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AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF LOVE Riley Rosemont Loved Savannah Graystone From The Moment She Was Born He Vowed That Forever Isn T Long Enough For How Much I Love You Life In The Icy Northern Montana Mountains Is Hard But Promises For A Lifetime Of Love Made Him Strong Riley Always Swore That Someday He D Marry That Beautiful Talented Woman But God Had Other Plans For SavannahGod Blessed Her With A Gift For Music, Pure Inspiration Flowing From Her Heart To The Piano Keys Driven To Share That Music With The World, Savannah Changed Her Name And Ran Away To New York City She Became A StarBut Savannah Stole Something Very Precious From Riley And Kept It A Secret She Took What She Could From Montana And Followed Her Destiny She Was Pregnant With Their SonSeven Years Later, On A Quiet Road In Upstate New York, Savannah And Ryan Are In A Devastating Car Accident In Two Precious Minutes She Loses Everything Broken In Body And Spirit, One Icy Winter Day Savannah Returns Home To Montana Snow Is Falling Fast, Bitter And Cold From The Oncoming October Storm Her Hand Is On The Door To Graystone Heights, Her Childhood Home The Giant Ski Lodge Has Been Deserted For YearsBut Behind Her A Dog GrowlsShe Isn T AloneGraystone Is Riley S Home Now He Hates Her For Leaving But He Hates Savannah Even For Stealing Away His Son Ryan Wasn T A Secret, After All Riley Knew The Truth And He Loved Ryan With All His Broken HeartThey Need A Miracle

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    Arianna Hartwell has a secret from the world Her real name is Savannah Greystone and she s from a small town in Montana To the world, she s a superstar, but to Riley Rosemont, she s his Savage.After a terrible accident that nearly kills her, Savannah returns to Montana to find that Riley is living in her family home He s not happy to see her.Savannah s body and soul need to heal She s come wanting to die, but needing to find redemption Her shattered heart still holds four words to be true, Forever Isn t Long Enough Riley s hot and cold attitude alternately helps and hinders her recovery.Riley Rosemont is a Montana Man quiet, unassuming, stoic His love for Savannah can overcome anything, except the fact she left him, pregnant with his son, to go to NYC for fame and fortune He s a man who holds his anger and frustration in, occasionally lashing out at the woman he still loves Deeply hurt by Savannah s desertion, he finds it hard to put aside these baser feelings and open his heart to love.Forced into seclusion by an early season blizzard, the time has come for both of them to put the past behind them and move on Relying on one another seems the only way to do that Roses in Winter is a beautifully crafted, well paced novel of love, loss and rebirth The characters are wonderfully depicted, true to their nature and three dimensional Leslie weaves a story that makes the reader laugh, cry and want to yell at Riley sometimes simultaneously I highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, a great cry and a wonderful love story.

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    Roses in WinterbyLeslie D StuartI have fallen absolutely in love with this wonderful masterpiece by Leslie Stuart Roses in Winter takes you on a journey between two people who were destined to be together since birth The day Savannah was born, Riley knew he was going to marry her, being a few years older than her Their journey is not an easy one, filled with love, passion, grief, anger, and inner soul turmoil each feeling blame for different things that have happened in their lives But fate works in mysterious ways, and when all is said and done, fate and destiny usually win over all obstacles life can put in your path.It was very hard to put this book down and I truly enjoyed putting myself into the story as a third person, standing in the shadows, just out of sight as their lives played out I could feel the pain and anguish they dealt with in light of a tragedy they both had to live and deal with in their own way.I hope to be able to read work by Leslie and I highly recommend this book and give it five stars Reviewed byNora Chipley Barteauhttp

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    This is one of those books you either like or hate I had it on my TBR for than two years and finally picked it up yesterday I liked the story line, but it took me some time to get used to author s writing style I found many grammar mistakes but I usually try not to pay attention to it Just to be clear, this book is sad from the very beginning.It s angsty, painful and heartbreaking If you usually like romance books with secret pregnancies, second chance love and grief, than this one is for you Most certainly, it s not for everyone.

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    Roses in Winter captured my heart from the very first page I really felt the heartache of the characters and couldn t put it down I loved Savage She had an amazing spirit and so much love for everything around her Tiley made me laugh and the ending gave me a smile.This is a story about love and healing.When the main character, Savannah has a car accident and loses Ryan, she wanted to die Little did she know she was about embark on the next phase in her life and she didn t know it would be with the man she always loved Can love break down walls and forgiveness come through, yesLeslie s story shows that no matter what happens, love can conquer all I think my fave horse in this was Hitlerloved his spunk I don t usually read romance, but I m glad I didn t miss this one

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    This book was absolutely wonderful Leslie s words flowed effortlessly from page to page With Montana in the winter as the backdrop one of my favorite places in the world and characters that are so real you feel like you know what they will say before the words appear on the pages, I found myself drawn into their heartache.And rooting for their love to conquer all.Leslie crafted a beautiful love story that readers will truly enjoy

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    First and formost, you will cry at some point in time while reading this book The death of her son, God I was in tears There is also some parts that will have you laughind D This is a wonderful love story I don t blame him for being upset about her leaving him while she was pregnant with their son, but at some points in the story I want to smack him Wonderful characters, great love story, a must read D

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    I was all choked up for most of the parts of this story Surprisingly well written and I loved both characters

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    I loved it, it s a journey of love Heavily laden with romance, with a Christian standpoint but not overly preachy Also,. did I mention the animals, nope,. not yet , but I love a book with heroes that are animals This one has a dog, cat, and horses aplenty that are characters themselves in the book.I loved it, it s about healing and loving again.

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    Beautiful story, very well written, characters and setting are vivid and brought to life Very talented author, must read

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    Loved, loved, loved this book I downloaded this book when it was offered as a free book for Kindle It looked somewhat interesting, so I added it to my to be read at somepoint list As soon as I started reading it, I could not put it down I will definitely be waiting for books from Leslie, whether they are free, or to be purchased Leslie, when will you have I can t wait