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I was warned about Tristan Cole“Stay away from him” people said“He’s cruel”“He’s cold”“He’s damaged”It’s easy to judge a man because of his past To look at Tristan and see a monsterBut I couldn’t do that I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of meWe were both emptyWe were both looking for something else Something We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdaysThen perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe

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    3 StarsUNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT DisclaimerA lot of people say I was able to overlook a b and c about the book and enjoy it and it's still on my tbr and that's great I'm not trying to disuade people from reading this It should be on people's tbr because it's a great book And I'm glad others are overlooking certain things and loving it I could have very well done the same But I chose not to because that's just my true opinion So please don't see my review as me not being able to rise above and see the good because that's not the case And I'm not trying to compel others to do the same or not read this book The below is simply MY opinionDon't stab me brah So I know a lot of you might be thinking that cold hearted soulless Val once again just couldn't see past the sappiness sweetness to truly appreciate the poignancy hereor that maybe I just don't understand pain and griefWell rest assured that's not the case Cause I've been thereAnd it's the worst fucking thing in the world as I'm sure a lot of people here know and relate toBut anysadz I'm not one of those folks who like to repeatedly pick at my own scabswhich is actually why I typically avoid reading books like this one Because why remind yourself of some of your worst memories under the guise of fun reading amiright?However in this case I only read the blurb and not actual reviews of the book All I saw was a shitload of 5 star reviews so I picked it up not realizing it dealt with certain topics I typically and unfailingly avoid That said I really enjoyed this book Yes you read that right The author did a really great job with these two severely broken characters The way they expressed their pain to each other? The words they used to describe it?The fucking feathers?So heartfelt and so well doneIn fact I was ready to smack 5 stars on this bad boy and wax poetic in my reviewUntil about the 80% mark And then shit just seem to come off the rails a bit Things started to get rushedSome twists I had suspected early on started to unfold with a few too many coincidences to keep grounded in realistic land and propelled it straight into Days of Our Lives landA few other eye roll worthy 90210 style shenanigans ensuedAnd then Tristan's behavior suddenly flew high and right Overall I just wanted this book to be longerAs I said I think the first 80% was great But I felt like instead of building on the foundation created in that first 80% the progress Elizabeth and Tristan experienced both individually and as a unit and THEN getting to the twists and turns there was just a sense of okay good enough now let's get to the endIn fact it was so abrupt and flagging that the last 20% dropped me down from an I'm fucking loving this 5 star to a minus 2 what the fuck just happened stars Keep in mind I am DEFINITELY in the minority on this one There really IS a lot to love about this book It's a great story and it's very well writtenHowever there was just one too many holes in the yacht floor for me Find me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOkay this ish has been blowing the fuck outta my feed with all my friends' 5 star reviews And when all of your friends jump off a cliffThere is now a layer of bodies cushioning down there to land on Jay Kay Jaaaaay Kay If all my peeps say this is awesome I want to play too

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    5 stars The Air He Breathes is the most beautiful book I’ve read this year It’s a stunning emotional heartbreaking and powerful read It’s outstanding and it’s by far Brittainy’s best work and my favorite book of hers In fact it’s my favorite book of 2015 Yes You read that right The same author that wrote my favorite book of 2014 Loving Mr Daniels also wrote my favorite book of 2015 This is a book that will stay with you and one you don’t want to miss out on reading Loss It can be devastating and debilitating Losing someone you love has to be one of the worst feelings in the world Losing the love of your life makes it that much worse Elizabeth is trying her best to move on to live every day To breathe It helps that she has Emma her beautiful daughter She has to stay strong For her After an extended visit with her Mama Elizabeth decides to come home It’s time When she gets there things around her are much of the same but nothing feels the same for her Then she meets him The new town jerk The guy everyone talks about but avoids Tristan Cole People in town called him an asshole and I could see why He wasn’t nice he wasn’t stable and he was broken in all of the wrong and right places There is than Tristan than meets the eye You know that loss we talked