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A Gift Of Second Sighta Nightmarea DeathEleven Year Old Meg MacAllister Lives In Sparks, California With Her Parents She Is Gifted With Second Sight, Like Her Grandmother, Granny Mac But Meg S Gift Is DifferentShe Has A Nightmare That Recurs When She S Angry Robbie Daughtry, The Subject Of Psychological Experimentation By Meg S Mother, Threatens Meg, And Makes Her Angry She Dreams Of Robbie S Death And Awakens To Learn That He Has Died Her Parents Are Charged With Murder, Are Imprisoned, And Meg Goes To Live With Granny Mac In The North Georgia MountainsMeg Fears That She Is The One Guilty Of Robbie S Death, And When She Becomes An Adult, She Returns To Sparks And Joins The Police Department, Hoping To Find Information That Will Clear Her Parents Of Robbie S Death But She And Her Father Come To The Attention Of A Secret Organization Whose Intention Is To Rule The World Can They Escape

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    A book won through First Reads A new and unique idea, very refreshing amidst all the vampire and werewolf books The conspiracy theory feels a little cliche, but it is presented from a different perpective than most other conspiracy theory novels The main point isn t to save the world like most other books, the fact that the world is saved is almost an afterthough Meg is just trying to survive and deal with her own unusual abilities.

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    Tommie Lyn s book is actually very good and the reason behind it being so good is easily the simplicity of the book The plot is really good, the flow is very natural, and the characters are very relative to people you can meet at a regular meeting Also, a lot of the characters have characteristics and traits to show their personalities, even though it is somewhat stereotypical.Good example would be the characters Meggie and Amanda Meg is a girl from the country who had a traumatizing event in her past and was raised with good morals and standards She is very nice, very well mannered, and sticks by her morals despite any adversity She even has the beauty from the country look about her as well.Amanda on the other hand is the most popular girl back in her high school days and the most beautiful but falls to the streotype of marrying a cheating boyfriend from high school and being a waitress What was famous then doesn t mean you ll be famous now.Seriously, a good book worth reading slowly This isn t a Dexter book or one of MY books actually which is a good change of pace.

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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the characters When I compare this book to TUGGER S DOWN, I liked the characters better, but the story a little less I found it to be a little bit jumpy at times, and vague at others, but still worth the read and recommendation, without a doubt Tommie Lyn knows how to write characters, though I find myself never wanting the story to end She leaves me wanting to keep her characters in my life I felt the same way about another series, and read all 13 800 page novels, and recently considered reading them again If Tommie Lyn writes a series, I know I d be in for the long haul.

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    I was paralyzed with fear when I went to read this one as it was my third book by this author I expected romance so after the last book I read and here we go again, so I thought I started out and before I could believe what my eyes were telling my brain I was done and I WAS entertained This book has a bit of everything all thrown into one and then gives you Now I can not wait for the next book by this author.

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    The concept of the story was interesting but the writing was mediocre I had the feeling that a middle school student was writing it.

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    Good book This was a book that grabbed my attention throughout since the first chapter Meg with her gift, a creepy mother, and Great book Definitely would recommend it

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    The story is very easy to follow along The dialogue keeps the reader immersed in each page If you re looking for a good read, Scribbles won t disappoint.

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    InterestingI really enjoyed the story and characters it kept me interested Provoked my emotions I just wanted to find out what else would happen

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    I actually have an ebook version of this book from Smashwords I don t know what page it is, but I m on the beginning of Chapter 8.

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    Don t do it Started off okayslid downhill gradually until you realize you just don t care any How old is this author Just couldn t finish it