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The Hollow Kingdom By Clare B Dunkle The Hollow Kingdom Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers In Nineteenth Century England, A Powerful Sorcerer And King OfThe Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Wikipedia The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Is A Fantasy Trilogy Written By Clare B Dunkle The Series Includes The Hollow Kingdom, Close Kin, In The Coils Of The Snake And A Number Of Short Stories Published On Dunkle S Official Website The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Tous Les Produits Fnac The Goblin King S Face Lit Up With Amusement Seylin Was Proposing Marriage To You, He Cried, And You Wanted Him To Change Into A Cat A Thrilling And Magical Sequel To The Hollow Kingdom For Years Emily Has Been Living The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Book I The Hollow The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, Book I The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Tome , The Hollow Kingdom, Clare B Dunkle, Henry Holt And Co BYR Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction The Hollow Kingdom, Hollow Kingdom Trilogy BrochThe Hollow Kingdom, Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De RductionThe Hollow Kingdom Clare B Dunkle Livres Not Retrouvez The Hollow Kingdom Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Hollow Kingdom EBook De Edna Fernandes Kobo The Hollow Kingdom EBook De Edna Fernandes Kobo Hollow Kingdom By Kira Jane Buxton Goodreads Hollow Kingdom Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers One Pet Crow Fights To Save Humanity From An Apocalypse In This UniThe Hollow Kingdom Book I The The Hollow Kingdom, The First Book In Clare Dunkle S Acclaimed Fantasy Trilogy, Will Transport Readers Into A Magical Realm That Newbery Award Winner Lloyd Alexander Calls As Persuasive As It Is Remarkable Clare B Dunkle S The Hollow Kingdom Clare Dunkle, Author Of Folklore Fantasy And Science Fiction Novels For YA And Middle Grade Readers, Gives Advice On Writing Novels And Short Stories

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    This book is exactly the type of fairy tale that I love the most Now, I know that I have been outspoken in the past about my dislike of fantasies featuring caveman, bad boy type hero characters However, I think that I know and respect dozens of women who melt in the presence of these guys Do I look down on my friends for their fantasy preferences Absolutely not, because guess what We all have a fantasy weakness We all have that certain fairy tale that bypasses every logical part of our brains and just makes us feel giddy and excited So, you can safely assume that mine is decidedly not the perfect specimen, territorial, alpha male This book keys into the fairy tale that s always turned me into a puddle of goo He s ugly but only on the outside, of course , a bit ruthless, desperate, smart, and he has one hell of a library Except that in this book, he s comfortable in his own skin, and he doesn t turn into a foppish, effeminate prince in the end which is what I always wished would happen This book is not going to go down in history as one of the greatest works of all time, but I can feasibly see myself re reading it whenever I need a bit of comfort It s like the literary equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich I was completely drawn in by the prologue, and by the time the intelligent, practical, and resourceful heroine Kate and her plucky little sister Emily run into the Goblin King Marak I knew that this would become a favorite of mine Marak is the ruler of a colorful, dangerous race of goblins, dwarves, and elves who live within Hollow Hill It is a long and traditional practice for the Goblin King to steal a human or elf bride and imprison her underground until the next King is born and his people are secure When Kate inherits Hollow Hill after her father s death, she and her sister become the wards of two elderly great aunts and a shady, pretentious cousin Kate and her sister soon catch the eye of the Goblin King, but Kate is revolted and determined to escape his grasp at all costs.As Kate and Marak engage in a battle of wills and wits, this book actually began to remind me of Pride and Prejudice These two characters have a lot of preconceived notions and ideas about each other, and their verbal sparring is charged and exhilarating Here is one of my favorite scenes Indeed it is, Kate, Marak agreed It s time to plan your revenge Goblins just adore revenge He grinned Do you have anything in mind Kate was taken aback Revenge is wrong, she told him solemnly Vengeance belongs to God The goblin put his head to one side and watched her through narrowed eyes You won t even give God a little help he asked softly Kate is independent and powerful, but not unrealistically so She s a proper Englishwoman who reacts in realistic ways to her surroundings and the hideous goblin court And by the end of this book, she fits the specs for all of my favorite female heroines she s determined, powerful, a bit merciless and bloodthirsty, and she has a sword plus the most entertaining magical charm around.My only thirty year old woman type gripe is that this book, despite being what I would class as a romance novel, is clean enough to give to a ten year old Which is actually great for when my daughters get a bit older, but the lack of anything even mildly suggestive felt like a big gaping omission to me.Perfect Musical PairingJoshua Radin The Fear You Won t FallThis sugary sweet song is not something that I like to listen to all the time, but it s a definite comfort food song for me This is a song about falling harder than you thought you could for someone, who may or may not love you back.Also seen on The Readventurer.