about earlier? Tristan has had the ultimate loss And it forever changed himThe last thing Tristan Cole wants is a friend But Elizabeth befriends him anyway He resists but eventually she wears him down Her persistence is stronger then his stubbornness For the first time since his loss Tristan finds some happiness and even a little peace with Elizabeth and Emma They are bonded together by their loss Their loss is what connects them at first It’s clear as day they are attracted to one another though both are hesitant to act on it The progression of their relationship is paced perfectly They are both damaged but together they feel a little whole Even if it only is pretend for now He and I together was a terrible idea We were both unstable we were both shattered and there was no getting around it He was thunder I was lightning and we were seconds away from creating the perfect storm I wasn’t him She wasn’t her But my God it felt good to lie to ourselves Lets talk about the characters Tristan was such a jerk at the beginning I wasn’t sure he would win me over but he certainly did I loved that even when he and Liz’s friendship started to grow he didn’t automatically change It was a gradual progression and it worked well with the story You could tell how hurt and damaged he was and it took a lot of time for him to come around And a ton of patience on Liz’s part Lizzie was just amazing She was such a strong heroine She lost so much yet was able to give so much of herself to helping Tristan and accepting him I love that she didn’t care what others thought of her being friends with him etc I loved the kind of mother she was to Emma and also what kind of friend she was She had great character And a special shout out to her best friend seriously what a hoot Faye brought some much needed laughter to the serious story and was a great additionAnother thing I loved about this book is that it wasn’t predictable There were several twists I didn’t see coming at all I love being surprised in a book I also loved so much how the friendship turned into something At first it started just as a way for the two of them to cope then it turned into something beautiful Brittainy C Cherry can tell a story like no other She has this way of sucking you in with her endearing tales lovable characters and flawless writing She is like a unicorn That one special author that never fails to produce a book that goes straight to the top of my favorites list The one who writes and speaks to my heart my mind and my soul If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel make you love move you and make your heart soar read this book I cried I smiled I cried some and by the end I may have cried again those were the happy tears I highlighted a ton because every page was stunning Every scene had something worth highlighting The lines in this book were beyond gorgeous The Air He Breathes is the most beautiful story of love loss friendship healing and perseverance It’s a book that is sitting at #1 on my favorites list and one I would recommend to any and everyone I’m shouting it from the rooftops here READ THIS BOOK You won’t regret it I had the pleasure of beta reading this beautiful story for the lovely Brittainy C Cherry

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    Wow This was a highly emotional and often depressing story Despite the fact that it dealt with some pretty gloomy subject matter I was completely hooked on this story I listened to the Audible version and I finished it in a single day I couldn't pull myself away from itThe author doesn't waste any time before plunging you into the desolate lives of Elizabeth and Tristan Both of them are broken trying to make it through their lives one day at a time Elizabeth has lost her husband and is struggling to hold it together for her young daughter Tristan can't move past the loss of his wife and son becoming an antisocial recluse and the topic of town gossipA twist of fate has these two crossing paths when Elizabeth hits Tristan's dog with her car by accident To say that Tristan is an ass is putting it mildly He is a pretty despicable person in the beginningAs Elizabeth begins to peel back the layers she sees far than either of them had ever expected She can see the pain that he hides with his gruff demeanor She recognizes that he is afraid to get close to anyone only to risk losing them again She knows all of the signs because she's feeling the same painGradually Tristan warms up to Elizabeth and we get glimpses of the man he is inside The two begin a friends with benefits relationship that soon morphs into much Along the way I fell in love with Tristan Of course I loved Elizabeth from the get go Just when things are going perfectly Ms Cherry drops a bomb Honestly I kind of saw it coming However whether you figure out the twist or not it will wreck your world I was so heartbroken for these two which was followed shortly by anger and outrageUp to that point I was thinking this would be a five star read for me I was an emotional mess but in the way that can only be achieved by reading a really great story It was beautifulThen the story took a turn for the worse After the first big reveal the secrets and twists started coming out of everywhere For me the story went from heartfelt to far fetched and unbelievable It was like the author couldn't decide which way to take the story so she threw in everything that had crossed her mind and tried to wrap it up in a few short chapters Up until about 85 90% I was in love with this book Then it kind of got a little unnecessarily dramatic and lost some of it's appeal for me However even with the over the top ending I really enjoyed this book It was still a fantastic story and I'm so glad I finally got around to it Sometime soon I hope to et to the second book in this series I'm just taking a few days to get my emotions in check again

