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This is like the 20th copy of this book I have bought I give it away to friends who are expecting babies, and tell them that if they read this book, they will never have to buy another book on raising children It is THAT good In the 90 s, I did phone consultations with Jean Liedloff about parenting, and when I returned to California, met with her on her houseboat in Sausalito She was a dynamic, interesting, eccentric person who contributed a jewel to the human race when she wrote this book Her insight and advice works. The Continuum Concept Introduces The Idea That In Order To Achieve Optimal Physical, Mental And Emotional Development, Human Beings Especially Babies Require The Kind Of Instinctive Nurturing As Practiced By Our Ancient Relatives It Is A True Back To Basics Approach To Parenting Author Jean Liedloff Spent Two And A Half Years In The Jungle Deep In The Heart Of South America Living With Indigenous Tribes And Was Astounded At How Differently Children Are Raised Outside The Western World She Came To The Realisation That Essential Child Rearing Techniques Such As Touch, Trust And Community Have Been Undermined In Modern Times, And In This Book Suggests Practical Ways To Regain Our Natural Well Being, For Our Children And Ourselves Describes the cause of all modern unhappiness Do you believe that humans are naturally evil and miserable This book disproves that theory Humans are naturally kind, cooperative, and happy But you can make humans into evil miserable people.Everything related to society that you encounter in the world is easily understood once you understand the content of this book. Yay A book about the truth of baby care and how crucial it is to their emotional, spiritual and mental well being Unlike anything out there, and I m grateful to have the privilege of reading it It is my baby bible Prouder than ever of my 9 month old s milestones of emotional health, it s just not always easy to do living in western culture where there is not many ppl around to play with her and help me But i like how she looks at a child as a young person and not Just a baby doll to dress up and coo with They Need a learning environment and healthy role models They learn by watching you I love this book I received this book while I was pregnant, in 1992 and it absolutely opened my eyes to the wisdom of other cultures and childrearing practices that help us becomepositive shapers of our children s behavior, and less like protective police Our western culture, I believe, has erred recently on the side of managing too much on behalf of our children, which tends to show up as dependent, unable to take adult responsibility, emotional immaturity, and entitlement This book was a life changer for me, as my whole perspective shifted for the better My now 21 year old daughter is highly independent, responsible, uses good judgment most of the time and knows who she is and how to function in the world Now I can t give all the kudos to this book, because she is who she is, and I also am a fairly mindful, attuned parent But this gave me a great head start I now give it as a gift to anyone close to me who is expecting their first child. very interresting concept I have read this book at least three times, and have bought this book for friends at least a few times as well I really love it Even though you can tell at times that it was written in another era, the main story and message is really really cool.I was very worried about being a mom when I was pregnant with my little girl Everything I had seen about motherhood looked so commercial and high tech, and miserable I didn t know how my personality would fit with being a mom I read this book during my last trimester for the first time, and all of the sudden everything kind of made sense, and I didn t feel like I needed to worry so much any All I needed was my baby, my arms, my breast, and my instincts Knowing this was felt very liberating And the idea of continuing to be an adult doing adult things and carrying on with my life but now with my baby at my hip observing me, just made a lot of sense.After reading this book, and others like it, I decided to carry my baby babywearing through my little girl s babyhood, and cosleep etc My little girl is 4 years old now We still go through all of the normal difficulties of a young human being coming into her own emotions etc., but all of the really frustrating moments are offset by a very strong and very deep bond that we have, which always bring us back to that harmony we felt as a mother and baby I really believe that the strength of our bond is due in part to the fact that I carried her so much, and slept beside her, and had her in contact with me through the bulk of her babyhood Carrying my baby during her babyhood was such a beautiful and special experience I wouldn t trade it for the world.Carrying our babies only makes sense We re primates after all And it s in our DNA to be carried as an infant It seems that sometimes the simplest and most obvious solution is also the most right one.The only criticism I have of the book, is that it unfolds this beautiful vision of motherhood, but is pretty short on details as to how to actually make that work in modern day life Which is fine it s not a parenting book per se In the end I felt like it was important not to get obsessed with the idea of having someone to tell you exactly how to do everything But instead to learn to listen to my instincts and figure the rest out on my own.But a word of advice to expecting moms who are serious about implementing babywearing I bought a ton of different carriers to help in babywearing and tried them all slings, wraps, ergo, moby, bjorn, mai tai, babyhawketc And I found some I really loved and used all of the time But here is the thing If you plan on trying to carry your baby most of the time, like Jean Liedloff recommends in this book YOU ARE GOING TO NEED TO BE CAREFUL OF YOUR BACK I was a seriously dedicated babywearer but I will be honest My back and neck went out about every 3 4 months carrying my baby as much as I did.BUTthere was a couple of reasons for it which I learned in the process And if you do it right, you don t have to ruin your back Once I figured this out my back has stopped going out and is completely fine They are 1 You need to stop using the baby carriers as soon as the baby is strong enough to hold it s head up, and grip a little with it s legs on your hip The slings, and wraps and ergos are great, because they help you hold the young floppy baby so you can stabilize that little floppy body with one hand instead of two So you at least have one hand free, maybe two BUT don t get stuck on them No matter how good they are they will concentrate all of that dead weight on specific areas of your back and neck And the static strain WILL eventually do a number to your back Once the baby is stronger and better at clinging you need to cut loose from the carrier, and just hold that baby with your hip and arm Your arms are going to have to get a lot stronger and trust me THEY WILL GET SUPER STRONG But you ve got to cut out the carrier, and just adapt without it When you are using just your arms it s crazy but the weight distribution into your arms, and thenatural way you shift their weight around you re back doesn t get a beating at all Just your arm muscles And they adapt and get super strong, so it s not such a big deal any YOU NEED TO DITCH THE beloved CARRIERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.2 You need to develop proper back posture Period One of the main reasons that these beautiful mamas in these indigenous cultures can do all of this stuff with a baby on their hip is because they have this very old world perfect and beautiful posture You need to read a book called 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back by Esther Gokhale She is super highly recommended Her work follows indigenous cultures and shows how their almost zero incidence of back issues stems mainly from their absolutely perfect posture The problem, however, is that none of us know what perfect posture even is any, because none of us see it READ HER BOOK It s awesome And will change your life back wise.