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    This is a wonderful, different kind of YA fantasy, set in Victorian times in England It takes the old trope goblin kings kidnap beautiful girls, marry them and they never see the light of day again and twists it Goblins are lovable even if ugly and, um, prone to kidnapping women for their wives You don t need to marry a handsome prince And it s done in a way that s honest and appealing the story has a great sense of humor but doesn t pull any punches.Kate, the main character who becomes the object of the goblin king s attention, is one of my favorite young woman protagonists ever brave, resourceful, caring and intelligent She does an amazing job of battling for her freedom and her rights against both her guardian, who s supposed to protect her but doesn t, and the goblins The goblin king, Marak, accomplishes the almost impossible task of making me believe he s worthy of falling in love with, when he s got several major strikes against him Girls may swoon when they see him, but it s because his face causes horror rather than ecstasy, and he s often brutal and pitiless But he s also highly intelligent and considerate when it doesn t interfere with his duties as goblin king He has a great, resonant voice and a sense of humor, and is a natural leader I thought the author was quite brave to even attempt this relationship, and she pulls it off amazingly well.My only real beef with this book is view spoiler I really wanted to read about how Kate and Marak s relationship grew from grudging respect on Kate s part to love For some reason Clare Dunkle chose to take about a year and a half leap forward in time, totally skipping over that part of the story So if you read books for the tender kissing moments, you ll be disappointed There s almost none of that hide spoiler

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    I ll post a fuller review later, but my immediate thoughts are I m honestly not sure how to rate this My experience of reading this book would get it five stars I loved the writing, the setting s , the characters, and the magic I loved the words and sentences so much that I couldn t read quickly I had to savor everything about how it s put together It s both charming and clever, and all of the characters show a spunk and ingenuity that just delighted me and constantly surprised me I wanted to read this aloud to everyone on the train I really enjoyed reading it So what s the problem Well, this is a love story A love story about a girl who is chosen by the Goblin King to be his next wife Not because he knows anything much about her, mind you, but basically because she happens to be the only girl of age living in his territory And she is given no choice in the matter There are some feeble reasons offered as to why Goblin Kings all have to have unwilling brides, but they don t hold much water The wives of Goblin Kings are never allowed to see their families again they are also never let above ground again, but must spend the rest of their lives in the goblin caverns Again, there seems to be no particularly good reason for this, as the goblins themselves seem to go above ground at will, and there are plenty of spells available to prevent the Wife from running away It s just cruelty And to amplify the problem, we all live in a real world where Boko Haram stole nearly 300 girls last year girls who have been forced into marriage with men who apparently can t get wives any other way girls who despite the best rescue efforts by Nigeria and its allies may never be found and may never see their families again A real world where every year I read in the paper about men who have grabbed young girls and women off the streets in the USA and kept those women hostage as sex slaves in their basements, or in their backyards In a world like this, the captive wife love story strikes me as a little too real, and absolutely appalling Granted that the book was published ten years ago, but the author herself points out in the text that this stuff has happened to women and girls throughout all of history And IMO, there is no way to put a good spin on this kind of horrible story Maybe some of these guys treat their female slaves decently aside from the whole slavery thing But I do not think women should fall in love with these creeps It s just not romantic at all to me So this book was a really great read five stars , with a really terrible message negative stars I enjoyed it but at the same time, it s made me incredibly angry There is no way I could recommend this story to anyone in its target age group It s too confusing And I for one don t want any girls I know even entertaining the idea that guys like this might be lovable Barf.

