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Insanity Was Just The BeginningHis Madness Is LegendaryHis Evil Without LimitScarred In Both Body And Mind, The Joker Is Possibly The Most Insidious Criminal The World Has Ever Known, His Dark Genius Festering Beneath An Eternal Jester S Grin Yet, For All The Pain And Suffering Batman S Nemesis Has Brought The World Over The Last Five Decades, Virtually Nothing Has Been Learned About Him Until NowIn The Further Adventures Of The Joker You Re Invited To Accompany Some Of Today S Most Gifted Writers On A Descent Into Madness, A Journey In Search Of The Joker S Greatest Hopes, Dreams And Fears In These Stories Of Crime, Mayhem, Horror, And Twisted Humor, You Will Discover Tales You Won T Soon Forget, Tales Which Will Chill Your Soul And Tickle Your Funny Bone

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    This is a collection of short stories, all different takes on The Joker by a different author It s a great list of authors and each story is entirely unique I read it so many times I literally wore out my copy of this book Thought it was fantastic If you re into Batman, this is a MUST read, because it s like getting the Dark Knight and classic Batman and all possible variations all in one volume It s a perfect mix.

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    Thisis the bookthat I have read SO MANY TIMES that the cover has fallen off Absolutely one of my all time favorites

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    A disappointing collection of short stories about Batman s nemesis What should have been an intriguing, entertaining set of stories instead was a poorly edited collection of mismatched, uneven tales that weren t worth the time From attempts at humor that either fell flat at best or came across psychotic at worst, to the blatant disrespect or ignorance of the batman mythos, to a few that had an almost morbid fascination with the murder and torture of children, none of the tales was enjoyable This reads like what it seems to be from twenty years in the future, a cheap attempt to cash in on the success of Tim Burton s film.

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    The second of three Greenberg DC character compliations The first was The Further Adventures of Superman while the last one was Batman stories.The tales in this book are all over the place and that s a good thing considering the subject The quasi Golden Age war tale of Joker pulling a major heist in Nazi Germany and its twist ending, the bizarre nightmare of Joker revealing his night terror is normalcy, the decidedly West era piece where he seems to not only pull a takeover of the Gotham Knights basketball team but debut as a player Of all the tales, two stand out for showing the outsider s perspective on the eternal dichotomy of Joker and Batman Help I Am a Prisoner is a tale of exactly that, a man kidnapped and trapped into close contact with the mercurial criminal More harrowing is Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard, a case study of just what it takes to be a stand up comic in Gotham of all places and a grandiose display of just how gloriously grotesque Joker s humor can be when he s got an agenda The last tale, Jangletown, is a bleak piece of the disenfranchised youth with nothing to lose One such lad is swept away to a horrible fate just to infuriate the Bat, but the telling element is that the kid can barely work up even mild interest in his own welfare Jangletown is broken and that Gotham lost, but it frankly didn t even need a Joker to go that rotten, something Joker himself seems to know and be amused by.It is outlandish The book can be very grim at turns or even brilliantly disturbing, but these tales are worth reading to get a glimpse of life outside of comfortable mindset.

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    Is the Joker the greatest comic book villain of all time Without a doubt Is he one of the greatest fictional characters and archetypes out there Again, yes But too much of a good thing is still too much The appeal of the Joker is that we see him JUST enough, leaving him shadowed in enough mystery that he remains fresh Unlike Batman, he can t play straight man in his own stories Which leads to the best and worst points in this anthology they re all Joker tales, and there s only so much you can do with the Joker for four hundred pages So we get the usual a few choose your own canon origin stories, some grotesque crime capers, some material from his seedier and nihilistic serious incarnations, and a few stories where he features only obliquely As a Batman fan, and reader of many of the literary fiction authors featured here, I enjoyed it all Nonetheless, a whole Joker anthology should not be devoured in one sitting Like a rich cake, enjoy it one piece at a time or you ll lose the taste for it.

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    Anthology titles are always a mixed bag, since you have so many different authors contributing, but this book has decidedly downs than ups I m surprised by how many of the authors don t seem to understand the characters, or simply don t write a very well crafted story I feel like this was a quickly rushed tie in to the then popularity of the Tim Burton film and it really feels like not much work was put into it.

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    Ah well, a guilty pleasure Some of the stories were rather dull and felt like the authors were trying too hard, but there are some genuinely entertaining and chilling pieces that made me stupidly happy I m only human, I guess.

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    Great old time read.

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    These stories had a definite adult tone to them This collection of different stories were really amazing in that they showed a lot of different aspects to a character that has no concrete origin The best story in my opinion was THE WIRE Its a crazy psychological story with just a bizarre ending that was one of my favorites in that it showed how a demented mind works All in all you won t be disappointed in this collection.

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    I read these stories over and over I wish I still owned a copy.EDIT I tracked a copy down on eBay and read it again Most of the stories hold up well, though some have dated a bit If I read this for the first time today, I d give it 4 stars, but I m leaving my original rating for sentimental reasons.