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Hap And Leonard Investigate A Racially Motivated Murder That Threatens To Tear Apart Their East Texas TownWhile Hap, A Former S Activist And Self Proclaimed White Trash Rebel, Is Recovering From A Life Threatening Stab Wound, Louise Elton Comes Into Hap And Leonard S PI Office To Tell Him That The Police Have Killed Her Son, JamarMonths Earlier, A Bully Cop Pulled Over And Sexually Harassed Jamar S Sister, Charm The Officer Followed Charm Over The Course Of The Next Couple Of Months, Leading Jamar To Videotape And Take Notes On The Cop And His Partner The Next Thing Louise Hears, Jamar Got In A Fight And Is Killed In The Projects By Local Hoods It Doesn T Add Up He Was A Straight A Student, Destined For Better Things, Until He Began To Ask Too Many Questions About The Racist Police ForceLeonard, A Tough Black Gay Vietnam Vet And Republican, Joins Hap In The Investigation, And They Stumble Upon The Racial Divides That Have Shaped Their Eastern Texas Town But If Anyone Can Navigate These Pitfalls And Bring The Killers To Justice, It S Hap And LeonardFilled With Lansdale S Trademark Whip Smart Dialogue, Colorful Characters, And Relentless Pacing, Rusty Puppy Is Joe Lansdale At His Page Turning Best

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    When the woman who lives across the street from Brett s detective agency hires them to find out who killed her son, Hap and Leonard wind up in Camp Rapture, where the cops are worse than the criminalsRusty Puppy, the twelfth Hap and Leonard novel, features the dynamic duo we ve all come to know and love, Hap and Leonard As usual, the boys are in way over their heads, making smart ass remarks and sticking their noses where they don t belong.Joe Lansdale s writing is as hilarious as ever, full of his front porch wisdom and hilarious one liners I d say there s a quoteable line on almost every page As per usual, the violence is pretty harsh once it finally arrives and the bad guys are huge scumbags I like where things have gone with Chance and that Hap still bears some scars from the events of the last book.While I enjoyed this as much as the last few, the series is starting to feel kind of formulaic Hap and Leonard are still total bad asses despite having to be in their sixties at this point in the series While the bad guys are pretty bad, there was no point that I thought they d get the best of Hap and Leonard Also, Marvin Hanson has covered for Hap and Leonard a few too many times to still have a badge Another gripe I had is that all the dangling threads from the last book were already resolved by the time this book was published in Briar Patch Boogie A Hap and Leonard Novelette and Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade.Gripes aside, Lansdale still writes some of the best dialogue in crime fiction and I still devoured this thing in two sittings It s gripping, and while I knew how it would end, it was still a lot of fun getting there and even a lesser Hap and Leonard book is still enjoyable than a lot of books on the racks 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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    The new Hap and Leonard book by Joe R Lansdale titled Rusty Puppy , the follow up to the book titled Honky Tonk Samurai should really appeal to the fans of the duo The book is mainly about Hap and Leonard and is not some big budget Hollywood production full of special effects and lots of explosions If unfamiliar with this series, Hap Collins is a white guy, and Leonard Pine is a gay black man They are like brothers Watching the television series on Sundance or or I tunes will fill in some of the blanks Or read the books.In this story Hap is hired by the woman who lives across the street from their new detective agency office to find out the circumstances concerning her son s murder The woman actually wants to hire Leonard, as he looks like a detective than Hap does, but settles for Hap anyway The woman only has about forty bucks and some change, yet Hap tells her he will do what he can to find out the details With the stage set we join Hap and Leonard in this rabbit hole of an investigation Mr Lansdale has created a great new character in this installment who just happens to be an eight year old girl She steals the scene whenever she appears Leonard refers to her as a four hundred year old vampire Rusty Puppy is the best Hap and Leonard in a while, even though the Duo don t sing, there are a few deaths, lots of cursing, information regarding both of the duo s sexual exploits and lots of fun excellent dialog and narrative provided..I believe there is another Hap and Leonard book due out in the December January 2017 time frame from Subterranean Press titled Coco Butter being an 88 page novella, I really look forward to it s appearance This is an ARC copy of the book signed by Joe R Lansdale at Scene of the Crime Books.

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    Rusty Puppy is the latest entry in the Hap and Leonard series by Joe Lansdale The pair are hired by the lady across the street to help find her son s murderer The local cops are not only unhelpful, they are suspected of being involved As always, the pair are happy to help and find themselves involved with corrupt lawmen, scuzzy lawyers and a foul mouthed, 400 year old midget vampire You ll see I believe the main draw for these books is the back and forth between Hap and Leonard and this book is no exception I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit and with everything going on in the world today, I welcomed the respite There s also a killer fight scene towards the end of the book that loyal readers won t want to miss.Hap and Leonard lovers should enjoy this volume of the series just as much as the rest of them, if not just a smidge Highly recommended, especially to fans of the series Available on February 21, 2017, here Rusty Puppy Hap and Leonard Thanks to Mulholland Books and NetGalley for the digital ARC of this book, in exchange for my honest feedback This is it

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    I received this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review I think this was probably the best in this series so far Joe Lansdale introduced a couple of new very interesting characters, including a 400 year old vampire that is probably my new favorite character There are some significant character developments, too, some of which are somewhat surprising This isn t a good place to start into this series, but it is well worth the effort to get to this twelfth book starring Hap and Leonard.

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    None of your friends have reviewed this book yet Cos recita la pagina del libro.Non so se qualcuno di loro l abbia almeno letto Spero di no.

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    Two friends investigate a death.The interaction between the main characters was laugh out loud funny in places, and the dialogue was razor sharp Some of the social commentary was pretty moving and this was successfully interwoven with a reasonable story line All of the characters were reasonably believable.

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    2 long time buddies work as detectives Funny, found myself smiling a lot A little vulgar language, but not bad I m going back and reading the first of the series.

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    Tutta colpa della ForneroHap Leonard, ancora una volta.Da pensionare, ormai Purtroppo, causa interventi governativi non propriamente mirati, sono costretti a continuare a tormentare il povero zio Joe R Lansdale, obbligandolo a mettere su carta l ennesima avventura Qualche pregio c lettura al solito scorrevolissima, qualche battuta al vetriolo di Leonard, la volont di mettere in primo piano le parti disagiate della societ USA , ma non abbastanza Joe, quanti anni sono che non mi regali una buona lettura Quanta tristezza, quando non si capisce che giunto il momento se non di smettere quanto meno di cambiare ci mi ricorda il primo ultimo tour di pensionamento di Ozzy erano appena iniziati gli anni 90, ed ancora in giro Credo Vanilla Cookies Eaters Hellraisers

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    This was a really fun and exciting volume in the adventures of Hap and Leonard It just moves along SO quickly, and I was laughing all the way

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    Char wrote a perfect review of this title