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    Bumping it up to 5 stars, because I ve read this YA fantasy again and again Each time I like it She couldn t move or speak, though she was vaguely aware the ugly creature was watching her with concern From page one, I was captivated by this award winning fantasy, written for adolescents With only a few hugs and kisses, it is unexceptional, but beware the creepy dark magic in the last chapters, where view spoiler an evil sorcerer mutilates animals and even people ugh hide spoiler

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    There are books that I don t like, but very few of them do I hate Not only did I hate this book, I hated it with such a fiery passion, I m surprised the pages didn t erupt into flames.It started off with so much potential, which is what got me hooked at first I loved Kate, because she started off as a strong, well rounded character She could be lady like, and she had fear, but at the same time she didn t let her fear paralyze her I loved how at first she stubbornly refused to marry the awful goblin king even to the point of bashing her head against a tree to knock herself unconcious I even respected her for agreeing to marry him if he released her sister when she thought he kidnapped her, because I assumed she would find a way to get out of her promise an issue I ll complain about later.Obviously, that wasn t the case.I read a couple reviews to understand why people could like the monstrosity of a story, and many people said this was a beauty and the beast type of tale Ok, fine But I felt that Marak could have been drop dead handsome, and I still would have hated his guts People misinterpreted his attempts to keep Kate safe and his willingness to help her save Em as love for Kate No, it wasn t out of love, it was because he was willing to do anything to get her to marry him so she could have his baby Ok, so maybe he fell in love with her, but the whole reason he needed her was to produce a male heir Please excuse me while I roll my feminist eyes Now, I m all for the idea of hating someone at first, then falling in love with them I ve seen and read Pride and Prejudice times than I can remember But I truly believe the only reason Kate grew to accept her new life and love her husband and baby is all a result of Stockholm Syndrome Since the author made it impossible for Kate to find an out in her new life, whether it be by means of esacpe or any kind of death, obviously Kate wasn t going to spend the rest of her life resenting her husband even though she fucking should have The whole basis of their relationship was for her to be a captured bride baby mamma against her will.Which is why the fact that they all that talk about how she chose this life, because she agreed to marry him if he helped her sister was complete and utter bullshit She was playing the roll of a dutiful older sister Of course she would agree to do anything to help save Em Besides, if Em hadn t been kidnapped, Marak would have captured Kate anyway In fact, he came damn well close to doing so, and would have succeeded if she hadn t fought him loudly enough for her gaurdian to hear the struggle I can t lie, I skimmed over all that crap at the end with the sorcerer, because I was so mad at that point that it was actually PAINFULL for me to continue reading this book I can t believe that people call this a romance It s not a romance, it s a horror story A horror story that glorifies kidnapping, and abuse

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    I well The beginning is creepy in a good way The end is creepy in a bad way.The beginning has a sense of danger from a goblin menace The end is some sort of apologia for rape, abduction, and Stockholm Syndrome.This book just kinda grosses me out.

