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Jake West's battle against the forces of evil continues as he leads the remnants of the Estian Alliance to Te'oull Hot on their heels is an army of murderous beasts intent on sealing their doom The war of wars is here The future of us all depends upon the actions of an ordinary fifteen year old boy If he fails to restore the weapon bestowed upon the Estians by the Heynai and fulfil his destiny all will be lost This is the last book in the best selling Jake West trilogy following on from 'The Keeper of the Stones' and 'Warriors of the Heynai'

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    I have been a bad reviewer fan and friend I finished this book a little over a week ago but then life happened and I totally forgot to come back and write a review holds head down in shame If only I could get a job where all I had to do was read all day and I got paid well doing it my life would be perfect So here goes Anyone who has been following my reviews of this series knows how much I love it but this book THIS book is the best of the trilogy There is actually not anything that I don't like about it which is weird because usually when it comes to books I can name at least one or two small things that nag at me a little when I get to the end The description of the BIG war the no turning back moment is really good I love how there are these moments where a secret is shared and at first you're shocked and then there's this moment of clarity where you realize that you should have known that all along Then as that secret gets shared with all those involved the end result is just beautiful The end of the book answers every uestion that has been opened and some and yet well I've already told him that he needs to write another adventure for this young man because I just didn't get enoughIf you have not put this trilogy on your MUST READ list then you better hurry up and do soI did receive the entire trilogy free in exchange for my HONEST review

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    The Estian Alliance is the third and final book in the Jake West Trilogy In this book Jake along with his best friend Ben and other allies prepare and face the greatest battle ever seen in the land of Estia And just when everything looks like it might end or go well things get worseThis book was very well written and filled adrenaline adventure magic and excitement It kept me on the end of my seat right until the very last page The descriptions and narrative added to the storyline and kept up with the action making this book enticing to read There were twists and turns that kept me wondering what would happen nextEach character was still true to his or her personality matured and somewhat better developed but I was happy that the characters didn't change too drasticallyI definitely believe this book was the best paced of the three The development of the storylines was brilliant The characters had to fight hard and there were difficult losses to deal with The description and detail of the battle was great I am not a violent person but it was still great I really enjoyed the DRAGONSAs the final installment in the series M J Webb did an amazing job in concluding the story and journey of the characters without disappointment Though I will miss Jake and his friends I am happy to know they fulfilled their destinyI definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in YA You won't regret reading itThough you really don't have to read the other two previous books because the author gives a detailed prologue you still wouldn't want to miss out in reading how Jake and his friends began their amazing journey

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    This book is book three of the Jake West series and it is AMAZING I would highly recommend that the reader read books one and two before reading this one to fully enjoy the epic battle that takes place in his book This book was one nail biting moment after another and I loved every minute of itI loved how the author successfully switched scenes from one battle to another allowing us to see what was happening on different fronts of the war without losing the urgent pace needed for any of the battles I love how the characters faced their challenges despite their fears I absolutely LOVE the twists that came in this book and the new characters that were added no spoilerssorry I hate spoilers And I loved loved LOVED the dragons I usually do not read about dragons but I'll admit I had a tear or two in certain undescribed moments ; This book was the best paced of the three but maybe that was because the reader is already invested in the story and knows the characters as if they were hisher friendsenemies The development of the storylines was brilliant I love that this was a difficult battle and it was not wonlost easily The characters had to fight hard and there were difficult losses to deal withI LOVED the ending of the story and how and who finally rid the world of the evil one And I really like that although the author definitely brought closure to the series there is an opportunity to write stories of Jake's adventures I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves epic battles or fantasy You will thoroughly enjoy this seriesNote to parents This book is about a highly descriptive violent battle I would not recommend this book to the preteens or younger There is practically no profanity I think ass was said once lol There is no sexual scenes but the violence is VERY detailed

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    Review of The Estian Alliance by M J Webb Jake West Trilogy #3With any speculative fiction including fantasy the uestion always arises of whether the author’s world building is believable is the suspension of disbelief strained or is it easy and immediate? There is never any doubt with the novels of M J Webb’s Jake West Trilogy the reader leaps instantaneously from contemporary Britain to a world not our own a world of magic and strange beasts wars and terror a world that can only be preserved by one fifteen year old English boy son of the former Keeper of the Stones who himself becomes the new Keeper the chosen “One” of prophecy But can even Jake West save Estia?“The Estian Alliance” is the third and concluding entry in Author Webb’s “Jake West Trilogy” so the uestion naturally arises is it necessary to have first read “Keeper of the Stones” and “The Warriors of Heynai”? The technical answer is no Mr Webb generously provides us with a Prologue delineating the background of the trilogy and summarizing some of the essential points But my personal thinking is why would you want to miss out on twothirds of Mr West’s smooth and enticing storytelling and on Jake’s story as he is living it along with best pal Ben and the many unusual individuals he encounters? Personally I would appreciate owning this as a boxed set in print as wwell as in ebook version and I hope that will be possible at some point This series is targeted for YA readers the protagonist is fifteen after all but so what? I haven’t seen fifteen in many decades and I still love this series So come on go out there and get all three You won’t regret it

