultimately does nothing but bore me as the thing I lose is what these characters are feeling At times it’s even difficult to delineate what a character “thinks” vs what they actually say out loud Mr Webb will often in the middle of a conversation have a character think something marking it with ‘’ instead of with “” and using the word thought instead of said When I should be cheering and rooting for my characters instead I’m left with a great feeling of antipathy Let’s take them all individuallyHarry He’s supposed to be this loving grandfather except as previously stated he does nothing but lecture Jake in the short time we see him While I understand his reason for trying to hide the box having been through all of this before I want to see him cheering his grandson on I want him to be scared for his grandson sure but I want him trying in the little time he has to explain helping not lecturingKing Vantrax For this all powerful evil warlock king Vantrax comes across as a supremely whiny baby Everything is all screaming tantrums and pounding things Sure he zaps a few people to dust but for being the current winner of this war he knows nothing about strategy or leading an army I would have said the character was a manic depressive reading this One minute he’s in a towering rage and the next he’s accepting some bland excuse as a reason to not kill someone whose head he almost ripped off Nowhere in any description did I see the evil genius who could have pulled off this coup Sawdon If all the random rarrr’s and growls and such that pepper this writing aren’t annoying enough Sawdon has nothing interesting about his character He’s all “Hulk smash” without the charm of Bruce Banner There is no intelligent plotting or scheming to make up for his witless leader And to believe that someone who has failed this often and miserably has managed to basically win a war I find difficult to believeKing Artrex As the rightful king of this land I want to see someone who deserves that title Instead I’m given a king who’s lost all hope is barely able to think the battle is worth fighting any Yet his people still follow him after decades? This is a man who tells us that all of his victories are because of his fabulous Gerada Knesh Corian But when this man tells him that they should move their camp because they’ve been in one place too long and King Vantrax could spy them out he ignores him I’m not even given a strong relationship with his daughter Princess Zephany to grasp onto She’s been trained by Knesh he has the fatherly relationship with her When thinks do start to turn around and King Artrex is once again hopeful and a rightful leader his relationship with his daughter is fixed in a paragraph and she just goes along with it All contention is gone and they’re wonderful and have a great relationshipPrincess Zephany Here’s the character I expected to love She’s been trained to fight to lead to be the fearless warrior Yet she’s vulnerable wanting her father’s love and attention Instead as soon as our hero arrives and is discovered to be the Keeper she passes over all control and thought to him Immediately believing he’s the answer to their prayers I loved her skepticism and strength when she first meets the boys Taking them back to her father as prisoners I don’t want to watch her give all that up and to uickly become the only slight failure in a string of successes Hers is the only raid that goes even a little wrong She immediately forgives her father follows after Jake like a puppy and doesn’t uestion a thing I don’t mind her being intrigued by Jake and starting to fall for him but such uick capitulation is unworthy of the character she could beKneshVerastus Both these characters were the least offensive to me They suited their purpose within the story line well and are good support characters for both Ben and Jake Knesh arc was sad while fitting and I would normally be curious to see where Verastus’ story takes him Onto our two main boys Jake and Ben Before I get into the boys individually I want to say one thing about the two of them For two normal boys from Earth they certainly take all these strange fur and scale covered creatures on Rhuddan in stride Never once blinking at the strangeness of it all Nope this is just another day for them a walk in the parkJake He’s too perfect I want to see my hero struggle to overcome things to learn Instead with Jake I’m given a hero that goes from being a 15 year old boy one minute to a 30 year old man the next He doesn’t have to work for anything I’m fine with the box imbuing him with magical powers with suddenly having the ability to fight at an elite level to understand languages But to just as uickly be this amazing strategist leader and all out genius in a world where he doesn’t know the rules is too much To have every person he comes into contact with immediately jump to follow his every thought is beyond ridiculous I want to see a hero who’s fallible; someone who is gifted with great power but is learning as he goes Take a character like Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Percy is the son of a god and suddenly finds himself with all these incredible powers but he still a 15 year old boy He stumbles and makes mistakes and isn’t always sure of himself He grows as he learns and we love him for it Jake has nothing to learn He takes his new powers as his due and doesn’t uestion why everything works out for him It’s destiny he’s special That’s not good enough for me Ben By far my favorite character Ben at least is given a little bit of development and a little bit of real human emotion He’s scared at times and chooses to overcome it and be brave He’s loyal and would do anything for his friend He’s not perfect he doesn’t always do things right but he’s going to try Even his comedy is welcome lightening the mood Ben is the breath of fresh air in this book He’s the hero I wish Jake was He’s fallible He’s honest He’s loyal and true But then he’s given a few abilities that are unbelievable I’ve done sword fighting You don’t pick up a sword and immediately be able to kill someone even with the element of surprise I wouldn’t have minded his battle at the end if anywhere in the book he’d been attempting to learn He spent all this time with Knesh as a mentor with the army if he’d been attempting to train with them I would have loved his fight at the end He still wouldn’t have had to be great but there’d be some believability to him fighting trained soldiers Altogether he’s the only character that made this book even a little bearableIn the end the authors writing never matches the potential for this book I love the premise and the story is there The events as they unfold work Thus why this book gets 2 stars from me It’s not that there are a ton of grammatical errors there either It’s just that the writing itself is just plain BAD I can’t even trust my narrator Often I’m told on one page that a character has no abilities with a sword or something and on the next that same character is holding their own in a fight with trained soldiers There are so many redundant paragraphs and so much repeated information that the story is bogged down It doesn’t move along and I struggled to get through to the end The illogical parts of this book overwhelm the believable Something as simple as the fact that apparently in a county that you can cross in less than a day on foothorseback you can hide an entire army for decades Time and distance are not dealt with in a believable manner and to add that on top of a perfect hero just puts me off There’s no reason to read further In the blurb I was given for this book the author was compared to other young adultfantasy giants like CS Lewis JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling While he may share the same use of initials MJ Webb doesn’t even come close to their abilities with the written word The dexterity and incredible ability those authors have to bring their world to life for the reader to make you love and care about their characters is sadly lacking in this novel As much as I like knowing the end to a story I doubt I will read the rest of this series