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    If you had asked me just last year, I would have told you I didn t have a favorite fairy tale I grew up hating Snow White and while I adored nearly every Cinderella movie re telling I d seen, the original story was not among my favorites at all As a child, I never actually saw Beauty and the Beast or read the book, until one fated French class when we saw an old black and white version of it in French Granted, I didn t understand everything that was said as it was only my second year of French, but I fell in love with the atmosphere and the very idea of the tale of finding beauty where other people could not Needless to say, what makes The Hollow Kingdom such a successful re telling of Beauty and the Beast is its ability to perfectly capture that very same atmosphere I so fell in love with years ago For me, the joy of a re told story lies not in its similarities to the original, but rather in its differences As such, The Hollow Kingdom pleasantly surprised me by being a tale, not of a love that could transform a hideous beast into a beautiful prince, but rather one of a love that could look beyond a monstrous exterior to the beauty that lay within.When The Hollow Kingdom begins, it reads much like a Gothic mystery Hallow Hill, the countryside residence where Kate and her younger sister, Emily, have recently moved to is a place with a dangerous past, one where young girls vanish, never to be seen again One night, when Kate and Emily lose their way back home, they come upon an encampment of gypsies who help lead them home Yet, these nighttime travelers are no gypsies, but goblins, who have lived under Hallow Hill for centuries And now, it is time for their powerful king, Marak, to marry Very quickly, Marak decides on headstrong and stubborn Kate to become his bride, but exacting her acceptance to his proposal is far harder than he imagines From the moment you read the first page of The Hollow Kingdom, it is virtually impossible to set the book down Everything about it, from its dark atmosphere to its witty banter, will keep you flipping the pages frantically Kate is the type of heroine we all love strong, intelligent, and quick to avoid traps that most protagonists would have fallen for due to naivete Not only does she fight fiercely against Marak s advances, but she even turns the tables on him during than one occasion Emily, her younger sister, is no less compelling, charming us with her inquisitive nature and deep attachment for her older sister It is Marak who comes across as murky, indefinite, and hard to figure out Although Marak desperately needs Kate to become his bride and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to take her underground with him it becomes obvious that he grudgingly respects Kate As he patiently deals with the curious nature of Emily, answering her questions about his magical world, it becomes evident that whatever Marak s plans are, hurting Kate isn t one of them Further, despite his sarcastic and rather rude nature, he cares deeply for his subjects and something about him ceases to be annoying and begins to become endearing We know that Marak is supposed to be the villain of this tale, but gradually, it becomes impossible for our hearts not to thaw towards him.Moreover, Marak sees Kate for who she really is, not simply a beautiful girl who can continue his lineage and not as a weak willed lady who babbles about nonsensical creatures either As such, he respects and even comes to love the very qualities that make her such a burden to her guardians Although both Kate and Marak are fiercely stubborn a trait which seems to cause them both nothing but irritation during their first few meetings it is this same quality that later binds them close to one another All in all, the love story in this novel is flawlessly executed, all side by side with descriptive prose and rich world building Nevertheless, while The Hollow Kingdom had me completely besotted with it, I couldn t help but be rather disappointed by the end In retrospect, it isn t a huge qualm at all, but one of the ending plot threads, built to make Kate realize the extent of her affection for Marak, was not one I particularly enjoyed I felt as though the same idea could have been built in a much poignant manner and this particular scene seemed to be thrown in to rush the inevitable ending for these two characters Additionally, the writing leads you to believe that kisses lead to babies, probably because it is written for a MG audience While I don t so much mind the latter issue, I was expecting of a slow burn romance till the end rather than a sudden twist into adventure Yet, let me re assure you, The Hollow Kingdom is amazing A re imagined tale of Beauty and the Beast where the beast never turns into a handsome prince is a rare and wonderful thing to come by, so don t let this one slip by your hands Even if you can t find yourself falling for an ugly goblin, Dunkle will ensure that you do and, believe me, you won t want to leave this underground world, even for just a glimpse of the stars.You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.

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    I really wanted to like this book and everything I read for the first 100 pages convinced me that I would Unfortunately the story never developed into anything than a case study on Stockholm syndrome Kate was a strong protagonist, bright and courageous and Marak was terrifying as the villainous Goblin King I was honestly scared during his scenes with Kate Marak was a true monster, unpredictable and inhuman He laughed at Kate s fear and toyed with her until finally winning her surrender This is where the story completely fell apart for me Once Kate is forced into marriage to Marak I expected there to be some kind of reason for her to fall in love with him other than the fact that they were now husband and wife He is ,after all, still her kidnapper and rapist along with being her husband I think it is very possible to have a captive falls in love with captor story line Robin McKinley did it beautifully in the The Blue Sword What is key to having this story line work is for the kidnapper villain to show some remorse, some kind of sympathy, regret, or understand for the horrible crime that he has committed, for all that he has stolen from his captive Maybe even expressing anger at being forced to become a thief Marak never once expresses any real compassion or regret for his actions And, although Marak does at one point explain that his bride must be human, there is no real reason for him to steal her other than expediency His position is that eventually Kate will come to terms with the fact that there is no escape He expresses no concern for whether or not she will be happy or will ever love him.I started this book with hope for love and ended up hating the book, hating Marak, and hating Kate s helpless and hopelessness.

