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A beard related dare and one hot as hell kiss changes everythingNFL center Ethan Dexter’s focus has always been on playing football and little else Except when it comes to one particular woman The lovely Fiona Mackenzie might not care about his fame but she’s also never looked at him as anything than one of her brother in law’s best friend That ends now Fi doesn’t know what to make of Dex The bearded tattooed mountain of man muscle looks like a biker than a football player Rumor has it he’s a virgin but she finds that hard to believe Because from the moment he decides to turn his uiet intensity on her she’s left weak at the knees and aching to see his famous control fully unleashed Dex is looking for a forever girl but they live vastly different lives in separate cities Fi ought to guard her heart and walk away But Dex has upped his game and is using all his considerable charm to convince Fi he's her forever manGame On

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    Re read 2816Reading the Wall of Winnipeg made me want to re read this again for some reason Something about big buff stoic footballers I guess10 Million I LOVE Ethan Dexter StarsI'm gonna make a bold statement here and just straight say that I heareby annoint myself as the Official Lead Minion of the Ethan Dexter Minion Brigade So all you other bitches?Step The Fuck Aside Cause I'm watching you And I WILL cut a bitch Now that we've gotten that out of the waylet me talk about my Dex To put it plainlyThis is the first time I ever considered putting a book boyfriend's name in my screen name as is all the rageIn factlemme go Bam DoneSeriously though I loved everything about Dex Even the dreaded man bun I love uiet strong silent types Especially when they are built like a brick shithouse Have mad football skills Can calm crying babies And look like this Le fucking sighI even loved Fiona Even when she gotindecisive Seriously though I just LOVED these two together I was a little curious to see how the whole Virgin Hero thing would play outbecause sometimes that can really turn into a train wreck outside of that usually awesome sliding home for the first time scene But I should have known that I can always place my trust in Kristen CallihanAt this point she could crap on a piece of paper and tell me it's about football and I would read it My only beef now?I'm fucking pissed at myself for blowing through this one so fastAnd must now begin the interminable wait for the next one But them's the breaks

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    45 STARSARC Genterously Provided by Author In Exchange for an Honest ReviewBR with Dee and Mel You've ruined me Fiona I'm not sure I know how to live without you any I think that romances with athletes college or professional are definitely on my top faves list along with the billionaire bad boys and bad ass bikers The Game On series gives us some seriously HOT book boyfriends to swoon over I am still very partial to Gray and was so happy that he has a huge presence in this storyWe've met Ethan Dexter aka Dex in the two previous books but never really got a true sense of who he was I really fell in love with him in this story and have a newly formed appreciation for body piercings Ethan has had a secret crush on Fiona Mackenzie for almost two years but has never made a move out of respect for his best friend Grayson since she is his sister in law and also because he is somewhat of an introvert and insecure In high school he wasn't what you would call a hottie and he was always living in the shadows of his best friends Gray and Drew He wasn't bitter about it and learned to accept the way things were But he also kept his defenses up to protect himselfFiona is considered the flighty one in her family She always goes out and tries new endeavors but as soon as things get tough she uits She has yet to follow through on anything She is this way with men as well Fi would rather have meaningless relationships with guys that don't stand a chance of lasting rather than get mixed up in something serious She definitely does not want anything to do with Football players because of her father Her parents divorce really affected her and she has a deep fear of being left behind Fiona and Ethan end up staying over at Gray and Ivy's house during the same week They almost instantly become an item But Fiona is hesitant because her life is back in NYC and Ethan's is in New Orleans since he's the Center for the Saints She doesn't think a long distance relationship will work and also is afraid that she will lose her anonymity by being with a professional football player There's a refreshing twist thrown into this story Usually it's the woman who ends up being a virgin but not in this book No Ethan is the one who is still holding on to his v card and the reasons why will definitely break your heart I will say that he did wait for the right girl and boy was he a fast learner I definitely did take a cold shower because once Ethan gets a taste of what he's been missing he's seriously insatiable Not everything is smooth sailing for the two There will be some challenges the couple will have to face Will their love for each other be strong enough to overcome anything? If you haven't read this series you definitely need to bump this one up your TBR