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    Edit Here's my romance scale with the points that interest me tell me if you think of something else^^ Warning This is a DNF review of a book I pretty much hated As much as I would have wanted to finish it I reached 34% and there's no redeeming this bookJust a little over a year ago I started reviewing books on Goodreads I gave up on New Adult at roughly the same time Well or less and this is why They often romanticize unhealthyabusive relationships and are full of sexist tropes Honestly most of them aren't well written They rely on unrealistic and over the top drama So yes A few of them are good and when I stumbled across The Air He Breathes I decided to try it because a Did you see the ridiculously high rating? b It was part of the Romance Finalists in the Goodreads Choice Awards and c It was a freebie That blurb though I'm not gonna lie it screamed cheap NA to me but I know I can be judgmental towards blurbs so I didn't listen to my instincts Verdict I should have trusted my guts because this book is TERRIBLE and if I usually understand why people love books I personally hate I just can't here Poorly written following a ridiculous storyline filled with clichés and stereotypes punctuated by cringing dialogues This leads me to WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ?The story starts with the two main characters relating the deaths of their loved ones Four to be exact because life is a bitch in NA you know What better way to picture characters who are BROKEN than let them shattered by the deaths of their respective significant others? Oh I know add a child's death because tears Tears are always good for sells and a father's death too just for the sake of having the female lead say things like Mama became a whore after Dad died There weren't many other ways to put it other than that I personally could find other ways to say that your mother dates a lot but hey maybe that's just me Don't be too worried though She's sure her mum never cheated on her father before his death because when he'd go off to work at the crack of dawn she would have his breakfast and lunch packed with snacks So just tell me if I misunderstood girl but you're either a whore or a housewife Nice 3% and I already knew our relationship wouldn't be easy UGHBut moving on Because with four deaths we didn't reach the end of our NA drama feast WOOT Liz hits a dog with her car And then you think she is a decent human being I guess? She's going to take care of him surely? Yes she does but before checking on the poor dog LYING ON THE GROUND she takes the time to a stare fixedly into the eyes of the owner that match the shadows of the sky right before a thunderstorm whatever that means b notice his clothes his headphones his muscular arms his fucking absence of SHOES all of this before looking at the poor dog LYING ON THE GROUND I mean okay Psycho much? Unsurprisingly Tristan of course he's our love interest is pretty pissed and sort of yell at her right away About this the only criticism I've read about this book is the way Tristan acts when they meet Let me get this straight I don't condone any kind of violence even verbal BUT SHE JUST HIT HIS DOG WITH HER CAR AND IS STARING AT HIM LIKE A DROOLING FANGIRL Trust me I would be beyond pissed if someone hit my dog and I'm not a yelling kind of person But moving on That's when I realized that this kind of book turned me into a psycho they're at the vet and kind of bicker all the way not in a lovehate banter fashion mind you but like this Are you always alwaysAlways what? Spit it out Use words he orderedSo charming right?So they're at the vet Poor dog is healed And then there's this Liz is describing He lost himself in his emotions and when he exhaled he began to sob uncontrollably He wailed his tears harsh raw and painfulI laughed at that I'm a terrible human being But moving on Because a NA wouldn't be a NA without some kind of woman hating Liz encounters her old neighbors who OF COURSE are the perfect stereotypes of noisy mean and gossip women Of course Liz hates every second of their conversation They complain about the poor state of her yard and say stuff like this After Stephen died you left so fast that I wasn't able to make you any comfort food so now I was finally able to make you this meatloaf to help you mourn or this But just to be clear Emma her little daughter is not suffering from depression is she? I hear that can be uite contagious with other kids Because women are all kinds of stupid