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    ★★ The Keeper of the Stones by MJ WebbThis book was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion I liked the story Harry the grandfather was a caring man just doing what he thought best to protect his family Jake the grandson and his friend Ben were adventurous and had each others back I liked the boys little exploration in the attic rummaging through all the old stuffSo you thinking okay why the ★★ right? I had a hard time getting into this story Not that it's not likeable I just keep feeling like I've read it before I would just start stop start stop so I decided to give it a day or two and try again I started putting in some reviews and that's when it hit meview spoilerI put in a few reviews forone was on byStephen King So the I thought about it the disappointed I got There were way to many similarities between them First the main characters a 15yo who's the last keeper of the stones vs a 14yo who's the last gunslinger Both have the weight of the world on their shoulders and man kinds life in their hands We also have multiple planes of existence in both as well as bright light beams used to plane jump We have a 15yo Jake vs an 8yo Jake And then we have traveling through a mine where one gets forced to sleep for 4 years and the other for 10 years Watch out because we also have an evil wizard vs an evil magician too The destinations The Tower vs The Dark Tower These are just a few connections I made All this lead to confusionI could have lived without the Kingbrother side story This seemed drawn out to me One was good one was bad they clashed and we still have bad This almost seemed like page filler hide spoiler

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    A review by Adrian my 13 year old son so I guess the target marketThis is a very good book that i am sure to reccomend to all my friends which is not something i do often The plot is very engaging and will make you want to buy the seuel as soon as you have finished the first book The characters are also very easy to connect with as they are just normal kids thrown into a very abnormal situation Overall this is a good book that has the potential to become a bestselling hit like artemis fowl HIVE skullduggery Pleasant and The wardstone chronicles 2 of which i read and identified as bestsellers before they were massive hits Overall i know a good book when i read one and this is nothing short of a good book

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    Jake West Book OneAuthor Webb knows his dialogue and uses it wisely and well Literally from the very first sentence I could hear the characters speaking in my mind’s ear and because Mr Webb chooses to begin the novel with dialogue the reader is immediately hooked into the setting the plot line and into empathy elicited for the characters Jake and his best buddy Ben are delightful boys much respectful of the older generations than many these days and neither is afraid to be open about emotions such as Jake’s for his late grandmother whom he never knew The characters are simultaneously very much three dimensional and realistically true to lifeMr Webb also excels at descriptive setting and at plotting Although I’ve not lived any similar situations I felt as if I was a present observer in all of the scenes because the setting is so clearly delineated When it comes to plotting Mr Webb keeps that reader’s hook fastened firmly and speeds along the plot line so the reader neither wants to jump off this express nor is able to turn aside from the storyThis one’s for all those kids and adults too who’ve always yearned to discover that their heritage is much exotic and amazing than they’ve been told; for the young girls who’ve always wanted to be princesses; for the young boys and men who dream of the Age of Chivalry For all of us who wish that life meant than it usually does M J Webb’s Jake West Keeper of the Stones is the book to dream by and hope

