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Six teens are devoted to a game with one rule If a player gets tagged they must change their life within the next fifteen minutes The better the player the bigger the change One might give their car away or punch the school bully Another might change identities or sacrifice their virginity Anything to keep evolving to avoid fitting into a label or caring about the junk they own But their uest for enlightenment has taken a rotten final turn one of the players has murdered the game's creator the teen prophet cult leader? David Bloom Our narrator is being framed for the crime; can he clear his name and discover which of his lifelong friends is the murderer before he takes the fall?sic is a gritty teen murder mystery that delves into the psychology of enlightenment among the criminally dysfunctional It is a winner of WEBook's Page2Fame award and a cult classic among its thousands of teen fans on Wattpad some of whom have actually applied Kelly's fictional game to their own lives

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    This review also appears on my Happy Indulgence Blog Check it out for reviews Every once in a while a book comes along that transcends simple story telling These books leave a lasting impression giving you the thoughts and the ability to make positive changes to your life sic is one such book about a group of teenagers who want to break free from the normal constraints of life They play a compelling game called Eureka and the rules are simple Once they are tagged they have 15 minutes to change their life in whichever way they chooseJacob Thorke a relatively poor teen living in the trailer park has been pulled in for uestioning of the death of his friend David Bloom As he slowly recalls the past few years of his life we find out how Eureka started and the addictive nature of the game David Bloom is akin to a cultist leader with magnetism and energy to capture the heart of his group Without the usual constraints and social norms these teenagers would do anything to gain David's approval From arson to giving their car away losing their virginity and starting fights we learn that Eureka is a scary game to play no matter how life changing it may beI was really impressed with sic from the get go While it's less 'murder mystery' as the blurb may suggest and realistic fiction seeing these teens euipped with Eureka and what they did was really interesting Eureka removes all the fear in doing things that you think would get you into trouble for hopes of bettering your life From the righteous Jacob to the psychotic and beautiful Emily to crazy Steven these teenagers are off the hook The only thing balancing out their craziness is Nora the on and off again girlfriend of Jacobs who uestions his loyalty to the gameThe writing has its moments of beauty kind of like a rough diamond Its simply to convey what Jacob thinks about his own life and it's really easy to fall intosic is a simple yet powerful tale about the possibilities of life if you break free from constraints It's about the freedom to act out your wishes to achieve your dreams but the flipside is the conseuences of these actions can be scary What would you do if you had 15 minutes to change your life? This book makes you think about those possibilities and what's holding you backI received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    This review is also published on Always a Bookloversic was something I didn’t expect at all Even the name was unexpected I thought there was something wrong with my computer when I saw the name to be honest But it certainly did capture my attention Nevertheless I don’t see the link with the book Maybe I missed some clue but yeah this isn’t really important is it? On to the book So this was a book I wasn’t prepared for When I saw the blurb I was instantly intrigued I mean what could changing your life mean? So I decided to read it And I was blown away truly I was I was prepared for a book that was maybe slightly immature maybe funny What I was not prepared for was this It truly got me sucked in by the level of thought that went into itWhile I cannot say that this is a book that brought me through a wide array of emotions I can say that it certainly got me thinking Maybe sometimes we do have to change our lives And sometimes we do need that push that this game gave the players Sometimes we have to stop living behind our façade pretending everything is okay Maybe sometimes we just have to step out and do something else and just do what we wantI did really enjoy reading the book In all aspects this book helped me to see a different aspect of life Many times the books I read aren’t talking about the poorer side of society where people really struggle to live In this way this book was an eye opener seeing how sometimes people just want to be heard To have an identity of one’s own to truly be who one is instead of being what society defines them to be The plot of sic was rather complex and I loved getting to understand the characters and as they matured and through them playing the game It was simply put incredible I truly saw how all the characters thought and how they really were like especially towards the end The beginning was a little slow but it really picked up towards the end I loved how the story was told with little commentaries thrown in by the psychiatrist whenever we are brought back to the present It really gave me insights as to how David thought because so little was really known about him At the same time we also started knowing about Jacob Up till now right at the end of the story I’m not certain whether he’s really sane I mean he did seem a bit unstable towards the end But I guess you win some you lose some yeah? The characters in this book were really good to read about I felt like they really had substance to them As in the main characters were really focused on and I felt I got to know all of them eually except maybe for Jacob but that’s cause he is the main character As I mentioned earlier character development was great too I love character development so it really got me interested as I saw how the characters matured and started understanding All in all this was a really good book I did truly enjoy it and was hooked especially towards the end While the beginning seemed a bit slow and monotonous at times I found it all to be a great set up for the ending and it just allowed everything to fall neatly into place Certainly a very well planned out book and one that truly made me think

