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I am one of the contributors, but am taking no royalties, so I m OK to review imho Upon first reading this you may think what a bunch of whinge bags But I read a whole lot of passionate authors with valid points.This is a collection of self publishing woes cautionary tales.If you re just about to publish your first novel please do read this first you may be hoping that now you ve put all that hard work into writing creating your masterpiece it will magically sell itself It won t And this book will help show you the way forward and what to avoid.Any trolls you too should read this book You may learn something PGreat collection of comments, wonderfully brought together by the ever funny Karl Wiggins 0P.S I m really not as grumpy as I sound in my tiny contribution Really I m not. The Author S RevengeA MUST BUY For All Self Published Authors, Writers, Scribblers, Bloggers, Song Writers And Spin DoctorsThe Moment You Click Save And Publish You Re No Longer On Your Own You Are Now Connected To A Huge Network Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fellow Writers, And That Feels Both Scary And Exciting By Definition Writing Is A Solitary Profession Writers Need Peace And Quiet To Gather Their Thoughts, To Research, To Dig Deep Into Their Subconscious For Ideas Marketers On The Other Hand Need People, And The Majority Of Authors Are Pretty Poor At Marketing And Have Absolutely No Interest In It So I Ve Put This Book Together With The Assistance Of A Number Of Fellow Authors Who Ve All Contributed A Piece Or Two My Objectives With This Book Are A To Demonstrate To Those Just About To Publish Their First Book The Amount Of Work They Should Expect To Put In Afterwards, B To Perhaps Offer Direction, To Advise On What Works And What Doesn T, And, I Guess C To Establish For The Reader Just How Hard Authors Have To Graft To Promote Their Work, Which Is Why I Ve Included Pieces From Various Authors, Who All Deserve My Recognition And Gratitude For Demonstrating Their Often Contradictory Points Of View What Worked For Some, Bombed When Fellow Authors Tried The Same Tack, So It S Crucial That I M True To Myself And Present The Indie Industry In A Genuinely Transparent FormThanks To These Fellow Authors Who Ve Contributed A Full % Between Them The Reader Will Find A Variety Of Opposing Viewpoints, Conflicting Assessments And Impressions Of The Industry, And Differing Outlooks And Perspectives The Reader Will Also Discover That A Number Of Authors Share Identical Points Of Experiences And Viewpoints Special Thanks To All Contributors, But Especially Harpie For Baring Her Soul In Sharing Excerpts From Her Wacky, Psycho, Screwball, Demented Diaries With Us You Ll Be Hearing A Lot From Harpie In The Future WARNING Writers Can Often Be A Precious Breed Of Born Again Goody Goodies Me I Never Ask Anyone To Like Him I Never Pretend To Be Anything That I M Not I M A Handful And I Know It I M Strong Willed, A Bit Outspoken And I Write Exactly What I M Thinking If Strong Language Offends Or You Have An Aversion To Self Deprecating, Piss Taking Humour Then Please DO NOT Buy This Book, Because I Use These Methods Of Bringing To Light Situations That Just Don T Stack Up I Truly Believe That Serious Issues Can Be Approached With Humour, But I Understand Not Everyone Feels The SameSo What, Or Specifically Who, Is The Storm That The Title Refers To I Ll Tell You The Storm Refers To A Group Of People Who Have No Issue Whatsoever With An Artist Hiring Out A Gallery And Displaying His Paintings They Don T Mind If A Chef Opens A New Restaurant By Inviting Local Residents To An Opening Night Special, Or A Beautician Promotes Her Services With The Use Of Posters And Referral Specials For Nails, Waxing Or Sun Beds They Don T Even Mind A Scuba Diving Club Offering Come And Try It Sessions And They Certainly Don T Object To A Local Swing Band Or Orchestra Advertising An Upcoming Concert They Don T Even Mind Their Friends Trying Out A Recently Acquired Capacity For Wine Making On ThemBUT, If A Hard Working Author Does Similar, If He She Promotes The Book They Ve Slaved Over For The Last Year, This Relentless And Insidious Enemy Of All Honest Scribblers Will Have That Poor Author In Their Crosshairs In A New York Heartbeat If You Re The Storm, You Ll Recognise Yourself Here This book has a lot of personality and Karl is both inspiring and encouraging He shares his journey of a writer that proudly holds the title of self published and he certainly has had a colourful life As a self published writer myself, reading these fellow authors experiences makes you feel less alone We all go through the same struggles walking the self published road and it s nice to be reminded of this Eye of the Storm, isn t like some textbook dishing out instructions, it s humorous, but also insightful and full of great analogies and advice There s a mixture of poetry and memoirs from other authors too Jan Hurst Nicholson is funny and honest and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favourite self publishing authors, Catherine Lockwood had written a hilarious chapter Some of these authors I will definitely be checking out and Shit my History Teacher Didn t Tell Me, written by Karl is right up my street and is now on my WTR list If you re an author, whether self published or not, I would definitely recommend this book Hell, even if you re not a writer, I d recommend it just for the laughs I write fiction, I ve tried non fiction, at one stage I have aspirations to write a book on everything I ve learnt about nutrition, raw food, detoxification both physical and mental and really bad lifestyle choices Being able to write about so honestly would be the way to do it,and Karl s style is both honest, funny and personal I m just surprised it took me so long to read because every time I picked it up, I was reading until work or bed called. Everything this man writes is worth reading If it doesn t make you split your sides, it s educational or both Karl Wiggins is not just a funny man, but he is also intelligent and well informed on many subjects This book has a lot of eclectic information that is valuable to anyone who wants to publish or has already published or for anyone who is interested in what authors have to deal with There are excerpts from several authors, including yours truly, telling of their good and bad experiences in self publishing Great job Carole McKee, Author Thoroughly enjoyed it Everything rang true for me Loads of matter of fact advice for indie authors and from several different authors I only wish I could have contributed to this book Loved it. Eye of the Storm is a fascinating book into the world of SP The marketing of Indie books, dealing with the abusive trolls that roam, lack of respect, and the demanding effort that one puts in It s not easy out there in the world of self publishing Author Karl Wiggins give excellent advice, which is well received by hundreds, if not thousands It gives many authors a platform for discussion I have been a fan of this author for quite some time, as he does not hold back his insight and humor is always refreshing This book is a must read for any author, and I give it five stars Wish I could give. This is a good mix of bitchiness and insight And I always find bitchiness funny, so it was a most entertaining book.This book gives certain authors a platform to talk about the self publishing world I m sure most people are aware that publishing a book is an arduous task, but this book opens it up about the abuse authors may suffer at the hands of reviewers and the lack of respect extended to those who publish of their own volition.Having been a fan of Karl Wiggins for a few years now, some of his interjections can be found in some of his other work He is an insightful and entertaining author and puts a lot of effort into his research, but I found myself equally drawn to what other authors had to say Trolls and one star reviews seems to be the biggest complaint Along with following along with the trials and tribulations associated with the writing world, it gives a glimpse into the actual writing style of some of the authors After reading Eye of the Storm there are some authors that I will be reading in the near future because I liked their style found in this book By the same token, there are some authors I will be avoiding.I enjoyed it and award it five stars Karl Wiggins expertise as a raconteur serves him well as he leads the reader into the perils of self publishing His advice regarding marketing Indie books, and dealing with pitfalls such as trolls and one star reviews is well researched and invaluable In between hints is Karl s unique slant on the subjects, with helpful advice from other Indie authors, and also Karl s amusing answers to my interview of him thanks for that for a light hearted ending.