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    This book THIS BOOK You know those books that come along every once in a while that you utterly fall in love with to the point of hugging them THIS BOOK The last occasion I can pinpoint such a reaction was my reading of Howl s Moving Castle, so yes, this is BIG NEWS There s just something about Clare B Dunkle s writing that is simultaneously starkly real and utterly charming it hits the heart in ways that so few books have the power to do, no matter how wonderful their stories may be In fact, I knew after one paragraph this was going to be among my favorite books She had never screamed before, not when she overturned the rowboat and almost drowned, not when the ivy broke and she crashed into the shrubbery below, not even when Lightfoot bucked her off and she felt her leg break underneath her with an agonizing crunch She hadn t even known that she could Screaming was Lizzy s job, and Lizzy was terribly good at it But now she screamed, long and loud, with all her breath.And that s just the prologue In fact, the particular characters involved in that paragraph aren t even living by the time The Hollow Kingdom truly gets started, and yet I knew this book would speak to my heart.At its core, The Hollow Kingdom is a retelling of one of my favorite tales Beauty and the Beast It has all of the bare bone elements of that story that we are familiar with, and yet somehow becomes its own fully fledged tale of perseverance, love, and feminism Yes, it is a small book at 240 pages aimed toward Middle Grade readers, but like my beloved Frances Hardinge, Clare B Dunkle writes for an ageless audience, bringing a maturity and depth to the pages that will be appreciated by countless readers.What struck me about this Beauty and the Beast retelling is that it s not about our Beauty Kate being locked away with the Beast Marak, the goblin King and slowly falling for him as he inevitably returns to a handsome state of being It is about Kate s persistent resistance to Marak s propositions, and slow realization that monsters can wear human faces as well as kind souls can be hidden behind terrible features Kate is a character who refuses to be robbed of her free will, even as those around her attempt to make her decisions for her, while Marak is a creature who remains as inhumanly ugly as he is inhumanly rude, but whose honesty and care for his people earns our love regardless.Kate is innocent, but she is not stupid an important distinction that is too often blurred in young people In her world, it is easy to assume that those meant to protect you will, and that those ugly things that come to steal you at night are foul and loathsome but she doesn t let herself be taken in by either As the guardians of Kate and her little sister Emily slowly back her into a corner she begins to utilize the hard lessons of humanity, knowing that lies can save her where truth cannot.Marak, however, never lies The goblin King is honest and frank to a point of frightening Kate with the situation he intends to force her to, but he also withholds information from her when she chooses to assume the worst of his kingdom Marak s frank conversations with the inquisitive and fearless Emily mark our ability to fall for him, knowing that he would never hurt Kate I find myself disturbed that this was a book where I actively wanted the girl to end up with the stalkery guy who wanted to steal her away from everything, but I am so happy that nothing ever turns out quite as you might expect it to.Marak sees Kate for who she is, not merely for the beauty she displays on the surface, and in time she does the same for him While the human world is decrying Kate for her weak nerves she is bashing about proving quite the opposite Both Kate and Marak are outrageously stubborn, the qualities they share being those that initially drive the biggest wedge between them, and later bind them oh so tight Marak s protectiveness for Kate comes with a disturbing price, but a weaker character on either of their parts would spell defeat for all.I love the fact that in a story where a King s wife can never be called a Queen, it is still the King s wife who proves most important to the kingdom The Hollow Kingdom is a book that reflects acute grief and homesickness, joy and wonder, and also the inevitable mixing of the two In the end Marak has never lied to Kate, and never been wrong in all of the cruel things he has predicted for her fate, and yet those days of tears and darkness pale to nothing in the light of love.Original review posted at Bunbury in the Stacks.

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    Although I may have liked this book in my youth, as an adult I found it rather repellent.A young woman is coerced into marrying the Goblin King, Lord of the Hollow Kingdom This book is unfortunately one of those cases where the two main characters start off hating one another or rather, the young woman starts off hating the male protagonist , but eventually fall in love What probably incensed me than anything is that the male character virtually slings the female character over his shoulder and takes her underground where she is to live FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE No choice, no hope of ever leaving What really kills me is that the main character loves stargazing a passion that gets utterly taken away from her when she is forced underground.What I m trying to get across is that this is another example of a story where a young woman gets virtually everything taken away from her her passions, her freedom, everything but through Stockholm Syndrome or sheer stupidity, I m not sure she forgives it all in the name of love and becomes a supremely contented Stepford Wife Argh.