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    45 Stars I didn't expect you EthanHis eyes search my face I've been waiting two years for you to see me See that utterly pathetic pile of melted swooning goo on the floor right now? Yep That's me Who would have thought I'd meet my end at the hands of a bearded pierced and man bun wearing virgin?Because if anyone was going to make my manwhore and asshole loving self fall completely head over heals for a virgin it had to be Kristen Callihan Having read 2 other male virgin books before this and being mostly underwhelmed third time was most certainly the charm for me Because this book? I loved it I beyond loved it I want to marry it and have it's babies I want to rub myself in it and roll around basking in it's pure awesome all day I want to lick it Alright you get the point here I thinkEthan Dex Dexter has always been he voice of reason The calm and collected one The unassuming lumbersexual Sexy sure A little shy maybe But there was also always something clearly swimming under that calm surface and you just knew that it would come out when he got his own book And if you haven't? Clearly you haven't read the Game On series yet I suggest you rectify that immediatelyDex has had his eye on Fionna since the first day he met her Fionna happens to be his college teammates and best friend Drew's sister in law Two years ago she may have been too young for him But now? All rules are off As an NFL center Dex is accustomed to assessing the defense and finding a way to run right through it And it doesn't matter what defenses Fi throws out at him; they don't live in the same city she's not into professional athletesbecause when Dex sets his eyes on her all bets are off Game on I'm insanely attracted to you I want to fuck you I want to know you I want to be with you If you want that from me too I won't let something as small as inconvenient living locations get in the way What I love particularly about this series aside from the swoony heroes that somehow get better with each new book is that the timeline progresses What I mean is with The Hook Up started when the boys were in college and The Game Plan finds them as NFL professionals The timeline for them progresses and isn't just stagnant with each new couple which makes the story that much better Because with each new book you always get a little about the couples from the past ones and I will never have enough of thatEthan is uite easily my favorite hero in this series to date It just doesn't get any better than him For once an author managed to give the readers a virgin hero but actually have a good reason to go along with it The character development is what makes this as good as it was Dex is a character that you will fall for after just the first chapter and continue to fall even harder with each new one He's this perfect balance of sweet and sexy Dirty talker and romantic I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me And I burn hotter than the sun when I'm in his orbit Fionna was the perfect ying to his yang She may fight anything serious with him for a hot second but it doesn't take Dex long to tear through all of her defenses I really loved her personality and vulnerability I really loved that she's just as protective of him as he is of her She's not a perfect character but she owns her imperfections As a matter of fact she makes you like her for her imperfectionsKristen Callihan has written yet another deliciously swoony romance in her addicting series This book had a little of everything and all of it perfectly balanced; great story incredibly sexy swoon worthy romantic all tied together with wonderful secondary characters that just bring it all together I couldn't get enough of it There wasn't one thing about this book that I didn't love But at the center of everything was Dex dreamy pervy sigh Who would have ever thought I'd be raving this much about a male virgin But this sweet guy had just the right amount of edge to him to appease even perverts like me I loved him to absolute piecesIf you haven't yet discovered this series you've been living under a rock and need to come out immediately and see the light If sexy sports romances are your thing it just doesn't get better than Game On Period If you've read it and loved it prepare to have your heart stolen by Dex Considering each book just keeps getting better and better I can't wait to see what Kristen Calliahan has in store for us next ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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    375 FEAR THE BEARD Starsimage error

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    FOUR CHERRY AND BIG GUY STARS All’s fair in love and footballGame on And that my fellow reader friends is exactly how a romance novel should be written Readers this author is so insanely talented it's almost criminal just how good Kristen Callihan actually is I'm so in awe of her ability to grab me into the heart of her story telling You'd have to be mad not to fall in love with this author and her crazy good romantic inventiveness If by any chance you haven't yet invested your time and read a book by this author then the best advice I can give you today is; go and grab this series I didn't think it was possible to love this set of books any than I already did but Callihan has blown my expectations out of the water BravoWhat's it all about?Ethan Dexter has stood on the sidelines and fallen in love with the sassy confident and beautiful Fiona Mackenzie for years Unable to shake his desire for his best friends sister in law this larger than life hero decides to take the plunge and make his intentions known Fiona 'Fi' Mackenzie has never really been interested in a forever kind of love in fact she is known to those that are closest to her as flighty and fickle Ready to shake this identity off Fiona is happy to give this hulking hero a chance at winning her over and Dex is ready to take on the challenge Follow this beard loving four star worthy journey and watch Fi and Dex navigate the uncertainly of life as a couple and all the heart clenching moments in betweenWhat did I love?Kristen Callihan is unstoppable this book is unputdownable and these characters are unbelievably adorable There is plenty