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Underneath the steps leading down to Eric's basement is a hidden storage space It's dusty and old nothing special at all But when Eric Julie and Neal all huddle inside the gray room together something unbelievable happens A glittering light and then a rainbow colored staircase appear And as the kids take their very first step down into the mysterious land of Droon they know that only magic and adventure await them

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    The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet The Secrets of Droon #1 Tony Abbott Tim Jessell IllustratorSomething under the stairsis magic For Julie Eric and Neal an enchanted staircase in Eric's basement is the portal to their first adventure in the fantastical and troubled land of Droonتاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه می سال 2006 میلادیعنوان رازهای دنیای دورن جلد 01 پله های مخفی و قالیچه جادویی؛ نویسنده تونی ابوت ابت؛ تصویرگر تیم جسل؛ مترجم پریسا همایون روز؛ تهران، قدیانی، بنفشه، 1384؛ در 72 ص، مصور؛ شابک 9644178688؛؛ موضوع داستانهای تخیلی از نویسندگان قرن 20 ما شربیانی

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    Someone was selling a lot of 12 middle grade books on Facebook for 5 How could I refuse? Some I wanted some I didn't Some I already had and some I had never heard of This one falls into the last category But it was only 80 pages so I figured I would give it a shot I just read it in about 45 minutes It was pretty cute and fun and made me so excited for the future where I can read books like this to my daughters before bed I will have to remember this series and come back to it in a few years when they are older I'm not sure what the best age is for this book 8? My oldest is only 3 😕

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    For all the hype I heard on this series I was a bit disappointed The book is a second grade reading level give or take depending on the child with a kindergarten story line It focuses on 3 children who are suppose to be cleaning out a basement and learn that the closet under the stairs is a gateway to another world called Droon They enter Droon save a princess and go home End of story The overall concept for this series seemed to have potential but I feel the author could have done a better job and added to it for the older children or shortened it and kept it a young children's book Just my opinion mind you

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    I must admit I was leary of starting this book It is hard to imagine starting a new series with over 40 books in it that was started 16 years ago I feared loving the book and being hooked for the whole series And as much as I love most of Tony Abbott's books that I have read I also feared not liking it and being disappointed With mixed feelings I must say it is the first I now have a much bigger to read pile thanks to venturing into the world of DroonI find I go through spurts reading middle grade young adult and non fiction almost alternately I am really glad I picked up this book My oldest two children are just at the point where they can read these books to me It has been really fun going back and reading some of Tony Abbott's earlier works now that they are showing up in ebook formats This book though simple was very enjoyable and I know my children will love it And the benefit is that being part of a finished series they will not have to wait for new books to come outThis is an interesting fantasy story For when Julie Neal and Eric are cleaning the basement they discover that when the door under the stairs is closed a set of steps appear leading down those steps lead to another realm the realm of Droon They soon realize that Droon is a place in turmoil and after encountering red shiny men flying lizards And angry wizard named Sparr and some other fantastical creatures and a princess that needs their help And much Overall a great little readThis was the 16th book by Tony Aboott that I have read out of his 100 published It was a fun read and I look forward to where the series will go next So give it a try and see you just might fall in love with Droon alsoRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More with links to reviews of other books by Tony As well as an author profile and interview with Tony Abbott

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    Rated by my daughter

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    I read this series when I was a first grader and thought it was great I still have most of the books

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    Early chapter books aren’t my specialty I don’t read them often but my son was in need of a new series so I read the first book of The Secrets of Droon I was impressed The story was very simplistic of course but what takes me twenty minutes to breeze through takes him several hours That’s enough time for a child to be thoroughly immersed in a magical adventureEric Hinkle and his friends Neil and Julie are regular soccer playing kids who stumble onto a stairway that leads to Droon But Droon is an unhappy land terrorized by the evil Lord Sparr Princess Keeah charges Eric with delivering an important message to Galen Longbeard the five hundred year old wizard Shortly after she’s captured by Ninns Lord Sparr’s red fat faced minnions who ride groggles flying lizards Even worse Lord Sparr is close to finding the first of Three Powers that would give him dominion over the whole world It’s up to Eric and friends to set things rightThis is a well done story for only eighty pages of large type Sentences and chapters are short and manageable Words and names are mostly phonetic easy to sound out like “Sparr” and “Zorfendorf” It does include some challenging vocabulary words like “invisible” and “petrified” but I like to see a few stretchers I’d call it an easy third grade read and a real kid pleaser And there are FORTY books in this series to keep them reading

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    'To Droon' they cheered I agree This is a fun little chapter book which will appeal to grades 2 4 and maybe even early grade 1 readers A little Chronicles of Narnia a dash of Lord of the Rings and a pinch of Harry Potter wrapped in short chapters and age appropriate language round out the recipe for The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet the first book in The Secrets of Droon Series Follow Eric and his friends down a secret staircase hidden in his basement to the land of Droon filled strange creatures an evil wizard and a powerful princess CIP Summary None From the back of the book Eric Julie and Neal have just found something magic in Eric's basement They have discovered a staircase to another worldFrom Booklist OnlineThe story is full of otherworldly creatures and strange magic Wyman’s careful finely paced reading allows young listeners to absorb the strange creatures and the magic He wisely differentiates his tones slightly so kids can distinguish between heroes and villains As well Wyman’s skillful narration builds suspense The recording begins and ends with music

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    This series was my first foray into fantasy books in second grade I remember reading one or two a day and passing them on to my fellow blossoming readers in my class For a fantasy loving imaginative seven year old there was nothing better than sitting down on the couch after school with the latest book in the Secrets of Droon series For a children's' series it was fun to read I'd recommend it to any parent looking to get their young kids into reading 6 10 years old depending on reading level When I out grew this series there was about 20 or so books published so I never finished the series

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    My grandson who is an almost 7 first grader loves this series I thought I should read at least one so I'd know the main characters and the basic plot This book is a fairly standard secret world adventure story where the good guys are really good the bad guys are pure evil and the children save the day While it did not do much for me I see why a 6 or 7 year old would really love this fast moving story