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Drake and the rest of the Dragon Masters are back for another adventureThis series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text high interest content fast paced plots and illustrations on every page these books will boost reading confidence and stamina Branches books help readers growIn this third book in the series someone is trying to steal the Dragon Stone Drake soon discovers that the thief is his friend and fellow Dragon Master Bo Could the dark wizard somehow be behind this? The Dragon Masters must find a way to protect the Dragon Stone and keep Bo's family out of danger Will the secret to solving their problems lie with Bo's dragon Shu? Drake is about to find out

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    I need to start out by stating that my 3 children love these books I started reading them with my son who is 8 soon his younger sister who is 5 joined us and then his older sister who is almost 10 is now helping read them to the younger two The books are entertaining and engaging from 5 45 years of age And that in and of itself is a pretty strong endorsementThe young dragon masters encounter a new threat in this book in the series The main focus is on Drake and his earth dragon Worm and Bo and his water dragon Shu Someone tries to steal the Dragon stone which is used to find children to be dragon masters and which each master wears a piece of to facilitate communication between master and dragon In this adventure we encounter The Raven Guard ninja like characters we have further adventures against Maldred and his dark magic And a threat against Bo's family The dragons and children will need to work together to counter all these threats Graham Howells does some amazing illustrations And my children love looking at the books again and again Almost every page is enhanced with embelishments and combining that with the stunning illustrations and a wonderful story and it makes for a great combinationThis books are highly loved by my children We have now read the 4 books available currently in this series and eagerly anticipate book 5's release My children love these books so much they are willing to shut off the TV to start reading earlier than normal And we are now working through the series a second time They are great reads and the adventure in this one was even intense as the tension in the series builds This is a great read for young and young at heart Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Tracy West and Graham Howells

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    This is a great book for kids that are into Dragons Our son is in love with the Dragon Master series He has all of them and is totally hooked He started reading them when he was 6

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    I thought it was a really good book because there was a lot of wizards that can do magic I like wizards and magic and a LOT of dragons

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    Read this to my four year old son Starts a little slow relatively speaking but then kicks in to an exciting adventure The power level and scale of the story is possibly getting out of hand with respect to further book in the series but I guess we will find out

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    Since one can never have too many dragon books it's nice to have a series that works well for early chapter book readers Not only are the stories fun with lots of action but the illustrations are pretty awesome as well The illustrations are mixed in nicely with the text making the text not so intimidating Secret of the Water Dragon is the third book in the series and focuses on Bo and his dragon whose powers are revealed as the story progresses Bo receives a letter that leads him to try to steal the Dragon Stone After he tells the others why he did this the others try to help him rescue his family and stop the dark wizard from getting his hands on the stone A fun filled adventure with themes of courage friendship and loyalty mixed in throughout the story

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    This series is one of my son's favorites The dragons are all so uniue and somewhat mirror their dragon master's personalities They all work together very well and in each story they have a new adventure featuring a different dragon In book three we get to learn about Shu the water dragon and find out what type of uniue power he has The book is very engaging even as a parent I was drawn into the story There are just enough pictures for younger readers while still keeping a detailed plot line I have really enjoyed learning about all the dragons Up next is the fire dragon and I bet it will be very exciting See at

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    Four stars for kids like 3 stars for adults My daughter loves these books and they are very fast paced and exciting I have a hard time not commenting on some logical fallacies oversimplifications not to mention the absurdity of 8 year olds being dragon masters or being sent to a far away kingdom to battle an evil wizard's spell and rescue one boy's family with zero adult supervision BUTas I said this book was very fast paced and exciting and kept my almost 7 year old riveted and really mad when I only read 3 or 4 chapters at bedtime So I will go with a 4 star rating for the enthusiasm it engendered in my daughter and for the attempt to have a couple of non white main characters although the series clearly isn't OwnVoices In this volume of the series dragon master Bo gets a threatening note telling him his family has been imprisoned by the Emperor of his kingdom and to save them Bo has to steal the Dragon Stone The evil wizard Maldred has put a spell on the Emperor which Bo's water dragon Shu must undo Bo and the Emperor are depicted as Asian although it's not precisely our world so the empire in uestion is vaguely Chinese or Japanese or some amalgamation thereof

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    As I figured after reading the previous book in the series this book shed light on the background of Bo and his dragon Shu As Bo's and before him Ana's story unfurls we are taken to a different geographical land with an opportunity for conversation about architecture and landmarks about magic powers and connectionsOur grandchildren continue to be enthralled with the story; a story that has managed to also captivate my husband and me no small feat for a children's authorTwo conversations of note there is some thought in our group of four that Drake's dragon Worm is the most powerful of the dragons in King Roland's collection The other entertaining bit is our grandson asked us to read the next book I replied it was on order from the library He replied to go get it I explained it wasn't available yet and might be at another library He replied to go to that library As you might have surmised he wants to know what happens next And I have placed both book number 4 AND 5 on hold so next time while I won't read them on the same day we will be prepared

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    My thoughts – So much happens in this book Bo learns that his dragon Shu has a secret power He learns that his dragon can wash away magic spells This is really good for both Bo and Drake when they take their dragons to try and save Bo’s family It appears that the Emperor in his home land is under a spell cast by a powerful evil wizardBo Drake and the dragons set everything right and then report back to Griffith When they get back they learn that Griffith’s friend another wizard that is helping them is in a deep sleep It appears that he’d cast a spell that left him in a sleeping trance This spell appears to be unbreakable Once Bo and them explain what Shu can do they have Shu break the spell that is keeping the wizard asleep Then they learn details about the evil wizard that is causing trouble throughout a number of kingdomsI look forward to reading the next book in this series very soon

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    Bo is blackmailed by his emperor into stealing the dragon stone in order to protect his family After a failed attempt at stealing it and getting caught Bo explains to Griffith and the others that he was just trying to protect his family Can Bo Drake and Griffith find a way to protect the dragon stone from falling into the wrong hands and protect Bo's family at the same time? Such a cute series I loved that Shu has her own secret power to wash away spells I really like the idea of a water dragon having this sort of power In fact it seems as if each dragon has their own secret power in addition to elemental powers such as flying fire wind or water Personally I still think Worm has the coolest powers but I like Kepri's personality best This is a great series to recommend to 2nd 3rd grade students who are still learning to read fluently but want to get into chapter books especially kids who are into dragons and fantasy