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    This is the first installment of an epic fantasy tale that vibrates with the influences of Tolkien whilst developing its own identity characters and worlds The story sucks you in from the start as you explore Harry's attic with Jake his grandson and his best friend Ben where they discover an ancient box that contains five powerful stones which being the curious teenagers they are they open and trigger a series of events that take them and you on an incredible journey to another world and brings that other world to our own Webb has created a world with just enough echoes of Middle Earth to pay homage to the origins of this genre and keep the reader in mildly familiar territory and enough originality and uniue attributes to keep you guessing The races found in this other world are vivd in their appearances and cultures with characters that suit each perfectly Jake and Ben's relationship is brilliantly balanced and written with a familiarity that all readers will be able to connect with unless you were raised in complete isolation but even then you should still enjoy it and it adds a certain lightness and realism to the story that will bring a smile to your face even in the most dire circumstances and I should warn you there are one or twoMy only minor and very personal gripe is the inner monologues that appear every so often which came across detailed than necessary although it could just be that I speak to myself in a abnormally simplistic manner This is only a small gripe and one that doesn't detract from the superb story and vivid worlds that Webb has created Can't wait to get stuck into the next installment

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    I was provided with an ARC of this book from the author in return for my honest review Thanks MJ Jake and Ben had no idea what they had in store for them when they found the ornately carved box in Jake's grandfather's attic Jake learns that there is to his grandfather than he ever knew and a great destiny and powers in store for him; greater than he could have ever imagined He and Ben find themselves stranded in Estia a different world completely one which is struggling in the middle of a war between good and evil Jake must learn to control his newly bestowed gifts and join the right side of the war if he wants to surviveAs soon as I read the description for this book I got excited Two unlikely heros? Check Strange new powers and an exciting new world? Check A rip roaring action adventure fantasy with intriguing character? Double Check So I was overjoyed when I was able to obtain a copy This book was excellent beyond my expectations The writing was really good; it was very descriptive of pretty much everything so I really got a feel for the various aspects of Estia The character were exciting and fun and really easy to relate to them Even though they were experiancing conflicts that I have never experianced the author brought them down to a empathetic level where the everyday person could relate to them easily And of course the story was very interesting and action packed which is always a plus This was a very enjoyable fun read which I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genrePs Princess Zephany is a kick ass drop dead awesome character Zephany lotsa love 3

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    Jake West The Keeper of the Stones by MJ WebbI received a copy of this to reviewThere were many elements of this novel which I enjoyed I thought the storyline was great Especially the box and the stones It was simple and believable and the author gave enough history of the box to create the right amount of mystery and importance Actually I thought the plot was flawless What really sold me on this was the explanation for Jake’s abilities There are so many books based around powers and fighting skills available at the moment but this ranks as one of my favourite reasons behind the main character’s capabilities The world and its history was clearly explained the setting was visual and I thought the suspense was well builtI was told this book was for 12 and I admit to being surprised about this as I continued through the book I felt the age for this should be a little older maybe 14 15 Just because of the amount of detail in the book and the strange names Also the vocabulary was uite advanced in places There was at times a lot of information to take in especially when the setting was changed Perhaps this could have been spread out throughout the book or simplifiedI had a few uibbles with the dialogue I was fifteen not so long ago and the way Ben and Jake talked felt a bit old to me The characters from the other world could get away with it because they were ‘otherworldly’This book has plot twists humour and I’m looking forward to the next instalment The ending definitely took me by surprise

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    This book has a great message To me it's about following your destiny against all odds I will not compare MJ Webb's writing style to anyone's simply because it is his own very uniue style just like any author has their own style I always go into reading a book with an open mind throughout not expecting anything I found this book to be true honest and relatable characters the book was very character driven and began very gradual and well thought out Jake West the protagonist who is a typical teen is suddenly thrust into a wealth of responsibility Harboring these precious stones reveals a philosophy within the plot of the story that things that seem so insignificant like when Jake and his friend are going through the old attic should not be taken for granted that even the most seemingly insignificant things have a story to tell a story that connects us all to one another

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    I bought this book that I bought for my daughter and ended up reading myself first My daughter like it as wellAn ordinary day Ben is generally hanging around in Jake’s grandfather’s attic when he finds a mysterious box hidden in a trunk The trunk holds key to unimaginable powers that Jake inherits as the Keeper of the Stones This starts an unforgettable journey for Jake and Ben as they find themselves in magical situations that are very demanding physically and mentallyMr Webb has built a whole new world with this book that should to be explored by the readers of Fantasy Fiction This is a book that teenagers would love

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    Not fair to rate my own book but 32 ratings on couk and most are five star so I've taken the liberty of posting for one of those