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Dragon Masters has it all dragons Dragon Stones a wizard and even some magic This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text high interest content fast paced plots and illustrations on every page these books will boost reading confidence and stamina Branches books help readers growIn the second book in this fully llustrated series Drake and the other three Dragon Masters Ana Rori and Bo continue their training But Ana's dragon Kepri is sick The wizard tries to make her feel better but his potions are not working Drake's dragon Worm must use his special powers to take the Dragon Masters across the world in search of a cure What made Kepri sick? Will the Dragon Masters be able to save her? And what dangers will they face along the way?

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    My son absolutely loves these books Full review to followThis was the second book in this series my children and I have read together My youngest two love the series And for this book the oldest child and I took turns reading to the younger two Making this series great for the whole family As my children grow it is harder to find books that all three girl boy girl like and will read together It is wonderful that the oldest can help read to the younger two and that this book entertains all three This series showed up in my recommended books because of reading some Dragon books by Chris d'Lacey and we gave them a try and there has been no looking backThis second book in this series opens with fun and adventure the dragons go out to fly But things soon turn dark when Kepri the sun dragon becomes sick and almost falls from the sky Soon the 4 dragon masters and their teacher Griffith are poring over books and scrolls trying to find a cure Soon Worm the earth dragon reveals another of his abilities and the group is off to an adventure in Egypt This is a story filled with spells magic a mysterious twin and A great tale The illustrations by Graham are wonderful the help support the story without being too scary The embellishments on almost every page add to the stunning presentation And combine that with well written stories and the book and series is a big hit I cannot say enough how much my children love these books They ask to read each night and turn off the TV and devices in order to read earlier They always ask for extra chapters They even ask often when book 4 will be out and to see the cover of it And what higher praise could be given to a book or series than children clamouring to read or read again Another book that kids love Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by West and Howells

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    I loved the Sun Dragon's story and the legends behind it Another great story that my son 3yo sat through in one sitting Worm and his friends grow closer and discover some new friends and even some new magic We can't wait to get started on the next one

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    A dragon gets sick and potions don’t work to heal her Worm a dragon who can’t fly has special powers and takes her – and the young dragon masters – to the cure of the Sun Dragon’s diseaseI love dragons This is an excellent story full of dragons with different abilitiesI can’t wait to read the entire series I know just reading for my inner child This book is appropriate for young readers 7 9 years though I think that’s of a read alone thing If read aloud I think it is like 4 6

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    Branches is a relatively new imprint of high interest chapter book series perfect for anywhere from second to 4th grade depending on reading level Abundantly illustrated with pictures on every page these make a good transition from beginning readers and will appeal to kids who are anxious to get into things like Harry Potter but don't read well enough yet Large font short chapters and lots of pictures make it an attractive sell to the target audience

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    My son and I are loving this series It involves friendship dragons a castle wizards and a mystery surrounding a dark wizard It's all very Sword and the Stone which we LOVE so this is right up our alley We look forward to continuing the rest of the series Full review to come

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    i really liked it because there was a new dragon

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    Avery gives it 4 stars

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    Love this series Amazing series for young readers wanting to wade into chapter books

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    This book was really fun and cool with all the dragons I liked that there was something surprising in the middle of the story

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    Read aloud to the younger kids As much as we got to know some of the dragons better in this book I wasn’t as on board with the plot