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    “Jake West – The Estian Alliance” MJ Webb“A Thrilling Finale” At last Jake West and his entire team are forced to prepare for the greatest battle ever seen in the land of Estia With the odds continually being stacked against them only faith chance a little bit of luck and a whole lot of magic is just about all they have for a chance to survive And then things get worse This book was a constant adrenaline rush with everything that took place in order to restore peace and the adventure continues from the very first part to the last As the third and maybe final book in the series the author truly raised the stakes of excitement with power drama and unexpected revelations that will stick with the reader long after the book is finished A thrilling finale is the only way to describe this book as a whole and I seriously recommend the trilogy as a number one YA male fantasy adventure series In my opinion as a book to film project this series would easily become another blockbuster hit

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    The Estian Alliance is the spectacular conclusion to the Jake West trilogy which will take you on the ride of your life This story is full of action adventure and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seatJake Ben and the remainder of the Estian Alliance after their near defeat at Dassilliak have retreated to Te'oull with King Vantrax's evil army hot on their trail Jake still needs to restore the box of stones to receive his full power as Keeper which will hopefully be the advantage they need to win this war The Heynai have told Jake that this will be the final battle Is Jake up to the challenge and will the Estian Alliance be strong enough to defeat King Vantrax and his evil army once and for all?The author does an excellent job of drawing you into this story through his vivid descriptions which make you feel as if you are on the battle field too If you are looking for a fantasy packed with action suitable for all ages then this is the book for you

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    This is the third and final installment of this epic series and finds us following Jake West as he pulls together the peoples of Estia to battle against King Vantrax in an epic battle that will turn the characters lives upside down and leave you breathless And best of all not only does my favourite dragon make a very welcome and prolonged appearance he saves the day and in ways than oneWebb has created a series of epic proportions and rounded it off nicely with this book that is jam packed with battle after battle both large and small scale internal and external as every character digs deep and faces their demons All the best bits of fantasy are here with wizards and warlocks spirits and demons warriors and healers and of course dragonsWhile there are some longer character monologues these portray the inner turmoil that each have to go through to continue their battles and give the story that sense of reality and terror that otherwise may have been lacking All in all this is a superb book to end a superb series that will leave you wanting

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    Honestly the first thing I said when I finished this book was OH MY GOD This was the best Jake West's story book Mr MJ Webb managed to put everything in it and to tie some loose ends The story starts right where the previous book left and it incredible how the story in different locations intertwine and keep the pace up The descriptions of the battles were amazing like I could imagine myself there with a sword fighting to end the evilIt was brilliant the way some characters reunite and family issues are solved and unfortunately some people have to die but in the end it was worth it and it guaranteed a surprising twist of eventsI'm glad that it finished with a possibility for a continuation pleasee and that Jake and Ben didn't lose their humility after all the fighting and the importance that they had in the war This book is definitely the kind that one time it's not enough you have to read again and again Thank you very much for allowing people to review your books Mr Webb it was an amazing journey

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    This is my final book in the Jake West trilogy and I've agonised over rating it myself I have seen on this site that most authors do however and so I give it 5 stars; one of the many 5 star ratings on couk is shown below It was penned for teens and young adults It's a bit of fun and escapism nothing First review on couk by Kirstin; I'd been on tenter hooks book waiting to read the third and final book and I wasn't left disappointed As with the previous two books it's a well written captivating read that feeds your imagination There are characters magic battles and even secrets to behold It's full of unexpected twists and turns that need unravelling and add to the excitement and sometimes emotional journey of the characters It was a book that I longed to read however didn't want to finish but now that I have I am once again left wanting which can only be a good thing

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    This was the end to a trilogy of books by MJWebb and it was great to see how the story ends The book was full of action and suspense and it actually had uite a few twists in the story which were unexpected The writing was on par with the last two books and it was fast moving and well written