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Lewis Is Sure That Grandpa Barnavelt S Lucky Coin Is Really A Magic Talisman In Disguise With Its Power, He Could Do Anything He Wanted Like Get Back At Bully Woody Mingo But As Soon As He Begins Wearing The Coin Around His Neck, Strange Things Start To Happen Mysterious Letters Arrive In The Dead Of Night A Strange, Shadowy Figure Seems To Be Tracking Him And When Lewis Finally Gets His Revenge On Woody, He Feels As If Someone Else Is Inside His Body, Urging Him To Go Even Further Has Lewis Awakened A Force Beyond His Control

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    This is the sequel to The House With a Clock in its Walls The Figure in the Shadows is just as good, and for many of the same reasons There s a good level of scary, the characters come across as real, with their own quirks and difficulties The addition of Rose Rita to Lewis circle of friends is brilliant These books have been around for than a quarter of a century You might think they d be badly dated, but with a diverse cast of empowered characters, I think they read very well today.Important to me, both the magic and real world difficulties that Lewis faces are handled in a way that admits that real world problems with a bully can be just as frightening as dark magic

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    John Bellairs series featuring the adventures of young Lewis Barnavelt and his friend Rose Rita is a surprisingly gray and realistic offering, despite the magic and tenderness in my mind, it is what elevates it even kids lit shouldn t always be glowing, romantic wish fulfillment fiction for children can sometimes have heroes full of self hate and and reluctance and duplicity it can have magic that is threatening and that is less of a toy and of window into a terrible world that kids should never go through it can have situations that are not ever fully understood by its protagonists, experiences that are not even understandable until adulthood this is a series that features addiction and self loathing, the waning of power and the waxing of evil with age, shadowy figures of great menace, small journeys that can change a life, and yet that life goes on as normal and it is a series that is gentle in heart and warm in spirit a child doesn t always become a wizard sometimes it is triumph enough that they become a person who understands even a little of the complexity of the world around them.

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    I flew home from my holiday today and this was the perfect book to read on the plane I was able to finish it in one sitting.This is the second book in the Lewis Barnavelt series Lewis has made a friend in tomboy Rose Rita They make a good pair Lewis needs Rose to help him grow up a bit Lewis is mostly a coward and he has weight issues He is still, a likable character Rose Rita is tough and stands up to bullies.Lewis is given his Grandfathers magic coin and he believes it will make him brave When he figures out it has turned him into a puppet, he gets scared and he needs all the help he can get I really enjoy reading these books John Bellairs has an amazing style He is good at setting mood and his characters are different There is magic and sorcery in this book The setting is winter from October to Christmas and they do exchange presents I love all the snow in the book I have not seen any this year, so it was nice to read about weather we should be having.

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    Gosh, this was no The House With A Clock In Its Walls I know you can t duplicate discovering the house and magic for the first time However, an author ought to continue the ingredients that thrill us Since reading it, I loved the film that came out, starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett As a favourite story, can you imagine how much I looked forward to The Figure In The Shadows I searched a few years to obtain it Finally, I opened a book all about bullying I was appalled that Lewis magic Uncle, formidable Mrs Zimmerman, and teachers did nothing Being 1948 was no excuse.Sure, Lewis needed to handle whatever he could not fear every aggressive person Unfortunately, Lewis is so weepy, sympathy is scarce How can this be the sequel to a creative boy who saved the world Lewis knew the peril of keeping secrets in his last ordeal He contributed nothing to the resolution, this time When the magical component did arise, you might enjoy it if you were unfamiliar with the first Johnny Dixon novel The Curse Of The Blue Figurine The plot about getting possessed by an old object and freaked out by a shadow is identical I wasn t elated about that novel either but Johnny s suspense, adventure, and history of his figurine are superior.Anti bullying work is important However, when you choose the magical and paranormal for entertainment you shouldn t get the plight of peer harassment What misplaced focus it should have been a predominantly magic adventure, with bullying as a side topic I appreciated being introduced to a story about Great Grandfather Barnavelt but his connection was minor This disappointing outing received three stars because I am a fan of this series, environment, and characters I have no doubt I will love the other novels.

