The Fast 800 Recipe Book: Low-carb, Mediterranean style recipes for intermittent fasting and long-term health books –

I ve bought all of the above so pre ordered the Fast 800 Recipe Book via the Kindle app without hesitation.I ve just spent the last 2 hours going through the new recipes will usually highlight those which immediately appeal.Having done so I have actually highlighted approximately 90% of them Can t wait to go food shopping tomorrow in order to start cooking Can t recommend highly enough the fantastic approach to diet health by Dr Claire Bailey, Justine Pattison of course, Dr Michael Mosley.Last words of advice BUY, BUY, BUY I have been waiting for this book for a couple of months, and I m not disappointed, having followed the fast800 plan on line for twelve weeks I found it getting a bit repetitive, this book will certainly fill the gap till there arerecipes uploaded to the subscription site This plan I won t call it diet works over the first twelve weeks I lost 1 1 2 stone, and as I continue the weight is still falling away, for those like me with T2 diabetes the change in eating style to Mediterranean has seen a dramatic fall in my blood sugar levels, and subsequent reduction in the medication I need to take.As for the actual recipes, they are great, never feel hungry or wanting, the food is tasty and satisfying, the fact that I feel I can follow this style of eating from now on isn t in the least bit daunting, not like diets that mean you will be on milk shakes for the rest of your life This is real food Thank you Doctors. I absolutely love this book I also have the smaller fast 800 diet book and using those principals i lost a stone in just over 3 weeks This book is a fantastic accompaniment to The Fast 800 paperback book and i will be cooking all most every recipe, there isnt a bad one in it first one tried is the quinoa, broccoli and asparagus salad and its gorgeous It has lots of tips and advice and some meal planners in the back and the recipes are just fab I have found that even though i am eating a much restricted calorie intake, the food is so delicious that i dont feel cheated or hungry If I do i just have a few nuts or a peach etc I am extremely confident that with this book coupled with the advice in the Fast 800 paperback, my 5 stone weight loss target is achievable and sustainable now Feeling good Just a note regarding other reviewers statements about quality of the book.My book is in perfect condition, great pics and print is absolutely fine No issues at all. Great book Interesting, simple, varied and tasty recipes Looking forward to trying .No problems with the print or quality on my copy, it s in perfect condition I would think reviewers with quality issues would be better off exchanging the product for another copy as it s obviously not the norm. Absolutely great book and delighted with the content As per the previous reviewer the printers haven t done a good job some pages rippled and print smeary But that being said the recipes are great and I am very much looking forward to trying them out, especially the pearl barley Risotto with goats cheese and leeks The Fast 800 is just that very fast Love the fact that you can adjust it to your needs. These recipes will take you from quick starting you fat loss, especially on you tum, to continuinggradual, but motivating, fat loss You will then be able to use the recipes to maintain your weight The recipes can be made for one or a family of hungry children They are good value tasty meals The secret is in lowing you carbs From someone who has all struggled with being hangry , miraculously, this will no longer affect you No or little willpower required Following Dr Michael Mosley S No Bestselling Fast , This Fabulous Companion Cookbook Offers A Collection Of Delicious, Nutritious Recipes To Help You Incorporate The NewCalorie Programme Into Your Daily Life Dr Clare Bailey, GP, And Acclaimed Food Writer Justine Pattison Have Created Meals Which Are Tasty And Easy To Make, From Breakfasts And Brunches, Soups And Shakes To Substantial Suppers And Even Occasional Indulgent Treats All The Recipes Are Based On The Low Carb Mediterranean Style Of Eating Now Proven To Revolutionise Your Health Whether You Are Embarking On An Intensive Weight Loss Programme To Prevent Or Reverse TypeDiabetes, Or Simply Want To Bring Down Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol And Improve Your Mood And General Health, The FastRecipe Book Will Inspire You To Change The Way You Eat For Ever A real shame Been waiting for this book for ages The content is fine But, it s come as a real poor quality item The printing is awful, with lots of shadowing and smudging The pages are also rippled, like it s gotten wet Such a shame