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To the north, over the hilltops, a bank of cloud was ominous and still on the horizon, but otherwise the sky was arching an untouched blue over the pale grass and rocks. To Sharpe’s eyes there was nothing strange in the landscape. A rock thrush, startled and noisy, flew from the Company’s path, and Sharpe saw Harper smile with enjoyment…

For a while I have resisted the siren call of Bernard Cornwell’s fictional 19th century war hero, Richard Sharpe, a British soldier elevated to Captain after recent success in the Peninsula Warso wonderfully portrayed by actor Sean Bean. But no longer. The year is 1810 and with the war almost certainly lost Wellington, headquartered at Celerico, Portugal, sends Sharpe and his Company across the border to seize gold held in the partisan town of Casatejada in the Extremadura province of Spain.

The words flow off the pages as the Light Infantry takes to the high ground, unforgiving terrain to outflank the advancing French cavalry, enduring exhaustion and the weather, the dull green uniforms of the Company contrasting with those of the Redcoats; lances and bayonets, swords, muskets and rifleseven the rudimentary way the men field strip and clean their weapons is described, while Sharpe displays a genuine affection for (and some irritation) the men under his command.

Daniel Hagman had an uncanny ability to find his way in the darkness. Sharpe often wondered how the old poacher had ever been caught, but he supposed that one night the Cheshireman had drunk too much…

This is warfare at its bloodiest and aside from the soldiers, civiliansyoung, old, women, even dogs are massacred by the French in their zeal, which makes for confronting reading. Aside from evading the French, Sharpe is up against the Partisan leader El Católico, who is as ruthless as the invaders.

(I had never thought about it before but the word guerillas is of course “little war’. There are interesting alliances: the Polish fighting with the French, a German (King’s) Regiment with the British. George III is in failing health and the following year George IV takes over as Regent).

Bloodshed apart, this is a thrilling story, welltold, with romance between Sharpe and the feisty daughter of a Partisan leader, betrothed to El Católico, as the parties converge on the soontobe sieged fortifications of Almeida, Portugal. By Sharpe’s side strides the giant Ulsterman Sgt. Patrick Augustine Harper, who love his birds. I noted: barn owl, nightjar, an exaltation of larks, red kite and rock thrush.

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I just love the Sharpe series. Real history wrapped up in entertaining fiction.
The real history is the events that happened at Almeida in Portugal 1810.
The British army is struggling to maintain a foothold in Portugal and is running out of money. If the army is to survive it need gold and lots of it. There is a horde of Spanish gold that the British army has heard about and the army decides to help themselves to it. The problem will be getting it from the Spanish.
This is where Captain Richard Sharpe and his small company come in. Sharpe has been given orders to get the gold come what may.
Sharpe has to contend, not only, with the French but also the Spanish guerrillas who won’t give up the gold without a fight.
When Sharpe is on a mission, the only thing that will stop him is death it’s self.
This makes for lots of thrills and spills.
Thoroughly entertaining and informative.

Highly recommended for lover of historical fiction.

Sharpe's Gold picks up the story of the freshly appointed, yet unconfirmed, Captain Richard Sharpe soon after his famous capture of a French regimental Eagle at the battle of Talavera (I think 1810, but I'm not very good with numbers). The fate of the British armies in Portugal is in Dire Straits (I've always wanted to find a way to insert the name of this rock band in one of my reviews) , and General Wellington's last resort is to send the unorthodox but highly effective Sharpe deep into enemy territory, where he has to retrieve about half a ton of gold in Spanish doubloons.

Both the ownership of the treasure and its role in salvaging the British troops remain questionable. Sharpe has to fight both the French patrols and the Spanish guerrilleros as his small band of riflemen is chased across the no man's land between the larger armies. Strongpoint of the novel are several battle sequences and the personal conflict between Sharpe and El Catolico, guerilla leader and spurned lover.

Speaking of love, I'm getting real tired of the author's insistence in providing a nubile, fiery tempered and easily seductible woman in every single novel in the series, no matter how rough the setting and improbable the conquest. My other complaint is the evident bias towards the British armies, and towards Sharpe in particular, to the point where adversaries are ridiculed and his own soldiers are praised to heaven amd beyond. Realism takes a step back when faced with hero worshipping, sometimes going so far as to find excuses for war crimes (view spoiler)