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I come to this book from an odd perspective I m sick of identity politics I want a culture that focuses on the individual and not the group that individual belongs to Focusing on group identity just increases division It also doesn t allow for how different individuals actually can be within a group population Group identity is not destiny.But people can t help focusing on how this or that group has social inequity due to discrimination That if any group is not completely on par with every other it s due to society In other words, every inequality is a social construct.This is an interesting idea But it is flawed It completely ignores biology in the equation It relies on everyone being identical copies of each other.A society with equal opportunity in every societal way will still have an inequality in outcome if biologically people are unequal.And of course they are Genes biology have given us differences Obviously, between men and woman But also between fast and slow And smart and dumb And any of a million other traits And, ugly and unfortunately enough, there are differences in traits between extended families with separated lineages Not every human population is biologically identical to every other It s impossible.This is reality We aren t blank copies of one another with no differences between sexes, for example Or between families If we don t share a common ancestor within twenty or forty or so generations of each other, we are going to be different Forty generations of separate ancestry isthan enough time for some biological adaptations to have occurred.And, unfortunately, these biological differences manifest themselvesobviously in groups than in individuals Individual variation is much bigger than group variation, but in groups the law of large numbers exposes a mean much easier.Which, again is why it s better to focus on individuals More variation Less obvious differences.But in our society, people look at group differences as de facto evidence of discrimination, completely ruling out biology They look at averages of the group This is wrong And also gross You are basically calling out groups with biological advantages as being racist or sexist, when biology is a key reason for many social inequalities Privileged people are not all monsters most of them were just born with favorable biology.Inequality is not de facto evidence of discrimination And the only way biology wouldn t be a reason for inequality would be if everyone were genetically identical.So, I come to this book hoping for a real scientific takedown showing that whatever changes nature biology has wrought between extended families they would be small And hence whatever biological differences there exists between groups they would be minor That in fact the social differences are the key.But instead this author refuses to engage and heeds mindlessly to a blank slate mentality De facto dismissing any idea that biology could cause substantial differences.I m going to have to continue for my search for an author that 1 concedes humans aren t a blank slate 2 goes through the science in detail to show how biological differences between groups would be small or inconsequential.I m looking for someone that doesn t dismiss Rushton, Lynn, Murray and all the other investigators of this area through name calling and character assasination, but takes them head on at their own game Exposes flaws in their thinking methodology Makes me think and really consider how biology is a minor factor Scientifically and not dogmatically.However, this book just appears to be ideology and not science at all So, unfortunately, I will have to continue my search for a good counter argument to biology being a key factor Hopefully a real scientist will step up. In This Essential Book, Angela Saini Deftly Shows How Science And Racism Have Long Been Intertwined, Why That Pernicious History Continues To This Day, And Why Race Science Is So Deeply Flawed Deeply Researched, Masterfully Written, And Sorely Needed, Superior Is An Exceptional Work By One Of The World S Best Science Writers Ed YongThis Is An Essential Book On An Urgent Topic By One Of Our Most Authoritative Science Writers Sathnam SangheraWhether You Think Of Racist Science As Bad Science, Evil Science, Alt Right Science, Or Pseudoscience, Why Would Any Contemporary Scientist Imagine That Gross Inequality Is A Fact Of Nature, Rather Than Of Political History Angela Sainis Superior Connects The Dots, Laying Bare The History, Continuity, And Connections Of Modern Racist Science, Some Subtle Than You Might Think This Is Science Journalism At Its Very Best Jonathan Marks, Author Of Tales Of The Ex Apes How We Think About Human EvolutionAngela Saini S Investigative And Narrative Talents Shine In Superior, Her Compelling Look At Racial Biases In Science Past And Present The Result Is Both A Crystal Clear Understanding Of Why Race Science Is So Flawed, And Why Science Itself Is So Vulnerable To Such Deeply Troubling Fault Lines In Its Approach To The World Around Us And To Ourselves Deborah Blum, Author Of The Poison Squad One Chemist S Single Minded Crusade For Food Safety At The Turn Of The Twentieth CenturySome Writers Have Tackled The Sordid History Of Race Science Previously, But None Have Gone So Deep Under The Skin Of The Subject As Angela Saini In Superior In Her Deceptively Relaxed Writing Style, Saini Patiently Leads Readers Through The Intellectual Minefields Of Scientific Racism She Plainly Exposes The Conscious And Unconscious Biases That Have Led Even Some Of Our Most Illustrious Scientists Astray Michael Balter, Author Of The Goddess And The BullRoundly Debunks Racisms Core Lie That Inequality Is To Do With Genetics, Rather Than Political Power Reni Eddo LodgeFor Millennia, Dominant Societies Have Had The Habit Of Believing Their Own People To Be The Best, Deep Down The Powerful They Become, The Power Begins To Be Framed As Natural, As Well As Cultural When You See How Power Has Shaped The Idea Of Race, Then You Can Start To Understand Its MeaningIn The Twenty First Century, We Like To Believe That We Have Moved Beyond Scientific Racism, That Most People Accept Race As A Social Construct, Not A Biological One But Race Science Is Experiencing A Revival, Fuelled By The Misuse Of Science By Certain Political GroupsEven Well Intentioned Scientists, Through Their Use Of Racial Categories In Genetics And Medicine, Betray Their Suspicion That Race Has Some Basis In BiologyIn Truth, It Is No Real Than It Was Hundreds Of Years Ago, When Our Racial Hierarchies Were Devised By Those In PowerIn Superior, Award Winning Author Angela Saini Explores The Concept Of Race, From Its Origins To The Present Day Engaging With Geneticists, Anthropologists, Historians And Social Scientists From Across The Globe, Superior Is A Rigorous, Much Needed Examination Of The Insidious And Destructive Nature Of Race Science