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The TIs One Of The Most Iconic Weapons Created By The Soviets During The Cold War And Also One Of The Most Widely Deployed Weapons In History Like Its Younger Brother, The T , The TEnjoyed A Long Career In The Red Army And Even Into The Early Days Of The Reformed Russian Army Under Their Control It Saw Very Little Combat Use Or Deployments, But It Was Widely Sold To Other Nations And Participated In Many Of The Wars And Combat Operations From The Mid S To The Present The THas Been Employed In Almost Every Conflict In The Middle East And Africa From Its Introduction Into Service Even Today The Tank Is Still Employed By Both Sides In The Syrian Civil War, And They Are Also In Service With Kurdish Forces In The Struggle Against ISIS In The Northern Part Of Iraq Containing ThanStunning Contemporary And Modern Photographs, And Written By Two Experts On Soviet Armour, This Authoritative Book Tells The Complete Story Of The T , One Of The Most Widely Produced Tanks Of All Time This book is an excellent companion volume to the authors previous book on the T 54 This new title carries on the story of the evolution of the T 44 T 54 T 55 family and covers both the tank versions as well as the many specialized derivatives The T 55 is one of the most important tanks of the Cold War era, not only serving as the backbone of the Soviet Army, but also exported to 86 countries The overall quality of this book is excellent, combining exceptionally good graphics and photos with a very thorough text This book is a must have for anyone interested in Soviet tanks.