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DISCOVER The BESTSELLING DYSTOPIAN NOVEL Behind The AWARD WINNING TV SERIES In This Tie In Edition Introduced By Margaret AtwoodI Believe In The Resistance As I Believe There Can Be No Light Without Shadow Or Rather, No Shadow Unless There Is Also Light Offred Is A Handmaid In The Republic Of Gilead, A Religious Totalitarian State In What Was Formerly Known As The United States She Is Placed In The Household Of The Commander, Fred Waterford Her Assigned Name, Offred, Means Of Fred She Has Only One Function To Breed If Offred Refuses To Enter Into Sexual Servitude To Repopulate A Devastated World, She Will Be Hanged Yet Even A Repressive State Cannot Eradicate Hope And Desire As She Recalls Her Pre Revolution Life In Flashbacks, Offred Must Navigate Through The Terrifying Landscape Of Torture And Persecution In The Present Day, And Between Two Men Upon Which Her Future HangsMasterfully Conceived And Executed, This Haunting Vision Of The Future Places Margaret Atwood At The Forefront Of Dystopian Fiction As Relevant Today As It Was When Atwood Wrote It No Television Event Has Hit Such A Nerve Guardian PRE ORDER THE TESTAMENTS, THE SEQUEL TO THE HANDMAID S TALE, TODAY

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    What an incredible book Somewhat unbelievable in some ways, but very much believable as it could happen, in the worst scenario ever look at what s happening today It could be reality, it could be women s worst nightmare I haven t seen the TV programme, only read the original book, so no idea how the writer s have progressed this story for TV It left a mark on me, it opens your mind as to how women have been treated over time and how we are considered a lesser person vs men Disturbing book, but very thought provoking Very.

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    Not my usual read But read on the recommendation of a friend Don t expect the script of the TV series the book is much much better.Margaret Atwood uses words to spin a tale in which you get entangled I really didn t want to put it down, even though I watched it on TV and knew the story I would and have recommended this book to friends not as a vintage classic but as a must read classic

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    This book is amazing It has been my favourite novel for fifteen years since I read it for A Level I m now an English teacher and every year I buy copies than I d like to admit to give to students It is, in my opinion, the perfect dystopian novel fiction that s just close enough to reality to scare the living daylights out of you.

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    This book was recommended to me by many women and was listed in several Must reads for women I had great expectations and yet this is one of the very few books, which I just couldn t finish no matter how hard I tried I have never read something stupid and degrading to women maybe only comparable to 50 shades of grey in shallowness Writing style well with all my respect to the famous Ms Atwood, it is strained and presumptuous, and the narration is slow and boring.

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    I read the poor reviews and the good ones I watched the series Both book and tv adaptation, in my opinion, are fantastic The book is a very descriptive narrative of a nightmare society I loved the descriptions so eloquently written by the author I would not hesitate to recommend this The reviews give an indication of what will and will not appeal and I suggest they be looked at before spending money.

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    Ive never read a book like this before And I ve read many hundreds in my life This was on a blog titled 25 books every woman needs to read in her life and it came in at number one I m so glad I bought it because I couldn t put it downIf I had to use one word to describe this book it would be terrifying I simply loved it

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    Can t believe it s taken me so long to get round to reading this book I was not disappointed I love the writing style of Margaret Atwood and the detail that went into the creation of the book I could hardly put it down until I finished it.

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    I decided to read this book as a suggestion of something that is quite different from what I normally read I think it s not quite as different as it appears from my usual scifi fantasy, so perhaps not surprising that I found it throughly engaging I always enjoy world building, and Margret Atwood sketches out a Puritan dystopia, finding the balance between detail and mystery that I think is important The handmaids tale is one of trying to survive in hostile time and place, where you find yourself out of the elite,but can remember a better time Do you hold on to the past and to the hope of return, or accept where you and forget the better times as a cause of sadness and rather make the best of the present.