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    I read this book as a child In fact, it was one of my favorite books It was one of the few books which made the short list of books I read over and over again I remember that it was the second in a series, and once I found the first in the series The Clock in the Walls and read it, but the first book didn t stick in my memory as much as this one did.I ordered a copy of it online, once I remembered the title, and recently re read it to see if it was still as good as I remembered, and over, to figure out what it was about it that I liked.The main character is a chubby, nerdy 11 year old orphan named Lewis, who lives with his uncle Jonathan, who happens to be a wizard The fact that Jonathan is a wizard is kind of a throwaway fact about him at first, which was my only clue as a child that this was the second in a series Jonathan s next door neighbor, Mrs Zimmerman, is a witch who is even better at magic than Jonathan is, and she often comes over to cook for Jonathan and Lewis.The house that Jonathan and Lewis live in is a sprawling mansion like house in a small town set someplace exotic as a child, exotic meant anywhere that got snow like New England I loved that they had farms and abandoned wells and mansions and Masonic temples all things nonexistent in the Southwestern suburb I grew up in The time had its own exoticisms for me Lewis was allowed to come home for his lunch hour we got something like 17 minutes to eat and he was always worried about the bully beating him up I never saw bullies at school, at least, not physical bullying Girls generally bullied with psychological torture, which is harder to prosecute The idea that you could combat your tormenters by hitting them was a refreshing novelty Most of all, I liked Lewis s best friend Rose Rita Rose Rita was like an idealized version of me She s fierce and brave, and asserts her independence She s also, like Lewis, a little nerdy The two of them spend time making a Roman War Galley complete with Latin motto and neither of them find this overly nerdy or weird When I was 11, I knew that if Rose Rita and Lewis had been real people, I would have been their friends.Jonathan and Mrs Zimmerman are good characters too They re not exactly parents to Lewis, being an uncle and his neighbor, they they provide parental support without being overbearing Lewis takes comfort in their presence, but since he s an orphan, he also isn t sure how far this tolerance and love will extend When he gets into trouble, he doesn t automatically turn to them to solve it The plot revolves around a lucky three cent piece that Lewis gets from his grandfather s trunk of old things He hopes it is a magic amulet, but his uncle and Mrs Zimmerman test it and say it s not Still, Lewis isn t so sure As soon as he gets it, it starts to change him It makes him feel brave and aggressive, for one, and strange things begin to happen The first thing is when a card mysteriously appears in the mail slot The card is blank on one side, but when he flips it over and back again, a word appears Venio which Lewis knows is Latin for I come To me, that was awesome, both that a word appeared, and that it was in a foreign language, and that it was in a foreign language that an 11 year old boy might actually know This could be the scene that made me choose to study Latin in High School Lewis personality, and the strange sightings of the figure in the shadows intensify, until he gets so scared he tells Rose Rita about it.Rose Rita offers to take the coin, and Lewis agrees, but then he changes his mind and she has to fight him for it He s at first grateful, but as time goes on, he feels the urge to get the coin back, and concocts a scheme to steal it from Rose Rita.There were a couple of things which struck me, reading this as an adult, that I didn t notice as a child While the point of view hops a few times, I didn t notice or care when I read this as a child Now it s been pounded into my head that POV switches without scene changes are a no no, but I m starting to think that this is a current fashion, rather than an inviolate rule Also, at a certain point Lewis needs to be rescued, and it s up to Rose Rita, Jonathan and Mrs Zimmerman to rescue him Mrs Zimmerman does most of it, providing the means and the knowledge of where and when they need to go If I were looking at this critically, with a fresh eye, I might suggest that we have a little foreshadowing of who and what the figure was Having Mrs Zimmerman provide a parlour room this is what happened scene struck me as another one of those writing conventions that people don t use so much any It s also a wee bit Deus Ex Machina, that Mrs Zimmerman both knows where to go, what to do, and has the tools to give Rose Rita to solve the problem.Still, as a child, none of these bothered me I didn t need to know where Mrs Z got the magic nasal spray, only that Rose Rita had to wield it I guess I loved that the girl rescues the guy, and that the old woman is smarter and powerful than the old man and that both of them are pretty much okay with that I loved the gothic spookiness of it, and the matter of fact way that magic is presented I also loved that the adults treat the children like people, people with their own problems and strengths and personalities and motives.And last, but not least, the fact that it was illustrated by Mercer Meyer didn t hurt anything.I m glad that this book didn t suffer from the Gilligan s Island syndrome, where something beloved as a child sucks now that you view it with adult eyes I m also glad that I m able to figure out what I liked about it so that I can hopefully replicate some of these elements in my own work.I recommend this book for 4th to 6th grade children who want something a little spooky, and will be intrigued by rather than put off by the fact that it s set in the 20th century.

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    This was my first time reading The Figure in the Shadows, even though I m a HUGE John Bellairs fan, there are still quite a few of his books I haven t read and this was one of them It was fun, scary, and kept me on the edge of my seat during the last pages as do most Bellairs books do Since this is the sequel companion to The House with a Clock in its Walls, I m thinking they might try to adapt this to a movie since the first one did so well in theaters, if so I think it will be a pretty cool and creepy movie Richard

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    7 de 10 O Mist rio do Talism M gico d continuidade hist ria de Lewis Barnavelt, Jonathan e a Sra Zimmerman que j conhecemos no primeiro livro, O Mist rio da Casa do Rel gio Na minha opini o faz todo o sentido ler os dois livros em sequ ncia, mas este livro tem refer ncias suficientes hist ria passada para ser compreendido isolado.Lewis, o menino que perdeu os pais e foi viver com um tio muito especial, feiticeiro, segue a sua vida normal, de estudante, em busca do seu lugar na escola Mas Lewis um pouco gordinho e por isso n o s n o consegue fazer amigos como gozado e provocado constantemente.Coment rio completo em

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    My favorite kiddie YA book, probably one of my favorite books period.Louis Barnavelt lives in 1950 s suburban Michigan with his uncle, who is a practicing warlock The next door neighbor is a witch, and her granddaughter Rose Rita is Louis best friend This book was written LONG before Harry Potter came on the scene, BTW Louis is chubby and fearful, and is beat on by the local bullies, but his home life is great As a kid, I wanted to move in with Louis and his uncle I probably still do The discovery of a Civil War era good luck charm in an old family trunk helps Louis with his problems for a while, but eventually the charm makes its own demands on Louis and his loved ones.There s a lot of mid century Americana in this book, which whether real or invented gives the story some real flavor But this is a story of the supernatural, and it is genuinely creepy at times, probably because it hits some psychological truths quite accurately I read it when I was 8 or 9 and I m surprised I made it through As an adult rereading this book, I couldn t help but be reminded of the crutches we sometimes use to help us cope, and the prices we pay for doing so.

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    This was a great second effort from Bellairs, following the stories of Lewis and Rose Rita through yet another story As mentioned in other reviews, I think I would have enjoyed the illustrations if edward Gorey had done them, like he did in the first book Otherwise, while Mercer Mayer is great, he illustrated so many of my favorite books, INCLUDING the Great Brain series he s just not as dark and gothic as Gorey.

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    This is a fine follow up to The House With a Clock in Its Walls, and at least as good Tomboy Rose Rita is a delightful addition to the cast of characters.