aren't they? ARGG Oh by the way thanks for the discreet info dumping beautifully hidden in the dialogues snortsSpeaking of women let's talk about her best friend okay? See I'm always happy when authors picture women who have an active sex life without slut shaming them so at first I thought hey good I was a fool There's a stereotype I hate almost as much the crazy over the top best friend whose sex life is never directly condemned but discreetly mocked Meet Faye Faye is happy she snuggled her head against my breasts as if they were her pillowFaye is 27 Faye doesn't know that a bad joke is always better told only once Or you could fire Sam Faye offered He already has another part time job Plus he's kind of creepyI can hear you Sam said shyly she's going to make that joke third timesFaye has no filters What do you mean you're trying to get laid? I gasped Faye are you having sex right now?Well if you mean is there a penis currently sitting in my vagina then yes I guess you could semi call that sexOh my God Faye Why the hell would you answer the phone?Um because chicks before dicks? Like literally She laughed I gaggedLet's pay a little attention at what we're being sold okay? Faye the sexually active best friend is annoying and unbearable She talks loudly about Liz's aging vagina while Liz is serving customers at the restaurant She visits at night with friends after Liz explicitly texted her that she was fine don't mind me on this apparently that's okay I'm certainly awkward to find that annoying Truth is it's sneaky but I felt as if this ridiculous stereotype of a woman's purpose was to make us despise her and with her women who date the mother is a whore remember? This is what the book is telling us in my opinion So women you want to have a sex life? Don't you see how ridiculous you would be?Fuck you book But moving on I'm sure that by this point you're dying to know how the romance between our two insert gagging emoji broken souls will unfold Well you know the usual fighting ► forced kiss ► OMG this is HAWT ► pushing away ARGG Terrible book not recommended For of my reviews please visit

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    5 STARSimage error

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    FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For An Honest ReviewBR with Dee and MelBEAUTIFUL Every second Every minute Every hour Every day This story was AMAZING If I didn't have so many RL distractions I would have devoured this book and honestly I am happy that I had those distractions because I was able to savor this one After having finished this book I can truly say that Brittainy C Cherry is one hell of a writer I would compare her to COHO from her Hopeless and Slammed days The dialog between the characters goes from laugh out loud hysterical to tug at your heart strings emotional I literally highlighted the ENTIRE bookTristan and Lizzie are two people who suffered TREMENDOUS loss It's the kind of loss that most people never recover from Each grieve in somewhat different ways but both will feel a strong connection to each other Lizzie runs off with her little daughter Emma and stays with her mom for a while Being in her own home holds too many memories and she's not ready to face all the ghosts of the past But living with her mom proves to be much harder for her so eventually she decides to take her daughter back to their own home On her first day back in town she runs into the meanest and most mysterious resident in Meadows Creek He keeps to himself and can often be seen running barefoot all over town Lizzie however sees past appearances and finds Tristan to be very intriguing There is something about his stormy eyes that draws her to himTristan has become a recluse A monster He lives with so much guilt and pain from his past I tell you my heart broke wide open for this man I seriously think if this had happened to me I would beg God to take my life Just thinking now about his pain is making me get all teary eyed He instantly feels something for Lizzie but fights so hard to push her away because he knows he doesn't deserve her and that eventually he'd only end up hurting her Eventually Lizzie along with her little girl Emma are able to break through Tristan's walls and they form a very close bond Lizzie and Tristan eventually take their relationship to the physical level and both even agree that they will use each other while having sex to get over the pain of missing their loved ones As time passes they both start to develop true feelings and can no longer go on with their arrangement of pretending they are someone else while being intimate Now they want to be that special someone to each other but are holding back for their own reasons which in my opinion were misguided There wasn't much that I didn't love about this story The secondary characters were well developed and happened to bring some of the laugh out loud moments and then also made some of the emotional scenes gut wrenching I loved sweet little Emma and her nickname for Tristan aka TICK Oh and those feathers I never knew the meaning behind white feathers but wow what a beautiful sentiment I swooned so hard over Tristan Any man that would build a library for his woman and write little love post it notes as well will always win me over hands down There were a couple of things I had issues with I guess the author added them in to create the angst towards the end and so I willingly overlooked them because damn I loved this book so HARD I was sad when I got to the last page This is the kind of book that makes me so hungry to find that next spectacular read I HIGHLY recommend this one

