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The Civilizing Process Stands Out As Norbert Elias Greatest Work, Tracing The Civilizing Of Manners And Personality In Western Europe Since The Late Middle Ages By Demonstrating How The Formation Of States And The Monopolization Of Power Within Them Changed Western Society Forever

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    The author starts from the middle ages to the time of writing the text and describes the customs and their changes over time It is a sociological study is interesting to contrast the customs before and the current customs.

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    Great book Fundamental to my research on Almodovar s movies.

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    Still the definitive study of this subject.

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    Elias is an essential social theorist to read if you are in graduate school His work in social theory is groundbreaking

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    This is the book that explains why history happens It requires a fairly large vocabulary or the occasional dip into a dictionary Elias uses words well and precisely than most current usage.

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    I first ordered this from an independent thru and got nothing and lies, then reordered thru and got it immediately, exactly like I always do from proper.