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    I never knew that 170 pages could capture me the way sic did The philosophy in it is powerful and will hopefully give young adults a book that is than mushy romance and superficial lifestyles The plot has a great impact as readers observe the lives of teenager pariahs Initially they have no meaning in their lives Of course that is before Eureka before David Eureka's creator seizes their hearts and creates a cult He becomes their JesusI cannot deny the originality of the plot It is nothing like I have read before There is no book no movie that can compare to sic This made the plot so refreshing I was walking on unfamiliar territory and there was no predictability With such a radical game introduced early in the novel the plot gains momentum I even found that my reading pace increased because I anticipated what the tagged character It would do Better yet with each Eureka play the novel intensifies as each move is bizarre than the last sometimes even life threatening Being a source of empowerment for the tagged Eureka eventually becomes the sole motivation of each main character Though it does take up most of the plot this game which makes Truth and Dare look like Monopoly Junior is not the only element that escalates sic For example there are many conflicts and woes that each character has to face Whether it is academic failure or abuse these circumstances help to make this novel realistic Kelly constructed an amazing plot considering the novel's length It was filled with many WTFs and OMGs which succinctly describes how this book had me on the edgeKelly provides a gritty dramatis personae that comprises of five major characters David is the uite the philosopher He uestions humanity life and motivation often He uses his Eureka players as subjects for his abstruse theories Jacob the narrator idolizes David He even begins to sound like David later in the novel There is also Stephen He is the smug nerd who feels like he needs to prove himself Emily is that deranged looking chic most try to avoid in isolated parking lots Beneath her dark make up she is a wolverine ready to do anything in honor of Eureka and David Then there is Cameron the beautiful girl who no one would expect to have a scarred past These characters have a lot in common They cannot attach significance to their lives and their rejection in society especially the microcosm of high school is no aid at all This is why they feel the urge to embrace Eureka It is a panacea that helps them to forget their woes and to add meaning to their lives Eureka is the extension of David and this is another reason why they obsess over David too With such a passion for Eureka these characters neglect the salient aspects of living a conventionally fulfilling life such as education They have found their solace in David a leader who they are destined to impress a leader who accepts them despite their conditions that their very society frowns uponThis intriguing plot and these perplexing characters deserve to be encased in extraordinary style I must say that Kelly's writing is beautiful I think this alone needs to make that YA label disappear from this novel's description I know that young adults are capable of appreciating fine writing such as myself but I still think that this novel fits a seasoned audience as well Snippets of elouence can be found on every page What captivated me the most about Kelly's style was his generous use of metaphors I wish I could add some examples but I have no permission to do so so take my word Compelling figurative language is a literary element that is being dismissed by many authors and this is another reason why I found sic so refreshing I also was thankful for Kelly's smooth transitions across the time frames The novel heavily relies on David's flashbacks and then jumps into the presence with easeI received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest reviewThis review appeared first on Oh Chrys

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    This is a novel that will keep reverberating long after you put down your Kindle It's such a uniue text and Jacob's voice is really endearing even in his most awkward moments in one bittersweet excerpt he attempts to comfort a girl whose mom is battling cancer and with one sentence his good intentions go awry First the Six are incredibly well developed and relatable characters Jacob describes them as his family unit an indispensable part of him In Jacob an embattled high school freshman Scott Kelly has created an exceptionally bright adolescent narrator I would compare him to Holden Caulfield but that would misrepresent how uniue Jacob is He idolizes David whose philosophy and antics are impressive Sartre was right David says after one hilarious and thought provoking vignette in which he proves that people get comfortable with who they are and let that definition control them The Devil is a scapegoat hell is manmade is Jacob's response It has sidewalks and street signs but no mirrors You can see everyone but yourself The Six believe that people definie themselves by how other people view them but what happens if a pretty girl can't be pretty and the big jock can't be a strong leader? The subject matter gives readers a lot to chew on dealing with everything from economic and social classism to dealing with terminally ill family members and Alzheimer's and playing Eureka is a brilliant bit of escapism that will haunt you as you read this book This is a great book that will make you examine your life in ways you never thought to before

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    45 starsThis was a most curious book Any book that starts off with a death accident suicide or murder? can go two ways promising or bad This one is the first It's natural for people to play games but for this group of young people playing a game Eureka is life changing Literally When tagged the target has a uarter of an hour time to change their lives dramatically The escalation of this game is at the heart of the story that starts off a bit on the slow side but the pace uickens toward the end and there are surprisesThe writing is good with some one or two words sentences but that works since the narrator is a kid Jacob What took out a star for me however was the fact that Jacob is no hero He's an antihero and he's selfish and unable to change the core of his being despite adversities Blindly he follows David the inventor of Eureka anywhere which makes him seem stupid These people try to find meaning but their methods are so extreme and I think despite their claims to the contrary it's about 70 30 in favor of thrill seeking instead The six characters come through uite clearly as personalities and unfortunately they're all broken from broken situations so there's not much hope hereThis is not my typical genre for reading but it was thought provoking and definitely stays with me for a long time to come I think For that reason I do recommend this

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    This isn't my usual type of book however I really enjoyed it It makes you think and doesn't seem so horribly young adult that adults can't enjoy it It covers some very interesting topics I loved that all of the characters were so flawed and real Most young adult books seem to have these perfect characters meant to only be the best influence Sometimes we learn from the bad influences though The format and the way the story was told kept me interested from start to finish There is also a great twist ending that I think everyone will appreciateGive this book a shot I don't think you will be disappointed

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    I was immediately drawn to the story and characters from the very first chapter From that point on there are twists and turns that make a great book It's refreshing to read a book that makes you think differently about life from the eyes of teens while not including magic vampire lust or child gladiators Although I loved reading all of those of course I think it made me forget that I could possibly feel a rush from a story that can actually happenNot only is it original in that way the writing is beautiful Yes is there a game being played but at the same time the author plays with the words He includes many philosophical uestions that would excite any college philosophy professor who likes to use current media to illustrate their lessonsI finished sic while sitting in a crowded area full of people and I looked around and had that whoa moment and then had to remember that nobody around me had experienced what I just finished Like I had this crazy secret all of a sudden I love books that do that

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    Not a story you will soon forget Some very large uestions about who any of us are the impact of the environment on personal development combined with the risks vs rewards of teens to find meaning in their lives all come crashing together in a very interesting and sadly entertaining story I would guess there is a 50 50 chance you read his than once

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    One of the most gripping and thought provoing novels I have ever read Scott Kelly is truly a master of his art in the making sic holds your attention long after you put it down Definitely a worthy read An enthralling piece of literature

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    it was an amazing read the book really gets you thinking Initially I was just looking for reading material appropriate for German 9th graders but I got totally hooked Definitely something to re read