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    “Every second Every minute Every hour Every day” Ah yes What can I say? This book was simply wonderful Damn the author can write It reads very fast because it is written so well Beatiful words make beatiful sentences which make beautiful story Loved it all the angst the heartbreak the healing the falling in love the humor all was perfectly balanced I don't think I can say much about a plot without spoiling I think you need to go blind into it so let's just say that it is about Elizabeth and Tristan both broken after the tragedies in their pasts both trying to move on Their initial meeting doesn't go very well but life throws them together anyway But will they be enough for each other to heal? Will they be able to put back together their broken hearts? Ahhh I won't tell you have to read a book to find outBoth main characters were simply amazing Elizabeth was strong but vulnerable at the same time she was broken but full of life I'm happy she was able to see past Tristan's asshole facade and tried to be his friend Tristan comes as an asshole and dick oh sorry I meant Tick he doesn't want to feel hates the world and is unapproachable But once Lizzy and Emma is able to break that emotional wall around his heart the man is ubelievable warm caring sweet loving tender but sexy as hell too I just wanted to hug him and cuddle and kiss him and take his pain away seriously people top book boyfriend “She undressed me and made love to her past I slid into her and made love to my ghosts It wasn’t right yet somehow it made sense Her soul was scarred and mine was burned But when we were together the hurting hurt a little less When we were together the past wasn’t as painful to take in When we were together I never for a second felt alone ” All the emotions were real I shed a tear I laughed I felt the friendship and the love In addition to exceptionally well written story you will also get fabulous secondary charcters little Emma and Zeus the dog Sam Faye they were all so cool Oh I also loved Post it notes they kept writing each other it was adorableAnd I just want to give a shout out to Faye Elizabeth's best friend who was hilarious Actually beside the emotional part the book had a spot on dose of humor it made me laugh out loud than few times “But since we are on the subject tell me” Faye said and I could almost see her grin through the phone “Did he use tongue? Did he growl? Was he shirtless? Did he motorboat you? Did you touch his abs? Did you lick his sharp jaw? Is he the size of a horse? Did you giddy up? Did you find his Nemo? Did you Grace his Frankie? Did you Justin his Timberlake?”Sometimes when I’m cutting the grass and you’re sitting on your porch reading your dirty books I see your face blush when you get to a really good part That Mr Darcy must have done some crazy shit to Elizabeth’s body –TC This book is the first part in author's new series it's a standalone without cliffhanger written in both POVs My favorite read of 2015 so far Highly recommend ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review PREREVIEW Drum roll please I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the best book of the year And the winner is Seriously people pre order while the price is insanely low it is worth every pennyThe Air He Breathes link

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    “He and I together was a terrible idea We were both unstable we were both shattered and there was no getting around it He was thunder I was lightning and we were seconds away from creating the perfect storm” If you ask me why I started this bookI won't be able to give you an answerI justhad toLike I was compelledApparently the I freaking love pain part of me was in chargeBut if you ask me why I stayed up all night until I finished it and now coffee is the only thing that keeps me awakethe answer is simpleMy lungs needed airand Brittainy C Cherry's words were my oxygen Do I scare you Elizabeth?NoWhy?Because I see you How do you start over when your whole life is ripped apart?How do you continue breathing when your pain crushes your lungs?How do you live when inside you are dead?When you want to be dead?Elizabeth and Tristan sought the answers to those uestions and they found them in each other's haunted eyes and scarred soulAt first they used their bodies to feel whole againto feel wanted and loved when in fact they didn't think they deserved itThey had to learn how to cope with their losses and their guiltto remember the past while they faced the present and planned the futureThey had to learn how to love again “The magic is in the tiny moments The small touches the gentle smiles the uiet laughs The magic is about living for today and allowing yourself to breathe