to get wrapped up in embarking on the latest in the 'game on' series and once again this author has proven why so many readers have been counting down the days to get their hands all over this delectable romance novel This book had its moments where it was exceptionally swoon worthy the type of romance where you begin to hope that someone would invent a travel device that meant you were transported into the storyline personally However with that being said Kristen Callihan did a bloody good job of making me feel apart of the plot so much so I honestly felt every emotion and fell in love right alongside Dex and Fi With Plenty of flirting passion and dirty talk I was well won over by this books hero and as for the leading lady she's the kind of girl that I wouldn't complain about being my best friend If you want spine tingling romantic excitement then look no further kristen Callihan meant business with this latest under her writing belt and now I'm left begging for Why not five?I'm going be short and sweet here This book couldn't have been closer to a five star if it tried Personally for my tastes a romance novel will always be winning brownie points if it gives me long drawn out sexual tension The kind that has you clinging to your kindle and your heart beating with crazy anticipation of the couple finally getting together And whilst this book had a lot of things going for it it also had a huge case of the dreaded insta love the right here right now I can't bear to be without your love for another minute style insta All of the slow burn and anticipation was missing in this book for little old me However as far as a book with this as a main theme goes it was definitely winning some romance winning points In addition I did feel at times the book was drawn out a little but in spite of all my little niggles with this book it was still outstanding and I loved these characters something fierce So to the already dedicated fans of this series; have no fear this latest in the 'game on' series is likely to knock your socks off Final thoughts Kristen Callihan is a sports themed romance writing goddess She certainly knows how to tickle 'my love for this genre' fancy and if this book is the last of this series I think I'm going to be feeling a little on the heartbroken side To Kristen Callihan please don't ever stop providing the romance reading community with your sweaty 'I can't help but fall in love with you' heroes and delightful heroines And to those readers who have loved the characters of this series you are about to fall in love with one giant of a tattooed hero and his unforgettable heroine This author has oodles of gorgeous talent and this book is one that is not to be missed sigh will I ever tire of this genre? You can believe me when I say it's likely to be never Enjoy readers 'Dex' is waiting to be read Kisses ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    The bearded tattooed mountain of man muscle looks like a biker than a football player Rumor has it he’s a virgin but she finds that hard to believe SAY WHAT? A hot dude who's a virgin? GAME ON A beard related dare and one hot as hell kiss changes everything Beards are in right now Done right they can be hot I saw it on the internet so it must be true See the scientific evidence in this gif My high school daughter told me that her friend is dating a guy with a beard and that she likes the way it feels when they kissed My daughter was gagging when she told me I guess I don’t have to worry about her kissing any guys with a facial hair lol I don't remember any boys in high school with a beardthey were still too baby faced “I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me” Fiona is Ivy’s younger sister book 2 is Ivy’s love story We’ve seen Fi and Dex in the previous books but never as a couple in passing When the series starts Drew book 1 Gray book 2 and Dex are all playing college football and now they’re playing for the pro’s Dex has been interested in Fi for two years but has never made his intentions known Fi never took notice of him granted during that time she had a boyfriend ”I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me” Dex has been wanting Fi since the moment he saw her all those years ago The women who’ve been interested in him so far have only wanted him as a way to fame and power To avoid those type of women he’s been content to be a support and foundation for his friends Not until he decided it’s time to let Fi know his intentions does this uiet giant come out into the light FearTheBeard CherryBomb They had some fun text messages between them I love text messages in books because we get to see an uninhibited side to a reserved character The playfulness of their texting names was spot on I’m a fan of sports movies and these books have made me fan of sports booksI love this series RELEASE DATE November 1 2015pre order | order Can be read as standalones Each following book is secondary characters from the first book Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

