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The always reliable Hap and Leonard This one s probably the funniest of the bunch, or close to it, so far Rootin tootin shootin pulpy mayhem with that ever present human side Quality stuff. I think this series might be better as an audiobook they are well done, and the southern accent of the narrator really makes it funnier although I haven t actually compared to print As usual, the story is not the best part to me, although it s usually interesting But the characters and the dialog is what keeps me reading these books In this story, Hap s current romantic interest has a daughter who is a prostitute, but in over her head so her mother decides to bring her home Unfortunately, even if her daughter agrees, the people holding on to her won t So Hap decides to help Shouldn t be too hard, right Unless they get killed, which looks likely at times Fortunately, Leonard offers to help, and he s a good person to have around if you need help in a situation like this and don t mind someone who likes to stir up trouble. Bouncing At A Local Club By Night And Living By The Grace Of His Best Friend Leonard Pine And His Good Woman Brett Sawyer By Day, Hap Collins Is Down But A Long Throw From Out And He Ll Need All His Strength For The Quick Rescue Of Brett S Daughter Tillie A Drugged Out, Trick Turning Prodigal Who Doesn T Care To Be Found Hap and Leonard, the two unlikeliest pair of best buds I ve ever met in fiction, are back for another violent adventure filled with unexpected twists, lots of blood and gushy gore and enough offensive jokes to offend just about everyone But that s why we love em.Hap s contemplating getting serious with his girl Brett but is living with Leonard and getting on his last nerve But before the two can hurt each other, a midget named Red shows up and informs them he was the former pimp of Brett s grown daughter Tillie who has fallen in with some shifty characters and wants out Naturally, Hap and Leonard, always ready for violent mayhem, arm up and dive head first into their latest bloody adventure, meeting many new colorful characters, most with a long winded hilarious story, along the way.This is a Hap and Leonard novel and if you ve ever read one you pretty much know you re in for a lot of laughs and a plot that keeps spinning in directions you couldn t predict if you tried This one won t disappoint It made me laugh, despite or because of its moments of pure lunacy and potty humor, and kept me guessing. Hap and Leonard are back in their fifth adventure The boys aren t getting any younger And the last few years have put a lot of extra miles on them But when word comes, via a red headed midget and a rather dull hulk, that Brett s daughter wants out of the prostitution business Hap isn t going to let his lady love go it alone And Leonard certainly isn t going to let Hap go into trouble without having his back The story leads from east Texas, to a brothel in Oklahoma, to a pleasure ranch across the Mexican border And during the course of the story the boys both give and take, plenty of lumps While it s generally a fun ride, I d say this is by far the weakest entry so far Generally Hap and Leonard have trouble thrust upon them controlling for Leonard s propensity for burning down drug houses In this one they go looking for trouble Now, it s certainly for a good reason, getting Brett s daughter out of a life of prostitution But they are still at the forefront of the mayhem that includes multiple killings, shooting the foot off of a tough guy and pistol whipping a midget I think one of the things missing is the spark of humor is a bit subdued this time around But you will find no greater demonstration of true friendship than that between Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. I didn t like this one as much, and I think I know why the dynamic of the standard Hap Leonard plot found in the previous books was changed in this one Here, instead of trouble finding them, they go looking for it While this was still an entertaining read, and typically humorous and very well written, there was an underlying ferocity here, especially with Hap, to the point that he was nearly out of character in many parts of the book Okay, on to the next one Entertaining as ever, but while it s deep in character, it s thin on story, and I do have to say the ending is a little mean and unforgiving. Joe R Lansdale is a superb writer with a truly wicked sense of humor He has a style reminiscent of Robert B Parker, arguably the greatest detective novelist of all time Good stuff. This book features the pistol whipping of a little person, the rescue of an armadillo from a gun dealer, a fight in a whore house, the amputation of a foot via shotgun, redneck pimps, arguments caused by dirty underwear, prairie dogs being sucked out of their holes by a glorified vacuum cleaner and a really good steak ranchero.Yep It s another Joe Lansdale novel.Hap s girlfriend Brett is contacted by a couple of murderous pimps from Oklahoma who claim that her daughter, a prostitute, is in trouble Hap volunteers to help Brett find her, and Leonard reluctantly comes along to watch their backs Hap hopes to locate and grab Brett s daughter before any big trouble can get started, but as usual, when Hap and Leonard try to do a good deed things get bloody in a hurry.This is one of theviolent entries in the series, and it kicked off a depressing tone that would last through the next book Lansdale always showed the cost of violence on Hap and Leonard, but this is one adventure that takes a serious toll on the guys. 3.5 Stars After a twister blew away his house, Hap is living on Leonard s couch, working as a bouncer, thinking about moving in with his girlfriend Brett, and balls deep in his mid life crisis But when Brett asks for help rescuing her estranged daughter who s turned to whoring and seems to be in danger with the wrong crowd, Hap puts on his white knight helmet, and the three head to the town of Hootie Hoot, Oklahoma, and equally dangerous Mexican border towns to track her downSize and strength didn t intimidate Herman As he told me later, no matter how big they grow, balls and eyes stay soft and a tire tool has no friendsEvery installment of the Hap and Leonard series has been exciting entertainment, guaranteed for a heap of chuckles Although this one delivers, it doesn t really stand out on its own the way the other books have It doesn t add much to the series, doesn t really try anything new, and felt a bitlong winded this time But it s still lots of fun, and involves shotguns, armadillos, biker gangs, midgets with attitudes and prairie dog hunting, so fans of the series, the author, and his great dialogue won t be too disappointed If I hadn t read the first four novels, I would have probably loved this oneOn it s own though, it s a good thriller and solid entertainmentAs Leonard has pointed out, I m like the guy goes out in the yard and steps in a pile of horse shit, and where he or someone else would say, goddamn, I ve stepped in horse shit, me, I m looking for the pony