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It is the beginning of 1989 and 15 year old X has decided it’s time for a change Tired of being a wallflower at his failing secondary school he comes up with a plan get the look get rich raise his profile and be cool all with the aim of meeting the right girl However he may have just met the right girl when Rachael Williams the latest addition to the student body takes the seat next to him in the first English class of the year Unfortunately X is so obsessed with trying to be someone; he fails to see that one girl likes him for who he really is So begins X’s big adventure which sees him transformed from a nobody into parade of personas entrepreneur heartthrob rebel pariah comeback kid sporting hero and love rat All the while his relationship with Rachael follows a trajectory as wayward as his own After being awarded the School Spirit trophy X has his greatest idea yet He will become School Spirit and lead his once great school back to glory and in the process prove his worth to Rachael All he really needs to do is to wake up to himself though The uestion is will he do it before the year is out?

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    Not much of interest comes through on Facebook advertising however this is notable exception If you have an offbeat sense of humour like me you'll laugh a lot However knocked a star off for a few typos Highly recommended though