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. .. .. With this I finish all notable works of Edgar Allan Poe and conclude my field trip into late Gothic early horror Works of Poe along with Algeron Blackwood remains one of the highlights of that excursions I plan to go for another round some time in future as well as intomodern horror but not for some time. 1843. IDEAL READER S PROFILEProfession PiracyFavorite Animal Haunted beetles.Creativity Very insecure with own drawings.Greatest Strength Can easily climb tulip trees.Fatal Flaw Doesn t know where left eye is.Sixth Sense Can spot hidden drawings in parchment.Greatest Achievement Buried treasure up a hill and then murdered two companions Poe era muy famoso por saber descifrar cualquier tipo de enigma de s mbolos, criptogramas o puzzle de deducci n que se le presentara Su inteligencia deductiva era asombrosa para este tipo de cosas Acostumbraba a desafiar a los lectores a que le enviaran acertijos, y enigmas que l descifraba f cilmente y nadie nunca lo pudo vencer Nadie le envi algo que l no dedujera El Escarabajo de Oro se trata justamente de un tesoro que debe ser descubierto a partir de descifrar un criptograma y un plano para llegar al tesoro Estaba acuciado por las deudas, el hambre y la indigencia Su esposa se mor a de tuberculosis La publicaci n de este cuento, en 1843 le sirvi para ganar 100 d lares, lo que le vali estirar un poco la agon a y detener por un corto per odo de tiempo tanta miseria en su vida. ,3,5 5 , 4,5 5 3 5,, , . 3.5 out of 5 starsThis is a story about a treasure hunt that starts with finding a gold beetle, and proceeds from there with adventure and ciphers and ingenious explanations.The narrator is the usual nameless faceless one that appears in most of Poe s stories This time, though, he s not unreliable.Truly recommended for fans of Poe and or short stories. The Gold Bug, written in 1843, was one of Edgar Allen Poe s most popular stories He actually won a 100 prize for it in a newspaper s writing contest, probably the most he was ever paid for any of his works It tells the story of William Legrand, who finds and deciphers an old parchment with a hidden message that leads to a pirate s buried treasure thus taking advantage of the 19th century public s enthusiasm for both cryptography and buried treasure.The cipher on the parchment is a relatively simple substitution cipher, but the story of following the clues and finding the treasure is intriguing and creative, especially for the time it was written.My big problem with this story is Legrand s servant, a stereotypical black character, Jupiter, a former slave who has insisted on remaining with the family that previously owned him He s used for comic effect in the story, speaking with a broad dialect that s full of massa talk and foolish superstitions It s seriously wince inducing reading But if you can get past that, keeping in mind that this was written about 170 years ago, pre Civil War, the rest of the story is a fun adventure Available to read online many places, includinghere, or you can download it for free at Gutenberg.org Art credit Believing William Legrand To Have Gone Insane Following An Insect Bite, His Friend Initially Decries His Quest For Gold As The Ramblings Of A Madman Yet When Legrand S Conviction Fails To Waiver, They Set Off On A Bizarre Journey, Accompanied By Jupiter, Legrand S Loyal And Equally Skeptical Servant What Follows Is A Strange Tale Of Coded Messages, Hidden Treasure, And Uncanny Prophecy That Will Both Enthrall And Baffle Even The Most Perceptive ReadersPart Horror Story, Part Detective Fiction, The Gold Bug Is An Ingenious Tale Bearing All The Hallmarks Of Poe S Extraordinary Narrative Skill It Is Presented Here With The Sphinx, A Similarly Themed And Equally Disturbing Short Story Wonderfully Versatile As An Author And Best Known For His Tales Of Terror And The Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe Holds A Venerable Place In The History Of American Literature