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    25 stars So I'm having the hardest time writing my review because while I didn't hate this book I really did not enjoy it either It is a strong 25 stars After loving The Hook Up so much it pained me not to love this one so I'll do my best to explain myself in a nice wayThe Game Plan is the story of NFL player Dex and a girl named Fiona Dex has watched Fi over the last 2 years and fell for her hard from afar Fi in return barely noticed Dex When Dex goes to visit Fi's sister and brother in law fellow football player Gray the two discover a mutual attraction for each other and decide to try and make a long distance relationship workThis book had too much instalove for me For a man Fi never looked at twice before she fell for Dex pretty uickly like within days uickly In fact the whole relationship was too sudden to believe After less than a week of spending time together when the two return to their homes they are suddenly miserable without each other and cannot stand it There was also a whole bunch of over the top and unnecessary drama near the second half of the book that I felt was random Basically what I am trying to say but is coming out all wrong is the author didn't sell me on this couple I wasn't rooting for them I didn't feel for them and I didn't believe in their loveI will say that Kristen Callihan is a great writer she has the ability to suck you into a story and keep your attention Just in this case I did not care for the characters Dex had a lot of potential but I feel like he went undeveloped like there was to him and his choices that we never saw And honestly I feel horrible for not loving this book so please don't hate on me peepsI do recommend this book for sports romance lovers who do not mind instalove and drama This just wasn't my cup of tea personally ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    45 starsDex Fi Together they're explosive Kristen Callihan is probably one of three authors who can make me embrace and love a book with an insta love trope The Game Plan sort of straddle the insta love line considering that the hero Dex has had his eye on Fi the moment he met her and Fi pretty much fell for Dex immediately But the wonderful writing the chemistry between the characters the secondary characters and Dex rawr As much as I love Fi in all her uirky girly glory Dex made this book for me He’s a virgin but than that he’s just a really really nice guy Ms Callihan hit it right out of the park with DexAnother thing I loved is the overall story Dex is wary of the notoriety that comes from being an NFL player His virgin status only added to his appeal Meanwhile Fi is floundering Office politics and jealousies are wreaking havoc in her work life A short vacation to San Francisco where her sister Ivy and brother in law live offers a short reprieve It also led to Fi and Dex reconnectingAnd holy mother of wow did they reconnect Callihan take readers on a ride with Dex and Fi as they navigate their fledgling relationship One of the obstacles they have to overcome was time and space Dex lives in New Orleans Fi in New York Add to that the relentless scrutiny of the media Dex and Fi were in for a bumpy ride Despite that this book was low in angst The interesting cast of supporting characters also added to the appeal of this book I cannot wait to read I want Rolondo to have his own book Pretty please Kristen make it happen ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    475 FearTheBeard STARSThis was really well done Ethan Dexter blew my socks off This was sexy sweet endearing and yes angsty but not because of immature dramatalk about a mature and refreshing relationshipI know I'm not alone when I say that I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE this series I seriously don’t know how Kristen Callihan does it but each of her leading men in this series have stolen my heart I was gaga over Drew loved Gray and now Ethan I’m going to steal Fi’s words to best express what Ethan does to me “sweet hot peppers”“you were a sexy as fuck sly as all hell charmer who grabbed my attention and held it”“Jesus there’s something downright dirty about beards Fucking naughty All I can think about now is sex About other places with hair that’s both soft and wiry”Ethan Dexter aka Dex an NFL center and best friend of Drew and Gray has wanted Fiona Mackenzie Ivy's little sister The Friend Zone from the moment he met her While he hasn't made a move and it's been years he plans to Whereas Fi doesn't see him other than her brother in law's friend He's not her type she doesn't do athletes big muscular men or beards As luck would have it these two find themselves in the same place at the same time and Dex makes his moveor maybe it's Fi? These two connect flirt and then something takes root between these two and a nickname is born “And it’s like my brain turns off because I pull that cherry out of my drink and put it between my lips to suck it Like some damn porn star His gaze snaps to my mouth and his eyes narrow”These two are definitely opposites attract Cherry Fi is bubbly vibrant snarky funny and confident Ethan is uiet contemplative sweet smart sexy and all pure broody male “I don’t know what to make of this” I whisper “I didn’t expect you Ethan”“I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you Cherry”These two have a lot of obstacles with living miles apart in two different cities Fi's pattern of running when the going gets tough Ethan's past and much And yes Ethan is a virgin but you know what? That was the least interesting bit and that's saying A LOT “The power I have over him hurts my heart It might unnerve me except that I suspect he has a similar power over me” Ethan was simply amazing and ALL man And Fi even with her past track record she's so likable and true and they SEE each other These two together were golden And when trouble did hit it was so honest and so mature There was no drama but real raw and unadulterated feelings conversations and actions I highly recommend this The entire series is a must read An advance reading copy was generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and blog posts BEFORE READING THISEthan darling a virgin you say? Let me school you on the ways of the world I promise I'll be gentleLOL Sueeewill be starting this in a few short hours so CAN'T WAIT I am READY

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    Title The Game PlanSeries Game on #3 can be read as a StandaloneAuthor Kristen CallihanRelease Date 1st November 2015Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler