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Here Comes Trudy Back Into Hap S Life, Thirty Six But Looking Ten Years Younger, With Long Blonde Hair And Legs That Begin Under Her Chin, And The Kind Of Walk That Ll Make A Man Run His Car Off The Road Here Comes Trouble, Says Leonard, And He S Right She Was Always Trouble, But She Had This Laugh When She Was Happy In Bed That Could Win Hap Over Every Time Trudy Has A Proposition An Easy Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, Tax Free It S Just A Simple Matter Of Digging It Up Hap Collins And Leonard Pine, White And Black, Straight And Gay, Are The Unlikeliest Duo In Crime Fiction Savage Season Is Their Debut

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    I finally got to meet the famous Hap and Leonard that I ve heard so much about here on Goodreads Sorry, Terry Crews is in my head as Leonard Pike Leonard and Hap are best buddies Why I have no clue They really are not much alike Leonard is a gay, Vietnam vet who seems pretty mellow at first Just don t mess with his vanilla cookies.Hap is a guy with a prison record because he wanted to make a statement during the sixties about the war Hap was kind of stupid then Now Hap s ex wife has returned to the scene and has a scam up her very short dress She wants Hap to find some missing robbery money for her and her new man Hap won t do it unless Leonard is involved Leonard is not crazy about the ex wife or the scam The two guys are fun I think they are those two friends that when the shit starts to hit the fan they might make it worse because neither of them can keep their mouths shut But then they kick ass so it evens out in the end.

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    Find all of my reviews at Joe Lansdale was barely a blip on my radar until a few months ago when it seemed errrrryone started reading his stuff Since I am an idiot, I had no idea WTF Hap and Leonard even was or that it was a soon to be television program I just knew that Real Dan and Kemper were reading the crap out of these stories and everybody else seemed to be reading Lansdale too Then during one of our bitch sessions highly intellectual conversations, Shelby reminded me the show had premiered It sounded like something my husband would TOTALLY dig so I cued it up for him and planned to get back to my regularly scheduled porno Pulitzer winner But then Omar appeared on my screen and my hubs was like are you seriously going to watch T.V and not read right now and I was like Alright, so there s the backstory of why I m so late to this party My apologies for the couple minutes of your life you just wasted and will never get back Now let s get on with the show Hap and Leonard are just a couple of good ol boys never meaning no harm They ve been makin their way the only way they know how, but then Leonard s ex wife shows up with her magic poonany and reveals a scheme that s just a little bit than the law will allow One hundred thousand dollars for each of us Shit What we got to do, shoot someone Nope We have to swim for it If the paraphrased lyrics above don t ring a bell or if you are a millennial, there s a good chance Hap Leonard probably aren t the guys you want to spend time with However, if you re not easily offended by foul language or some pretty gnarly asskicking and want to read the best dialogue of your life Lansdale will provide I may have shown up way than fashionably late for this party, but I m most definitely here to stay 3.5 Stars rounded up because I need some wiggle room as I continue the series and also because the final action sequence went on just a wee bit too long for my liking I blame the waning of my attention during that part on my lack of penis Happy belated International Women s Day

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    When laborer Hap Collins ex wife Trudy pops back into his life with a story about retrieving unrecovered money from a bank robbery, Hap s up for it In tow is Hap s best friend, Leonard, a gay black man who happens to be the toughest son of a bitch on the planet Will Hap and Leonard finally make the big score that saves them from a life of backbreaking labor or is Trudy leading them to their deaths 2014 reread Since nothing on my unread pile looks appealing at the moment and a Hap and Leonard TV series is in the works, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the Hap and Leonard books I read pre Goodreads One of the perks of getting older is that old books magically become new books after seven or eight years I remembered the basic plot of this book but forgot most of the wrinkles.Savage Season introduces Hap Collins and Leonard Pine to the world Hap is an ex hippy who spent a year and a half in prison for dodging the Vietnam draft and Leonard is a gay black Vietnam vet who is the toughest man on Earth Together, they coast through life on crap wages and make a lot of smart ass remarks.Since originally reading this, I ve read a lot of other crime books It seems to me that Hap and Leonard owe something to Robert Parker s Spenser and Hawk characters, transported to Lansdale s rural east Texas setting No matter how you slice it, though, Hap and Leonard are one of the most entertaining duos in crime fiction.The plot of this one is pretty straight forward Some money from a bank robbery was stashed on boat and sunk in the Sabine River Trudy, Hap s ex, with some other radicals in tow, want Hap s help in retrieving it Funny quips and bloody double crosses ensue and Hap and Leonard wind up in the hospital for the first of many times in the series.It always surprises me how funny Joe Lansdale s books are without lessening the impact of the violence that often follows There are some pretty brutal images in this one.While Savage Season isn t the best book of the series, it s a great beginning Even in their first appearance, Hap and Leonard are very much the losers I ve come to love over the years and I m excited to be experiencing their adventures once again Four out of five stars.

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    Hap Collins and his friend Leonard Pine seem like pure east Texas rednecks in a lot of ways They have crappy jobs working in rose fields, shoot clay pigeons with their shotguns, drive worn out piece of shit vehicles, raise hunting dogs and listen to country music But Leonard is black and gay, and Hap is a former damn dirty hippie who got sent to prison for refusing his induction notice during Vietnam as a protest against the war So they aren t exactly the Dukes of Hazard.Years after his prison stay ended his marriage, Hap s ex wife Trudy still likes to come around regularly to break his heart all over again Trudy is another former flower child who still thinks she can change the world while Hap s time in prison took care of all his idealistic notions When Trudy shows up again, she s got a new proposal for Hap.Trudy and some other old damn dirty hippies have gotten a lead on a lot of cash from a bank robbery that was believed lost They think it s in a sunken boat in an remote river area that Hap grew up in Trudy wants Hap s help, and Hap insists on cutting Leonard in, too But both have second thoughts when they meet the old radicals they ll be working with Still convinced that they can revive the spirit of the 60s, they want the money for their pet causes while Hap and Leonard just want to be able to stop working in the rose fields Joe Lansdale is one of the funniest guys I ve ever read, and he really knows about rural living and the redneck lifestyle Every time I read one of his books, I feel like I m sitting on a front porch in my old hometown while listening to some entertaining story teller spin a yarn about the trouble that some idiot good old boys got themselves into The series is profane, politically incorrect, violent, and hilarious Lansdale created a couple of my all time favorite characters in Hap and Leonard.

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    A recipe for Delicious Fiction Take a pair of VERY UNCONVENTIONAL good old buddies one BITCHOSAURUS of an ex wife.Add in half a million in lost, stolen money, a group of wannabe radicals and an awesomely PSYCHOlarious duo of drug dealers.Spice all the above with sharp writng, brilliantly witty dialogue, heaping helpings of southern humor and stir in several pounds of violence, bloodshed and betrayals. and VOILA Criminally YUMMY Buddy NOIR Cake.Definitely one I am going to recommend as this book has made me an instant fan of the Hap and Leonard series Joe Lansdale has an slick, breezy writing style that comes across with a very authentic, rural Texas feel to it I haven t read much of Lansdale s work, but what I have read has been very engaging That is certainly the case here Good writing aside, the true charm of this story begins and ends with the two main characters, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Hap and Leonard are a terrific odd buddy tandem that mesh perfectly together, despite their rather different backgrounds Hap Collins is a straight, white 40 year old, former 60 s idealist, who went to prison for 18 months for refusing to go to Vietnam He has since become rather cynical of his former radical ness Leonard Pine is a gay, black vietnam vet who is distinctly non political, reads Walden and loves country music especially Patsy Cline and Hank Williams Leonard has few friends besides Hap and loves his 6 bird dogs like they were family Both Leonard and Hap work together in east Texas, like to shoot skeet and are martial arts buffs The bond of friendship they share is something that comes across immediately and I have to give Lansdale full marks for that because it is central to the feel of the story Plot wise, there is really nothing ground breaking here, but it is still very effective Hap s trouble on two legs ex wife, Trudy, shows up out of the blue with a scheme to retrieve hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen money lost years ago Trudy s return sends Hap s angst meter into the red as Trudy s pattern has been to blow into his life every couple of years and make it go KABOOM Despite that, Hap still has strong feelings for her though he has learned to be much guarded For Leonard it s pretty straight forward he can t stand the bitch for everything she has put Hap through and has nothing but contempt for her and her causes Well, turns out that Trudy is part of yet another radical group that wants to use the stolen money to help fund their activities She offers to cut Hap and Leonard in if they can help locate the money which is buried in an area Hap knows well From there, the violence, bloodshed, vulgarity and betrayals quickly commence Despite a fairly conventional plot, this story is still pure gold The magic is in Lansdale s writing and the terrific banter dialogue between Hap and Leonard which is constantly witty and loaded with down home irony and sarcasm I laughed out loud on than one occasion listening to these two go back and forth and was chuckling for much of the rest Great writing, a fast paced plot and two of the best buddy characters I have ever come across add up to an enthusiastic thumbs up for this one I was left wanting and I can t wait to see what they get into next 4.0 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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    First appearing in 1990, this is the book that introduced Joe R Lansdale s most popular characters, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Brothers under the skin, Hap is a good old boy white guy from East Texas while Leonard is a black, gay Vietnam War vet The two practice martial arts together and when we first meet them, they re living close to poverty and eking out a living working in a rose field.Still, life is fairly copacetic until, out of nowhere, Hap s very sexy ex wife, Trudy, suddenly shows up There s no love lost between Leonard and Trudy, but Hap is a guy who often than not is happy to let his little head do the thinkin , especially when it comes to Trudy After a blissful and energetic reunion, Trudy confesses that she hasn t returned just for a quick romp She and her current beau, Howard, have a line on what may be upwards of a million dollars that was stolen from a bank years earlier and apparently lies sealed in containers under the deep, frigid waters of a tributary of the Sabine River Trudy, an unreconstructed hippie, would like Hap to help them recover the money so that she and Howard can donate it to Save the Whales and other worthy causes Trudy is willing to give Hap two hundred thousand dollars of the loot for his trouble since she, Howard and their two other confederates have only a vague idea of where the money might actually be while Hap, who was born and raised in the area has a very good idea Sexually exhausted, Hap isn t thinking all that clearly, but he agrees to at least consider the scheme Much to Trudy s consternation, Hap immediately brings Leonard into the action, promising to share his end of the money 50 50.Much against his better judgment, Leonard agrees and what follows is an action filled and often hilarious romp Inevitably a scheme like this is going to go sideways almost immediately, putting everyone involved in the harebrained scheme in grave danger It s a lot of fun watching all of this play out, and this book provides the basis for the first season of Hap and Leonard which is now playing on the Sundance Channel I m a huge fan of Michael K Williams The Wire and Empire Boardwalk who s signed on to play Leonard For that reason alone, I m really anxious to give the series a try.

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    3.5 stars For my Year of Lansdale project I had this audio book all lined up and then the TV show came out I have to say that the show spoiled me as far as the voices go The actors will forever be the voices of Hap and Leonard in my head If you haven t seen the show, I highly recommend it The drama mirrored this book pretty closely except for a few changes near to the end The humor that I found so appealing in the other two Hap and Leonard s that I ve read was here, but not as much, and I found myself wishing for a little .I m still glad that I listened to this book, but I will be reading, rather than listening, to the rest of the series Recommended to fans of Joe Lansdale P.S The narrator of this book, Phil Gigante, has a disturbing recent past, to which he plead guilty, and this, too, played a part in my decision to READ the rest of the series, rather than listen I cannot with good conscience support Mr Gigante in the future.

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    What have we here The old and reliable heist story One would think it s been done enough times already to get a bit stale and predictable Fear not Joe Lansdale has some surprises in store for you And even if sometimes you feel you ve heard it all before, a good storyteller will still get you hooked with a couple a sympathetic scoundrels and their sharp, hilarious banter, he would still keep you intrigued about motives and possible outcomes and he would still knock you down flat with intense, heartstopping terror before the end I believe Joe Lansdale deserves all the accolade and literary prize nominations he gets, and Savage Season is a prime example of his style This is only my second novel by him, but I know I will eventually try to read them all he s that good If I were to break the novel into easier to chew components I would settle for these archetypical building blocks the location, the team, the sell, the heist, the split, the endgame Location East Texas, the same sort of small, impoverished town that was covered in The Bottoms Texas is commonly associated with sweltering heat, sweeping vistas of dry brush and oil rigs Lansdale though has a soft spot for the humid lowlands and in the present novel he also throws in an atypical snow and ice winter spell Not the best season to be outdoors looking for buried treasure Probably one reason to call it savage They were nothing like the Everglades of Florida or the greater swamps of Louisiana Not nearly as many miles as either of those, but they were made up of plenty of great forest and deep water, and they were beautiful, dark and mysterious a wonder in one eye, a terror in the other The Team For their first misadventure, we should probably start by getting to know the titular characters in the series Hap Collins approaching forty, college reject, former hippie peace activist who went to jail to protest the Vietnam War Now doing oddjobs and farm work, when he can get it He likes karate and skeet shooting, but despises guns and killing on principle He s big, has alcohol issues and women issues, mostly courtesy of his ex wife Trudy who can still wrap him around her little finger Leonard Pine Hap s best friend and guardian angel, a Vietnam vet and a man immune to Trudy s charms he s gay and proud of it Also likes karate, loves his dogs, Hank Williams, vanilla cookies and an untroubled existence Leonard tries to act as the brakes and the voice of reason for the impulsive Hap.Despite coming from opposing sides of the war in Vietnam, Hap and Leonard respect each other and share in a wicked sense of humour that manifests mostly in rapid fire repartees and sarcastic comebacks in high octane situations The Sell winter is not the best of times for penniless, itinerant workers Hap and Leonbard are just killing time, shooting at ceramic flying saucers when temptation walks in She s tall, blonde, curvaceous with impossibly long legs and a smile that promises illicit delights Leonard is out in a huff and Trudy is back in Hap s bed Soon enough though it becomes evident that a second honeymoon is not on the menu Trudy has a business proposition, and she believes men are open to persuasion after sex What she wants is for Hap to help her retrieve the loot hidden somewhere in the East Texas marshes, money from a decade old bank robbery It appears her new husband, Howard, has found out about the sunken treasure during his own stint in prison History tends to repeat itself, and Trudy, Howard and a couple of others are still in the eco warrior business even though the sixties are long gone The Heist Some of Hap s neurons are still functioning, and he convinces Leonard to come along, help retrieve the money and watch over Hap s back The two buddies get to meet Trudy s team a sorry and amateurish lot composed of Howard, a big boned sap not much different from Hap Chub, a chubby loser who thinks he is a psychanalist and Paco, a former homegrown terrorist, now heavily disfigured by a bomb mishap The criminal club plans to use their share of the money for some unspecified good cause , probably saving the whales or stopping nuclear proliferation.To make a long story short, the team members dislike each other intensely, but somehow manage to recover part of the loot The Split Of course, where there s money, there s trouble and I don t think there ever was a heist movie or book where things didn t go pear shaped after a succesful hit Hap and Leonard are in deep s__t The Endgame This is the part where all hell breaks loose, all bets are off and readers are reminded that Lansdale is a writer with a penchant for horror The less I say now about the way the game is played, the better Read it and weep Or if you are of a tender disposition and or soft heart, turn around now and go watch a Disney movie This stuff is bad for you I wouldn t sing so loud in praise of Lansdale if he was a one trick pony Yes, he s good at mixing humour with horror and he writes excellent action scenes, but his range is much broader Lansdale truly shines in the confessional mode, in the unguarded moments when his actors let their guard down and reveal their core values, their most cherished dreams Idealism was a little like Venus in the daytime There d been a time when I could see it But as time went on and I needed it less and I wanted to pass on the responsibility, I had lost my ability to see it, to believe it But now I thought I might see it again if I made an effort and looked hard enough I am planning to continue with the Hap and Leonard series, provided they get back on their feet after the drastic pounding they got for dreaming of easy money.

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    I really loved The Thicket last year when I chose it to quench my thirst for a good Western read I was impressed by how engaging the writing was I decided this year to jump into books by author Joe Lansdale, and I thought a good start would be his popular Texas crime series featuring his characters Hap Collins and Leonard Pine This first novel in the series lived up to my lofty expectations Hap Leonard are best buddies, are minding their own business and shooting some skeet in Hap s backyard, when a cute blond heartbreaker walks back into Hap s life, offering of that sweet love that he remembers fondly But like any experienced femme fatale knows, most human men would agree to any post coital request no matter how stupid So in bed, he agrees to help her and her new man find a treasure trove of cash lost after a bank heist years ago I didn t want to be anywhere near Trudy right then I had a hunch she would have harsh words to say about me and Leonard, and I wasn t up to it I didn t want her to get me near a bed either She could really talk in bed, and if she talked long enough and moved certain parts of her body just right, I might agree to have Leonard shot at sunset Lansdale is one of those writers that makes it seem so easy He manages to find that balance between economic storytelling and lyrical, expressive prose a balance that my favorite writers possess It makes for a captivating read that s entertaining and still leaves an impression In just this one book, Hap and Leonard become two of the most enjoyable protagonists I ve come across in a crime series They seem like two guys I d like to be friends with and so I would be willing to go on any adventure with them in the future In this way, they re right up there with Walter Mosley s Easy Rawlins and Dennis Lehane s Kenzie and Gennaro as some of my favorite crime heroes Likeable, everyday people caught up in dark, extraordinary situations, where they have to step up and be heroes Hap and Leonard are so different on the surface but are perfect compliments for each other, making for hilarious banter between them that makes the proceedings that much enjoyable Can t wait to see what craziness they get into next Yea, that money could make up for a lot of missed ambitions, but without it we were nothing than a batch of losers, standing cold and silly, empty handed on the muddy bank of an unnamed creek

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    3.5I ve heard so much about this duo and finally started this series Unlike so many other books, Savage Season has a perfect summary The two main protagonists can t be any different even if they tried, but they work well together Hap s ex wife Trudy asks him for help to find some money that s been hidden for the last twenty years, he lets his best friend in on the scheme and that s the basic plot The thing that makes Savage Season different and interesting than other maybe similar books isn t the plot, but the relationship of the two main characters and their seeming inability to keep their mouths shut The worse the situation is, the they banter and talk.At first a character annoyed me so much that I thought I would be happy to see them suffer at least a bit In the end the author made me feel sorry for them.As an introduction to the series and to these two, Savage Season does what it set out to do very well with an additional unexpected punch in the end.