and be happy My dear boy to love is the magic” What started as an unhealthy and twisted relationship turned into a tenderbeautiful love storyWhile reading The Air He Breathes I experienced so many emotions at onceas if a storm was brewing in my chestas if my chest would explode into a rain of coloursgreen for angerblack for griefred for painyellow for joywhite for loveWith those colours Brittainy C Cherry painted the canvas of my soul and she signed it with blood taken from my own heartThe heart that ached for the trials Tristan and Elizabeth went throughthat bled when they lost the battles against their demonsthat warmed up when they started falling in lovethat shattered when they were torn apart “As long as air moves in and out of my lungs as long as I breathe I will fight for you I will fight for us” When a book makes you try to hold back your tears and a few pages later makes you burst into maniacal laughterit is a good bookThere were so many uotes that were touchingso many lines I highlighted because they inspired meso many scenes that were beautifully writtenIt wasn't flawlessI didn't like the time gaps that took you weeks or months later because sometimes they were abrupt and I wanted details about what happened in betweenbut that didn't prevent me from loving Brittainy C Cherry's writingHer characters were so painfully realisticTristan and Elizabeth healed each other and filled the void their losses had created step by stepeach step a small victory against the monster of grief and deathThey made mistakesthey fucked up what they'd createdbut Elizabeth saw the human beneath Tristan's jerkish attitudeand Tristan saw his redemption in Elizabeth's smileI loved the relationship between Tristan and EmmaElizabeth's daughterthey were so silly and adorableI loved Faye and her inappropriate commentsI loved the brutal plot twist towards the endAnd I loved that I could not sleep because every time I closed my eyes I saw white feathers Five bruised and bleeding stars for two bruised and bleeding hearts “It was obvious what she was to meit was so clear why I always wanted her nearShe was simply the air I breathed”

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    Title The Air He Breathes Series Romance Elements #1 can be read as a standaloneAuthor Brittainy C CherryRelease Date September 25 2015Rating 45 5 starsCliffhanger no HEA view spoiler yes hide spoiler

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    ★★★★★ 45 Stars ★★★★★ Now LIVE US | UK Wow I could read this story it all over again I had the serious case of feels this book was an amazing read It was a fabulous combination of interesting characters humour sadness and hope On top of that we are gifted with an aloof hero as the main character that you just want to cuddle and do dirty things with in eual measureThe Air He Breathes is about two broken people who have both suffered a huge loss in their lives and are trying to get through day by day After having spent the past year mourning her husband Elizabeth returns home from an extended visit at her mothers back to the house that she shared with her husband She is still incredibly raw from her loss but is trying to be a whole person again for her five year old daughter EmmaBack in a familiar place she is feeling like she will never be the woman she was before and even surrounded by her friends and family she has no one to turn to who understands her pain That is until she meets her next door neighbour TristanTristan has completely shut down from anyone since he lost his wife and son and is a shell of a man merely surviving each day through pain with only his dog Zeus and his boss the eccentric Mr Henson for company he is extremely lonelyWhen Elizabeth and Tristan meet the connection is instant but the friendship isn't and so their relationship goes through many different stages from indifference to lust to friendship to love You're beautiful You're a beautiful broken kind of monster What starts off as them using each other to remember their past loved ones turns into something very beautiful and I for one though that it was a very uniue and engaging story I wasn't him She wasn't her But my God it felt good to lie to ourselves Not only did I fall in love with the main characters pretty much off the bat but the relationship between Tristan Emma pretty much sealed the deal To top it off we had Elizabeth's best friend Faye who was a hoot and balanced out all the sad that was within the pages So many great uotes from the supporting cast including this one which has become my new favourite mantra Sometimes life is weird You just have to deal with the weirdness and hope that you find some weirdos who will move forward with you There was a bit of drama towards the end which felt came a little out of left field hence my half star reduction but really it was a minor blip on my radar and would consider this a five star read in every other wayI would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a gut wrenching read that will make you cry and then lift you up in the best way A fantastic job from Brittainy C CherryThis is a standalone contemporary romance told in dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review